There's no doubt that the Maldives is one of the vacation destinations on every traveler's bucket list. From the picturesque seashore views to the luxury of accommodation services and facilities, the opportunities seem endless. The Maldives is rich in marine sanctuaries, lagoons, and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and home to overwater bungalows and villas. Various islands offer a different feeling of luxury and different experiences.

From over 1990 islands in the Maldives, the following are the best to visit.

10 Filhalhohi Island

One of the most popular destinations in the Maldives is the Filhalhohi Island Resort. Featuring over 150 air-conditioned rooms, private balconies and patios, private bathrooms, and bathroom essentials, including hair dryers. It also offers a full-service spa, fitness center, and karaoke nights. Tourists need not worry about bringing children because there are babysitting services. Grab a drink at the 2 bars and lounges or on the three beach bars. Palm Groove Restaurant also offers a meal with a beautiful garden view as well as room services.

9 Biyadhoo Island

Located in South Male, Atoll, and just 30 minutes away from the airport by boat is Biyadhoo Island. The island is known mainly for professional divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Biyadhoo has a lot of special offers for guests, just like the dive package, where divers get a spa treatment and return speedboat transfers. The island accommodation is influenced by a simple design and standard rooms. When it comes to food, Biyadhoo serves a variety of cuisines.

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8 Vaadhoo Island

Part of the Atoll of Raa, Maldives is the Vaadhoo Island, situated around 8 kilometers away from Male International Airport. Like the rest of the islands, Vaadhoo is rich in marine life, so it is also a diving spot. Kayaking is perfect, especially during sunset, and have a romantic candlelight dinner by the sea of stars because of the bioluminescence in the waters. The best time to have a hundred percent chance to witness this phenomenon is between June to October.

7 Niyama Private Island

The island is undoubtedly perfect for family vacations with over 133 villas and pavilions featuring 1 to 3 bedrooms, nine unique dining experiences on land, sea, and treetops. Facilities like Drift Spa and the Explorers Kids Club, the biggest Kid's Club in the Indian Ocean, Niyama Private Island indeed has it all with being one of the most luxurious family vacations in the world. Despite being a private island, it still features a private playground of 5 pools called The Crescent. Guests can also enjoy the personalized bicycles along the path of overwater bungalows.

6 Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island is a perfect place for summer vacation, featuring sun-kissed beaches and an excellent location. Many aquamarine lagoons are situated on this island, and there's a wide range of water sports activities to enjoy. The island is known for being one of the most popular island destinations in the Maldives. The best part of staying on the island is the beach bungalows scattered on the entire island. The best resort located on the island is the NAKAI Alimatha Resort.

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5 Veligandu Island

Veligandu Island is a secluded island where the gem of the Indian Ocean is situated – the Veligandu Island Resort & Spa. Guests get a wide range of choices for accommodations; these are the Beach Villas, Jacuzzi Beach Villas, Water Villas, Jacuzzi Water Villas, and Sunset Jacuzzi Water Villas. The Duniye Spa will surely take the guests to a universal approach to wellness. The resort also offers various activities and an all-inclusive dining experience from different restaurants.

4 Baros Island

One of the tops picks island destinations in the Maldives for honeymooners is the refreshing Baros Island. The island has been famous since 1973, featuring the seven kinds of accommodations; Baros Residence, Baros Suites, Water Pool Villas, Baros Pool Villas, Water Villas, Baros Pool Villas, and the Deluxe Villas. The dining facilities are superb, including the bars and lounges. Plenty of activities are being offered by the resort so guests can enjoy by making the resort team arrange everything.

3 Kuredu Islands

Like its neighboring islands, Kuredu Resort & Spa lets its guests choose their preferred accommodation type and morning views. From Garden Bungalows, Beach Bungalows, Premium to Deluxe Beach Villas, Sangu Water Villas, and Private Pool Villas. Aside from beautiful facilities and picturesque ocean views, the resort is endowed with a richness of biological diversity. There are over 180 sea turtles and many more marine creatures around the island, making it even more special.

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2 Nalaguraidhoo Island

Located on the South Ari Atoll is Nalaguraidhoo Island, one of the most popular islands in the Maldives. Plenty of popular resorts are seated on the island, but the Sun Island Resort & Spa is the most famous one. The natural beauty of the isle enhances the clean design and unique features of the resort. It offers a wide range of lodging options from Sun Villa to Si Two Bedroom Overwater Suite. It also serves international cuisine and hosts different water activities.

1 Thoddoo Island

One of the best places to visit in the Maldives is the agricultural island of Maldives – the Thoddoo Island. The island can indeed provide a romantic getaway for only 1400 people residing here, which makes the island more tranquil. There are many accommodation hotels and resorts within the island. Tourists can personally experience the local culture of the Maldives on this island. Aside from the small population, it is also home to watermelon and papayas production.

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