There are some places in the world that stand out in the most colorful way to catch our attention. The vibrant atmosphere of a city can be enough to provide a pleasant experience. Vacations and destination trips all should have something that makes the visitor want to travel around to take in the atmosphere. The cities that have a reputation for being colorful provide stunning visuals will see many tourists checking it out partially for the great photo-ops for social media.

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We will look at ten of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world that catch the attention of your eyes right away when visiting. The great look of each city will be featured along with some details behind what makes these places all so special. Find out just where you should visit for fun times with ten of the most colorful cities in the world perfect for Instagram pictures!

10 10. Venice, Italy

Venice is already a beautiful place to visit as a top tourist destination in Italy. However, the beauty in Venice is stronger than the average person realizes. Many beautifully painted homes in the multi-color tones help create a special attraction in the Burano area of Venice.

The colorful houses on both sides of the canal provide a stunning visual. There is also the green water that compliments the scenery in general for some of the most beautiful pictures one can snap to add to their Instagram feed.

9 9. Cape Town, South Africa

The Bo-Kaap area in South Africa’s Cape Town is an amazing place to get beautiful imagery. Its small cobble-stone streets are bookmarked by a slate of buildings all painted in various colors that delivers a tremendous overall visual

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Soft shades of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink are the main colors associated with the design of these buildings. The incredible scenery is known for tourists of Cape Town wanting to take some photos and soak in the experience here.

8 8. Menton, France

France is a beautiful country that many people love to visit, but Menton remains one of the most underrated towns there. The visual of the colorful homes all painted in beautiful tones sets the scene for a tremendous photo opportunity.

Residents of the area get to take it in every day on their daily commute. Menton gets visitors specifically due to the colorful nature of the set-up as an underrated gem in France. It shows a lot that people are willing to visit here for the scenery given all the other popular French locations.

7 7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn is the harbor district in the Copenhagen part of Denmark. The colored houses around the canal create another stunning visual. A combination of the colorful buildings along with the beautiful ships and the water makes it a great attraction in Denmark.

Unlike some of the other places on the list, Copenhagen is already a popular part of Denmark for the average tourist. That makes it even more enjoyable to find the Nyhavn harbor to seek out the colorful escape from the mundane in Copenhagen.

6 6. Chefchaouen, Morocco

The Rif Mountains of Morocco is most known for the scenery of Chefchaouen. A colorful décor features everything painted in a beautiful shade of blue. The color of blue is meant to tie into the sky and heaven based on the design concept in the 1930s.

Chefchaouen residents continue to repaint the buildings in blue to keep their legacy going as one of the most colorful places in the world. The view of the blue buildings at dusk provides the best possible time to get a stunning visual that will make your friends wonder if you are in another dimension.

5 5. Nassau, Bahamas

Anyone visiting the Bahamas is likely already expecting to find beautiful visuals of the trees, water, and general beach fun. However, the Nassau area is home to a colorful scenery of buildings that create a breathtaking view.

Considering the buildings are so near to the water, everything merges together to make it an area worthy of visiting for a great time. The appeals of fun Instagram photos and just getting to appreciate the simple joys of the world should add Nassau to your potential destinations.

4 4. Sighisoara, Romania

The colorful view of Sighisoara, Romania looks like an illustration in a children’s book or the finished product of an adult coloring book. Tourists are happy to find out that this is indeed a real place you can visit at any time despite it standing out so well.

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Residents of Sighisoara get to appreciate the colorful world with the houses painted in bright colors. The trees, plants, and even the street all just blend in perfectly to deliver one of the most colorful places in the entire world today.

3 3. Valparaiso, Chile

People love to live in the colorful homes that are painted perfectly to compliment each other in the Valparaiso area of Chile. This photo takes it to another level by showing how things look in Valparaiso when the sun is setting at the right time.

Chile has many cities that offer different things that will win over the average tourist, but the visual one can find in Valparaiso sets it apart. This colorful getaway may be the ideal place for a vacation, especially if you find the joy in getting the Instagram pictures that receive all the likes.

2 2. Willemstad, Curacao

Willemstad is the capital city of the Dutch island known as Curacao. The combination of the waterfront and the colorful houses provide another superb visual that may be the best of the best. Residents certainly soak it in while island visitors get the perks of staying here.

The reasoning for the start of the colorful buildings featured a General Governor in the 19th century getting headaches due to the sun’s reflection on white buildings. It inspired the painting of the buildings in bright colors and now remains a great tradition that wins over anyone visiting Willemstad.

1 1. Pachuca, Mexico

A recent community project helped make Pachuca one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in the world for Mexico. Residents and muralists worked together for over a year to bring the color to the Las Palmitas area of Pachuca.

The painting of the buildings into bright colors helped bring more notoriety to the lesser-visited area of Mexico. Along with the base color for each home, there are stripes that blend together in the intent of making a huge rainbow.

The hard work and unity of the community helped showcase the beauty of Pachuca, Mexico when it comes to the visual and the people that reside there.

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