Talking of islands in America, what comes to mind are areas with tropical climates where travelers can go hopping for a full holiday. New York's incredible islands is a proof that the North East has a lot to offer, and it’s not just about Manhattan. While it is great and seems to have it all, there are other smaller yet gorgeous islands in New York. With more than 1,800 islands shared with Canada, the state’s Thousand Islands region alone offer so much to tourists. Here are the ten amazing islands in New York you can actually visit.

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10 Governor’s Island

Covering 172 acres, Governor's Island is situated in the heart of New York Harbor. Once used as a military base, this island is just about 800 yards from Lower Manhattan and guarantees an incredible vacation experience to travelers. The place is brimming with outdoor activities for history lovers, adventurers, as well as those looking to chill around. Biking is the best way of exploring the numerous hills surrounding this gorgeous island. The hills offer spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Don’t miss Slide Hill, featuring four slides, including the longest in NYC!

9 Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt is a small island in the East River and is one of NYC's best-kept secrets. The island is a perfect place to move a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Seated between Queens and Manhattan, there are plenty of activities to do on this beautiful island. One of what not to miss is the Blackwell Island Light, an enchanting lighthouse that guarantees breathtaking views of the city. Other incredible attractions on the island are the Octagon Tower, Renwick Ruin, and Blackwell House.

8 Heart Island

Situated in Alexandria Bay, Heart Island is a portion of the Thousand Islands area and boasts incredibly beautiful scenery. The island's main draw is the Boldt Castle, and travelers come to explore its brilliant architecture and iconic landscapes surrounding it. One can wander on the castle’s grounds and get lost in its fantastic history of how it came to being. The island is suitable for outdoor lovers with gorgeous gardens, incredible birdlife, and a generally mind-blowing environment.

7 City Island

Looking for a quaint seaside getaway? Having plenty of waterfront restaurants serving top-notch seafood, City Island is a foodie paradise! Due to its laid-back atmosphere, travelers visit the island mostly in warmer months. There is a range of activities on the island, including scuba diving and learning some fascinating history at the City Island Nautical Museum. The seafood dining options on the island are incredible, and travelers can explore more than 30 restaurants. Some of the ones to check out are Seafood City and Lobster Box.

6 Fire Island

Fire Island is an incredible getaway destination located about two hours away from the city. The island is parallel to Long Island and is perfect for beach lovers, naturists, and birdwatchers. There are several outdoor opportunities along the charming coastline to keep tourists engaged. Cherry Grove, Davis Park, and Saltaire are some of the must-see attractions on the island. This place has everything for everyone. Whether into outdoor dining, jet skiing, biking, or partying, there is space for visitors of all interests.

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5 Randalls And Ward Islands

Randalls And Ward Islands is perfect for visitors to fitness and busking in the sun. Located in the middle of the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, the island offers spectacular views of the city, no matter where one is standing. There are numerous recreational facilities on the island, including tennis courts, a golf center, walkways, and bikeways. Moreover, there are plenty of events held on this island year-round, such as the Electric Zoo and the Governor's Ball Music Festival. Guests can reach the island by walking across the Wards Island bridge or by car across the Hell Gate and Triborough bridges.

4 Wellesley Island

Wellesley Island is a treasure, New York's upcoming tourist destination worth visiting. Located on the St. Lawrence River, this island has numerous unique things to do and places to explore. The is a gorgeous state park on the island, the largest camping complex in the Thousand Islands area, boasting 432 campsites. There is also a large tower promising fantastic views of the surrounding. Looking for where to stay on the island? Well, the Wellesley Hotel offers vintage-vintage-style rooms with breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River.

3 Little Island

Little Island is NYC's newest and smallest island and is definitely worthy of exploring. It is situated in Hudson River Park, and fascinating nature and art experience is a must! The area is brimming with a spectacular landscape of rolling hills, incredible views, and winding pathways. Measuring just about 2.4 acres, the place has everything that will excite every traveler. From live music to food to art workshops of all ages, there is a lot to experience on this tiny island. The island was launched in 2021 and already had numerous programs and events to catch when exploring the area. Some of the events to check out are the Dancing Festival and the Storytelling Festival.

2 Dark Island

Also, a portion of the Thousands of Islands, Dark Island, is located in the eastern part of the region, near Chippewa Bay. The island's main draw is the Singer Castle on the St. Lawrence River. The area is brimming with magnificent artifacts and architecture dating back to the century, inspired by Sir Walter Scott's Woodstock. One can stay inside the castle and feel like they are acting the “Game of Thrones.” Visiting this island is a dream come true, and every visitor deserves a chance to explore its enchantress.

1 Rock Island

Rock Island is another spot in the Thousand Islands region travelers wouldn’t want to miss. The Rock Island Lighthouse, its crown jewel, offers incredible views of the St. Lawrence River. In the keeper's quarters, there is a beautiful museum, a perfect place to learn the history of the island and the spectacular St. Lawrence River. At the museum, travelers will discover structures dating back to 1845. Who wouldn’t want to climb the lighthouse? Wander around the island and buy something from the shop to take home.