Despite over one-third of the Australian landscape being made up of desert, the country has a dazzling array of vastly different natural creations formed by the unique climate. Rainforests spring up predominantly in the north and west regions, the Outback calls to adventure travelers with its extreme temperatures and the southern and south eastern areas feature some of the most stunning coastal terrain anywhere in the world.

Due to the country's remote location, many of its animal inhabitants are not found anywhere else and the same is true of the limitless natural formations. The opportunities to experience nature in Australia are never-ending, but here are 10 that should make the list immediately.

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10 Wave Rock, Western Australia

Western Australia has some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the country including pristine beaches, wonderful wildlife, and flowering forests, but Wave Rock is one of the more unusual destinations.

The granite cliff, shaped like an advancing wave, stands a huge 50 feet tall and reaches over 350 feet. Standing in the shadow of this incredible creation of nature instantly brings home the insane range of possibilities the Australian landscape possesses.

9 Sea Cliffs, Tasmania

Towering igneous rock formations are impressive in almost any setting, but the Sea Cliffs along the Tasmanian Peninsula are truly breathtaking. Standing almost 1000 feet in height, they are the Southern Hemisphere’s highest sea cliffs and give abseiler’s one of the most exhilarating adrenaline highs in the country as well.

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Not far from the main city of Hobart, these cliffs stretch along the coast unrelentingly and form many of the island’s most visited attractions. These include places like Tasman Arch, Waterfall Bay and the aptly (if unimaginatively) named Remarkable Cave.

8 Stromatolites Of Hamelin Pool, Western Australia

Some of the oldest living fossils in the world, the stromatolites at Shark Bay are heritage-listed for their natural beauty and amazing endurance abilities. Incredible to simply gaze upon, a brief history lesson will have every visitor feeling blessed to have the opportunity to walk around Hamelin Pool.

A purpose-built jetty grants up-close views and information boards line the walkway to give greater insight into the unique formations. The best way to visit this remarkable place is by journeying along the Coral Coast, itself one of the most astounding stretches of land in Australia.

7 Wilpena Pound, Southern Australia

The Flinders Ranges make up the largest mountain range in Southern Australia, covering a huge 430km stretch of topography and creating some of the most attractive panoramas in the country.

Within the ranges sits Wilpena Pound, a behemoth natural amphitheater that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It spans almost 100 kilometers and can be marveled at from inside or above thanks to the offer of scenic flights from local tour operators.

6 The Grampians, Victoria

Easily accessible via a day trip from Melbourne, The Grampians are one of the most visited tourism spots in the country. It is one of those destinations however that no matter how high a traveler's hopes are, they will always be eclipsed by the sheer wonder on display instantly following arrival.

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Exploration can be done alone or with a tour guide, with most of the National Park the Grampians reside in perfectly safe. Do be careful not to wander away from the marked paths, however, because the Australian climate and landscape can turn harsh in an instant.

5 Undara Lava Caves, Queensland

A visit to the Undara Lava Caves centuries ago would have been extremely uncomfortable, given that once it was a bubbling hive of vicious volcanic activity. These days, however, visitors can wander through the tunnels and caves created by the years of Mother Nature’s consistent efforts.

Half a day’s drive from the northern city of Cairns, Undara Volcanic National Park will captivate travelers of all ages and passions. There is something deeply moving about such a stunning visualization of the beauty possible as a result of nothing more than the passing of time.

4 Dark Sky Park, New South Wales

With so much of the Australian population concentrated into distinct areas, there are plenty of places across the country that offer incredible stargazing thanks to the lack of light pollution from major cities.

A place that is not just the best in Australia but one of the best on the planet is Dark Sky Park within the borders of Warrumbungle National Park, New South Wales. Visitors can go it alone here or make use of the observatory where experts will teach the basics of night-time exploration to any interested party.

3 Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

Everyone knows about Uluru; a destination that simply must be visited by all who make their way to Northern Australia. It is overpoweringly beautiful and thoroughly deserves its place on the world tourism map.

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Perhaps lesser known to international guests however is Kata Tjuta, a group of staggeringly large rock formations found southwest of Alice Springs. Believed to long ago have been one dominant rock, it is now a series of domed structures that defy even the wildest imagination. It is easy to pass an entire day here just walking amongst the red rocks and wondering how the surrounding landscape can be possible.

2 Umpherston Sinkhole, South Australia

One of the greatest joys when traveling around the Land Down Under is the Great Ocean Road. Exploring the beautiful landscape as the ocean meets the land is a delight never to be forgotten thanks to the endless landmarks and attractions flying past the windows.

One of the most incredible is Umpherston Sinkhole in Mount Gambier, South Australia. Long ago this was a limestone cave, but the passage of time has lead to the roof collapsing and its transformation into a majestic sunken garden. One of the last stops along the Great Ocean Road, it is clear that nature has a sense of timing, leaving the best for last.

1 Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

The only disappointment visitors to Kings Canyon experience is the inability to capture the stately sandstone walls adequately on film. Nothing short of standing before them in person is able to produce the feeling of wonder that washes over everyone who lays eyes on the smooth sections contrasted by chaotic chasms.

Situated in some of the most beautiful scenery the Northern Territory has to offer, a trip here is roughly six hours by car from Alice Springs and well worth the journey. Accommodation options are available and highly recommended as it gives the opportunity to experience the majesty of night-time in the Red Centre.

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