Indian food is comforting and we all need a little bit of that right now. The United States has an assortment of incredible Indian restaurants found around the country. But just where do celebrities eat? You might be surprised to know that not every star eats their Indian food in five-star establishments, or even in the U.S., for that matter.

Even if you don't like curry, there are some delicious Indian foods that are meant for you. Other than India, there are numerous places around the world that are known for this cuisine but since there are so many restaurants, it's hard to find the best ones. So, we look to stars like David Beckham, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sophie Turner to track them down.

Without further ado, here are Vancouver, New York, and other major cities with the best Indian restaurants, according to stars.

10 Vanessa Hudgens And Emily Ratajkowski Get Funky With Comfort Food At New York's Panna II Garden

Panna II Garden serves all of the classic dishes including an assortment of the best Indian dishes that everyone needs to try. While the funky New York restaurant isn't the most authentic dining experience nor the most expensive, it is a favorite among celebrities. According to Galuxsee, both Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Ratajkowski have dined there on numerous occasions. But adore the outlandish and vibrant decor which includes Christmas tree lights that shine year-round, world flags, and chili lights. The menu itself is comforting and straight-up yummy.

9 Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson's Romance Gets A Shot Of Lightning At The Electric Karma In L.A.

Miley Cyrus got a piggyback ride from her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, after the two of them left Electric Karma Indian Restaurant, according to Just Jared. This funky, low-lit Indian restaurant in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles constantly shows Bollywood movies and has some truly wonderful food. For these reasons, as well as its swanky location, the establishment is really popular among celebrities. According to Yelp, Electric Karma Indian rates as one of the top 10 best Indian restaurants in all of Los Angeles.

8 Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Stop By Gangadin Indian Restaurant In The Studio City Neighborhood Of L.A.

Not unlike Miley and Cody, Joe Jonas got very handsy with Sophie Turner during a lunch outing at Gangadin Indian Restaurant in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. The restaurant itself is completely unpretentious and isn't the type of place that would normally attract A-List celebrities. But perhaps this is one of the reasons why some stars, like Joe and Sophie, go there in the first place. Well, that and the authentic cuisine. Gangadin Indian Restuarant also has a wide variety of vegan options for those so inclined.

7 Orlando Bloom Likes His Indian BBQ At A Military Bar Called Brigadier's In London, England

London, England is known for its Indian food. Veeraswamy is by-far one of the best found in the city, as well as the oldest. However, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom prefers Brigadier's Indian Restaurant. According to their website, the establishment is located on the ground floor of the Bloomberg building and was created by the Michelin-starred team responsible for two of the other entries on this list. However, this place is far more relaxed than others. It's a military bar inspired by exotic Indian BBQ cuisines. It's also a stellar place to play pool, drink whiskey, and watch sports.

6 Frieda Pinto And Dev Patel Go For Very Upscale Indian At London's Trishna

Trishna is an upscale Indian joint London, England that was created by the same Michelin-starred team responsible for Orlando Bloom's favorite, Brigadier's. Only, Trishna is far more upscale. According to Just Jared, Slumdog Millionaire co-stars, and former couple, Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto were spotted dining there. Clearly, the extravagant menu as well as the semi-alfresco ambiance, including marble tabletops and antique mirrors, got them feeling some kinda way. After all, they were all over each other at the table. Good food has a way of inspiring such activities.

5 Aziz Ansari Likes The Mubarak Hotel's Seafood Options In Southern India

There's no shortage of superb Indian restaurants in India... duh! But comedian and actor Aziz Ansari seems to love the lunch menu at the restaurant in the Hotel Mubarak. According to Galuxsee, his friends insisted that he eat there and he ended up loving it. TripAdvisor reviewers claim that the busy restaurant in the hotel is really affordable and makes particularly outstanding seafood. The hotel is located in Skairali Nagar, Kanjirampara Thiruvananthapuram, near the southernmost tip of India.

4 Vancouver's Vij's Gets Desperate Housewives And Royal Visitors... So, You Know It Must Be Amazing

Vancouver, B.C. is another city with an assortment of superb Indian restaurants including Dehli 6, Raga, and Jolly's. But Vij's is by far the most famous establishment. It also happens to be a favorite of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, according to Galuxsee. There are three Vij's in Vancouver, the original, Vij's Rangoli, and Vij's Railway Express. Master chef Vikram Vij and his ex-wife, Meeru Dhalwala, have made quite a name for themselves in the city but have also attracted international stars such as Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, according to Hello Mag.

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3 The Raj-Era Indian Restaurant In London That Attracts David Beckham And Mindy Kaling

Raj-Era, or "Anglo-Indian era" cuisine was created during the time that the British had their rule over India. Therefore, it can be described as a mixture of cultures. This idea has carried over into many of the best Indian restaurants in the world, such as Gymkhana. The Mayfair establishment was created by the same Michelin-starred team that gave us other superb London Indian restaurants like Trishna and Brigadiers. According to Galuxsee, Gymkhana is a favorite of David Beckham and Mindy Kaling.

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2 Shay Mitchell Was All About The Unpretentious New Sind Punjab Restaurant In U.A.E.

While U.A.E. may receive just criticisms for the personality-less style of many of their attractions, some of their restaurants get unfairly lumped in with this. New Sind Punjab Restaurant is full of character and is completely authentic. According to Galuxsee, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell says they are responsible for some of the best chicken tikka around. The compact Karama eatery is simply decorated and offers outdoor seating, but it's not about the atmosphere. It's about the stunning Punjabi food that's not only affordable but also a favorite amongst the local families.

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1 Kaley Cuoco Likes Paowalla Because It Brings Mumbai To Manhattan In A Modern Mixture

Paowalla provides incredible dining experiences, according to Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. According to Galuxsee, she had one of the best meals she ever had there. The New York establishment is all about creative Indian food that combines the styles of Manhattan with the authenticity and history of Mumbai. Think biryani with chorizo and pork vindaloo. There's also a version of poutine that's Indian style. In short, this is fusion done at its very best.

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