When it comes to some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S., the first thought on most people's minds is Florida. The Sunshine State is home to white sands, beautiful coastal scenery, and tropical vibes that one can experience without ever even leaving the country.

Many people visit for its many thrilling theme parks such as Disney but stay for its flawless white-sand beaches. For those seeking a perfect Florida island to laze away the summer days, here are some of the best and most beautiful.

10 Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is an old and new favorite for those who have never visited. Its classic white-sand beaches and beach town vibes have been a vacation destination for many people, especially those looking for one of Florida's best islands. There, visitors can look forward to bike riding, coastal hiking with numerous nature trails, boutique shopping, snorkeling, beachcombing, and more. It's essentially the idyllic Florida island, with plenty of nature and wildlife, to boot!

9 Amelia Island

Despite being an island, Amelia Island was also given the title of being one of America's 'Most Romantic Towns.' With that being said, it's not only a haven for couples - it's also the perfect tropical escape for anyone, including families and solo travelers, who appreciate beautiful beaches. The island itself is only 13 miles long and four miles wide, making it easy to explore with minimal development, allowing the island's true nature to shine through.

8 Pine Island

As far as Florida's Gulf Coast goes, Pine Island is the largest of them all. The landscape is dotted with lush vegetation which includes mangroves, aka a perfect environment for the state's native marine species. This also makes it a great place for fishing, hanging out on the beaches, and bird-watching. Additionally, this island is known for its many fruit trees which grow in abundance in its fertile soil.

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7 Marco Island

Marco Island is known for its beachcombing which practically results in a goldmine of unique seashells. This island is also an easy drive from Naples and is home to plenty of beachfront hotels, restaurants, and chic shopping. The island itself has been built up to be quite a luxurious resort destination, with plenty of options for those seeking a luxe beach vacay.

6 Gasparilla Island

This barrier island is incredibly scenic and is also home to Gasparilla Island State Park which is a popular destination for nature lovers. The popularity of this island is due in part to the legend of pirate Gasparilla, José Gaspar, which is why its shores have drawn visitors for centuries. Snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and fishing are all popular activities here year-round, and visitors should not miss a chance to visit the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse.

5 Anna Maria Island

Known as a popular destination not far from Tampa, Anna Maria Island is the perfect place to catch a sunrise or swim in aquamarine waters. The narrow seven-mile island might not be big but boasts enough to make it a popular summer destination, especially for those seeking a low-key beach getaway. This is also the perfect island for animal lovers since it's entirely possible to catch a glimpse of dolphins or native manatees in its waters.

4 Siesta Key

For those looking for the perfect Florida beach, Siesta Key is the island to visit. It borders the Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, which is what gives it such unique geography. Here, visitors will find anything from rocky beaches with lively tide pools to white-sand beaches that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Additionally, those who snorkel can explore its coral reefs and when a break from the beach is needed, Siesta Key Village is full of unique shops and delicious restaurants.

3 Captiva Island

Not far from Sanibel Island is Captiva Island, which is also a short distance from Fort Myers. Those visiting this island can expect similar activities that one might find on Sanibel Island, such as swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing, sunbathing, biking, and bird-watching. According to the locals, this island offers a unique slice of Florida island life that can't really be experienced anywhere else.

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2 Key Biscayne

The great thing about Key Biscayne is that it's not far from Miami, which makes it a popular destination for those seeking a quieter island getaway. This barrier island offers impeccable beaches with one of its most popular, Crandon Park, offering three miles of shoreline. Key Biscayne is home to any number of activities, including some that aren't beach-specific, such as rollerblading and hiking through Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

1 Little Palm Island

In stark contrast to many others, Little Palm Island lives up to its name in regard to its size. This tiny island might not seem like much but offers the utmost luxury for those who don't mind paying for it. Featuring the high-end Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, this entire island is at a visitor's disposal during their stay - with plenty of luxe accommodations and incredible oceanfront views, to boot.