The tiny Caribbean country of Barbados is among the world's most sought-after holiday destinations. It may be small, yet it comes with a big offering of perfect beaches, a turquoise warm ocean, fancy resorts, fun shopping and nightlife, friendly Bajan culture, and delicious food. What's more, Barbados also boasts lots of beautiful natural attractions and fascinating historic landmarks; it's home to eight Cultural Heritage Conservation Areas, as well as a number of botanical gardens, parks, and an impressive nature sanctuary. Despite there being myriads of things to do and see in and amongst the island's booming tourist hotspots, smaller locales, and off-the-beaten-track hidden gems, some of them are slightly more worthy of one's Instagram reel than others. Naturally, Barbados is in no short supply of dazzling views and epic activities, but out of all those suited for photos, these are the definite ones that should make Insta-lovers' feeds. Related: 10 Reasons You Should Not Be Missing Out On Barbados RN

9 Snap One Of The World's Best Beaches At Crane Beach & The Crane Resort

Tucked on the secluded, rugged southeast coast, Crane Beach has consistently been placed high on the list of the world's best beaches, and it's easy to see why. It's one of the planet's finest pink-sand beaches and is backed by paradisal swaying palms and bathed by warm turquoise waters. The waves here can also be quite powerful, which has led to the spot becoming one of Barbados's top body surfing and boogie boarding beaches. Perched on the cliff that overlooks Crane Beach is the Crane Resort, which dates back to 1887 - a year that brands the resort one of the oldest and longest operating hotels in the entire Caribbean. Old it may be, but that doesn't mean it's not ultra-modern; this luxury hotel offers some of the finest accommodation and facilities in Barbados and features fantastic facilities spread throughout the turreted hotel buildings. From several restaurants and sublime pools to its central village square lined with shops, The Crane is a perfect retreat for those who've got enough cash to splash. Also, it's not just the resort's beauty and offerings that make it so special, it's its incredible position. Built on a dramatic cliff overlooking the soft pink sands of Crane Beach and the kinetic Atlantic Ocean below, taking influencer-worthy photos for the Instagram feed atop this mighty cliffside is just about the pinnacle meaning of the word "Instagrammable". Related: Craving Something Different For Your Next Vacation? Here Are 10 Stunning Pink Beaches Around The World

8 Snap Sweeping Scenery Galore & Architecture & More At Cherry Tree Hill, St. Nicholas Abbey & Steam Railway

At 850 feet above sea level, Cherry Tree Hill delivers uninterrupted panoramas befitting of an Instagram shoot. The hill allegedly acquired its name from an old story - one that describes the road leading up to the hill as being dotted with pretty cherry trees. In spite of its name, the road up to the hill is now lined with mahogany and is met by sprawling sections of sugar cane at the bottom. But the real decadence here? It's the sweeping scenes to be soaked up of Barbados’ ‘Scotland District' - home to St. Nicholas Abbey, which was originally constructed in 1658 and is said to be one of the only three authentic Jacobean mansions in the country. Visitors can check out this historic abbey's great house with its time period furniture and architecture, as well as the property's steam mill for a history lesson and many more interesting photo ops. There's also an on-site rum distillery that people can visit as well, which offers an intriguing insight into the abbey's - and the whole of Barbados's - prolific production and exportation of rum. And it doesn't end there, guests can even take a ride on the Abbey’s Heritage Railway system where a steam locomotive passes through the plantation.

7 Snap A Singing Sensation's Shrine On Rihanna Drive

Discover the childhood home of legendary Bajan music icon Rihanna, whose modest roots and humble life are on display - a spot that has become one of Barbados's most famous pop culture sites. Visitors to her home will pass two rows of houses before arriving, upon which they discover a vibrant bungalow with a street sign and a monument outside that lists the star's life achievements. Formerly known as Westbury New Road, Rhianna Drive may have been catapulted to global fame thanks to its namesake celebrity's heritage, yet it still remains a quiet road home to residences and rum shops. And, according to rumors, Rihanna still visits a couple of times every year. Related: Antigua Vs Barbados: Why One Tropical Destination Is Better

6 Snap Subterranean Spectacles At Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is one of the island's breathtaking national treasures that takes visitors on a subterranean adventure of natural splendor. It's referred to as one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados," and with impressive stalagmites and stalactites that are many thousands of years old, it's clear why. The cave also hosts a number of glistening natural pools filled with crystal clear water that makes for paradisiac Instagram pics. In addition to on foot, a popular way to explore the cave is by hopping on the fascinating tram tour that operates through its network of cavernous systems. Plus, there are also loads of exhibits and interactive displays that highlight the history and formation of Harrison’s Cave, enabling curious spelunkers to learn as they marvel at its stupefying structures. Related: Explore The Underwater World Of Jamaica's Green Grotto Caves

5 Snap Royal Remains & Lush Greenery At Farley Hill National Park

The Farley Hill National Park used to be the site of Farley Hill House - a luxury mansion that was first built in the 1800s as a base for entertaining royal guests. Unfortunately, the historic mansion burnt down during a fire in 1965, but that hasn't stopped the place where it once stood from becoming a site of significant importance; the Barbadian government designated the hill as a national park, which has since become a popular spot for picnics, weddings, and Insta-worthy photography. It’s also often used as a venue for musical and theatrical events, where Farley Hill House ruins provide an extraordinary backdrop for the stage. Overall, the site is a wonderful place for snapping pics and relaxing away from the beach in the midst of lush mahogany trees and expansive views of the Atlantic coast. Related: Barbados Vs. Bahamas Vs. Aruba: A Three-Way Face-Off

4 Snap Colorful Buildings On Queen's Street, Speightstown

Even the most seasoned Instagram influencers and their thousands of followers will be gobsmacked by the rainbow-hued photography-worthy backgrounds afforded in Speightstown - more specifically, at Queen's Street. Lined along this quaint and cute thoroughfare in Speightstown on the northwest coast are plentiful colorful buildings that make for gorgeous Instagram backdrops. And it's not just the building's aesthetic that makes them so attractive, it's also what's inside them; bars, restaurants, and even an art gallery in one of them. An additional must-see is the Speightstown Mural - an old 80-foot-long wall depicting the eventful history of Barbados. Furthermore, when hunger strikes, visitors will be glad to be in the presence of many numerous roadside food vendors selling a variety of products ranging from fresh fruit and veg to fish. And when snapping pics of Queen's Street and the rest of town is all done and dusted, travelers can take even more at the several untouched beaches peppered close by.

3 Snap Rocky Framed Ocean Views Inside Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is one of those Bajan spectacles that showcases the island's natural talent. Located at North Point (the country's northernmost tip as its name suggests) the cave is said to be one of the only sea caves accessible to people, who come to enjoy its delightful ocean views and stunning rock formations that frame breathtaking vistas through its many openings. The cave is also famous for the abundance of sea anemones thriving in its pools, earning it its apt name. Once visitors have finished swimming and taking photos in the cave, they can head to the nearby clifftop bar and restaurant for a bite to eat in front of even more spectacular scenes of the island's north coast. Lucky visitors might even get the chance to spot passing whales in the sea. Related: The Best Kept Secrets In Barbados

2 Snap Surfing Shenanigans & Spectacular Seaside Scenes At Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba is a surfer’s haven where mighty North Atlantic waves beat the shoreline and the unearthly rock formations. Among the village's popular places is the beautiful Bathsheba Beach, boasting intense yellow ochre sand and panoramic ocean views. Gorgeous it may be, however, visitors mustn't let its beauty lull them into a false sense of security - swimming can be a challenging feat due to the powerful waves that come crashing down. But despite its energetic waters that attract seasoned surfers, this beach is indeed home to some of Barbados's most jaw-dropping sunrise scenes made even more unbelievable by the rocky shores that crown it one of the island's most idyllic locations for photographers. Related: The Best Places To Stay In Barbados

1 Snap Captivating Activities At Carlisle Bay

Visitors to Carlisle Bay on the west coast of Barbados can marvel at its beauteous harbor in the pleasant shape of a crescent. Just about anyone and everyone have an outdoor activity on offer here; from family-friendly fun to adrenaline-pumping adventures, Carlisle Bay truly does promise everything a person would ever desire from a vacation in a tropical paradise. It's also at Carlisle Bay where visitors can scope out a diversity of marine species when swimming in the delightfully calm sea, while snorkelers and scuba divers delve further to explore the bay's six sunken shipwrecks. Furthermore, the area's surroundings provide ample opportunity for horseback riding, boating, and even horseback riding. Finally, those who thought the day and its Instagram photo opportunities couldn't get any better after a day of discovery and fun at Carlisle Bay will be pleasantly surprised when tucking into tasty Bajan and Caribbean food whilst sipping refreshing beer and cocktails at Bridgetown’s numerous beach bars and restaurants. Next: Caribbean Islands: A Guide To Each Major Destination (So You Can Choose Easily)