Kentucky is a Southern state rich in history and culture featuring natural beauty, a heritage of music, and the famed Kentucky Derby, which takes place in the exciting city of Louisville. Out of all of these, it may be most famous for one beverage: Kentucky Bourbon. The Bourbon Trail beckons bourbon lovers worldwide to visit this area of the Kentucky countryside that is home to a current number of 41 distilleries and spans approximately 250 miles. Visitors can drive scenic roads with the smell of bourbon in the air between stops to tour the production site of their favorite brands or to discover new ones. Here is a list of highlights found along the Bourbon Trail that are more than worth a visit.

10 Buffalo Trace

This family-run distillery dating back to the 1700s is officially a National Historic Landmark and also holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places. The historical atmosphere in this distillery in the Kentucky countryside provides the perfect backdrop for tours showcasing the history of bourbon and how it is made while plenty of samples go around. This gorgeous distillery also has an arboretum and botanical gardens to enjoy outside.

  • Cost/Group: $650.00
  • Length: Approximately 9 hours
  • What's Included: admission to multiple distillery tours and tastings


9 Maker's Mark Distillery

Maker's Mark, another famous bourbon brand distinguished by its red wax-dipped bottles, offers tours of the historic distillery in which visitors may learn about the company's history, its creators, and, of course, sample the product. Attendees can even hand-dip their own bottle in the traditional red wax for the perfect touch on their Maker's Mark experience.

  • Cost/Person: $239.00
  • Length: 8 to 9 hours
  • What's Included: admission to a distillery tour and Churchill Downs, bottled water, hotel pick-up


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8 Bulleit Distilling Company

In 2019, Bulleit Distilling Co. opened its doors to guests in their marvelous distillery. The company itself, however, is not a newcomer to the bourbon scene and dates back to the 1800s. This distillery featuring a cocktail bar and outdoor patio, offers the usual in terms of Bourbon Trail tours plus a unique multisensory tasting experience involving the use of scents, sounds, and lights.

  • Cost/Person: $259.99
  • Length: 5 to 6 hours
  • What's Included: customizable tour and tasting of 2 distilleries, hotel pick-up, bottled water.


7 Wild Turkey

Guests to this distillery can witness firsthand how this globally recognized brand is manufactured with an award-winning visitor center, a tasting room with a stunning view of the Kentucky River, and a gift store selling mementos of all the variations of Wild Turkey one could hope to find. Renowned Hall of Fame distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell might be seen taking care of business on-site throughout a tour.

  • Cost/Person: $239.99
  • Length: 5 to 8 hours
  • What's Included: customizable tour to 3 distilleries with tastings


6 Three Boys Farm Distillery

Three Boys Farm Distillery is a relatively new name in the Kentucky bourbon scene, as they have just celebrated its 10-year anniversary. This fact does not affect quality, and the care and craftsmanship in the end product shine through in its taste. The small batch bourbons and whiskeys made on this 127-acre farm are made from corn, and other grains are grown on-site, making Three Boys Farm a truly artisanal operation. Guests can sample up to 5 whiskeys and have a chance to fill their own bottles to take home.

  • Cost/Group (6 maximum): $1,250.00
  • Length: Approximately 10 hours
  • What's Included: admission to 3 distilleries, lunch, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks


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5 Bardstown Bourbon Company

Bardstown Bourbon Company boasts an impressive array of guest experiences to their farmland distillery, including a variety of tasting sessions, cocktail classes, and even a deconstruction session of a high-end bourbon for true bourbon enthusiasts to dive into. There is also a restaurant on-site to assure guests are ready to take on all the bourbon sampling they can handle.

  • Cost/Person: $375.00
  • Length: 4 to 8 hours
  • What's Included: hotel pick-up and drop-off, professional guide, lunch, bottled water


4 Woodford Reserve Distillery

Woodford Reserve is one of the most respected names in the bourbon world, and for a good reason. The company began producing bourbon in 1812, and its distillery is Kentucky's oldest and smallest. It features one of the few heat-cycled barrelhouses in the world, and its bourbon is the only one made in copper pot stills with a process of triple distillation. A variety of tours are available, including an in-depth tour with a master distiller.

  • Cost/Group (2 minimum): $229.99
  • Length: 5 to 7 hours
  • What's Included: admission to two tours and tastings


3 Limestone Branch Distillery

Limestone Branch Distillery, named after the limestone waters found in its home of Lebanon, Kentucky, is best known for its Yellowstone Select Bourbon. The name shared with the national park is not a coincidence, and a share of profits from every bottle sold go to the National Parks Conservation Association. This is a great distillery to visit for tours, including tastings, mixology courses, and even live music on weekends.

  • Cost/Group (up to 8): $2,300
  • Length: 8 to 9 hours
  • What's Included: admission to four bourbon tastings, lunch, and snacks


2 Angel's Envy Distillery

Angel's Envy is a popular brand continuing to provide a top-notch product three generations after a father-son duo started the company. This distillery found on Louisville's Whiskey Row offers multiple options for tours, including tastings, a variety of cocktail classes, and an opportunity for guests to fill their own bottle of bourbon to take home.

  • Cost/Person: $255.00
  • Length: Approximately 7 hours
  • What's Included: private guide, tour admissions, lunch, free non-alcoholic drinks


1 Four Roses Distillery

In business since 1884, Four Roses Distillery provides visitors with a unique atmosphere in terms of the Spanish Mission-style architecture of the distillery built in 1910. Tours delve into the deep history of the business and the romantic lore behind its name while also offering a multitude of tours with varied assortments of bourbon tastings.

  • Cost/Person: $239.00
  • Length: 6 to 8 hours
  • What's Included: Customizable tour to multiple sites, including two tastings, tour admissions, free bottled water