When it comes to Italian ice, both Ralph's and Rita's ices can be found nationwide either as storefronts or in grocery store freezer aisles. There will always be fans out there who are team one or the other and prefer either Rita's more classic flavors or Ralph's combinations, and then there will be those who enjoy stacking flavors... in which case, either brand is game on depending on the combination.

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So, when it comes down to which Italian ice chain has the best flavor combinations, well, we did the only thing we could think of: Reddit. The place where opinions go to thrive, live out their lives, and start continuous strings of thoughts that readers will follow for hours. According to the internet, this is what you're missing out on if you're not stacking flavors.


Rita's: Iced Coffee/Cookies And Cream

Imagine dipping an Oreo cookie into a glass of slightly bitter iced coffee. That's the closest thing that this Italian ice flavor can be compared to and it's satisfying on a number of levels. Not only does the iced coffee flavor from Rita's taste like a great cup of coffee that's been frozen, but the creaminess from the cookies and cream flavor also adds a milky sweetness to the whole mashup.

Ralph's: Chocolate Caramel Cup/Peanut Butter Pretzel

If you've ever had chocolate ice cream with salted pretzels in it, well... this is so much better. It's what dreams are made of for chocolate and caramel lovers and the saltiness of the pretzel, combined with the nuttiness of peanut butter, just puts it all over the top. Ralph's cream ices are undoubtedly superior in terms of their dessert flavors.

Rita's: Margarita/Passionfruit

Sometimes, a tropical mix is exactly what we need on a hot summer's day. Margarita and passionfruit are sure to transport Rita's lovers to a paradise that might only exist in their minds but is delicious nonetheless. It's tangy, fruity, exotic, and perfect for those weekends when we're wishing we were on vacation.

Ralph's: Lemon/Red Raspberry

In comparison, combining lemon and red raspberry from Ralph's is like frolicking through a breezy meadow. Visions of berry fields and groves of Meyer lemons are evoked with one spoonful of this combination, making it the perfect summertime fruit flavor. We suppose you could say it's 'berry' good.

Rita's: Banana/Fudge Brownie

Understandably, there are some people who detest the flavor of bananas. In the case of Rita's banana-flavored Italian ice, though, sweet undertones make up the best parts of this unique fruit. Mixed with fudge brownie, it's like eating a chocolate-covered frozen banana with the added bonus of subtle brownie notes.

Ralph's: Pistachio/Cannoli

Pistachio and cannoli is a match made in heaven. For anyone who has ever walked into an Italian bakery and walked out with a cannoli covered in pistachio dust, you can attest to this fact. In iced form, Ralph's flavors are undeniably made for each other, from pistachio's nuttiness to cannoli's creamy sweetness.

Rita's: Marshmallow Peanut Butter/Chocolate Peanut Butter

Unusual, yes, but certainly something that's worth a try. While Ralph's is usually the go-to when it comes to cream-based ices, Rita's takes the competition up a notch with its peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter flavors. The two of these, when combined, equates to eating a piece of decadent chocolate dipped in peanut butter and it's delightful.

Now, we're just intentionally pushing the limits of dessert! According to Reddit, jelly ring and rainbow cookie - which are both superior in every way thanks to the additions of jelly ring and rainbow cookie pieces - is the ultimate combination. The two of these join forces to create a unique dessert flavor that's altogether very New York in style, and very addicting in flavor.

Rita's: Mint Chocolate Chip/Chocolate

It just makes sense, doesn't it? Rita's mint chocolate chip ice is a fan favorite and for those who prefer the classics, chocolate is the only other flavor that truly makes sense with it. Together, they make a valiant effort at being one of the greatest chocolate-based flavor combinations of any water ices.

Ralph's: Graham Cracker/Jelly Ring/Marshmallow

Then again, Ralph's combines the power of three, again, according to Reddit, to create the ultimate s'mores-style flavor. This requires at least a medium-size or larger as three scoops of Italian ice are needed in order to create this. The graham cracker flavor includes pieces of crushed graham while jelly ring adds a jamminess that's unexpected but so necessary. Marshmallow, of course, is the third obvious choice to complete this ultimate s'mores flavor.

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