For the money that a Disneyland trip costs, you better make it worth your while. The $15 a day MaxPass option has really changed the game for FASTPASSES, allowing users to select the rides they’d like to skip the line on the most right from the Disneyland App. Today, we’ll be taking a look at ten ride options that should be prioritized for FASTPASS usage. Although, since there are only 11 options, some of the options are a bit less desirable than others. Let’s get into it.

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10 Space Mountain

Did you expect this list to start off any differently? The standby ride Space Mountain is going to be a #1 priority for FASTPASS use. It’s Space Mountain. Duh. One of the best ways to utilize a FASTPASS for this ride is to get to the park early and get to Space Mountain as quickly as possible to avoid a long line and ride without a FASTPASS. After that, use your FASTPASS for the ride later in the day. Double the Space Mountain and that way, you have time for even more FASTPASS uses!

9 Star Tours

The motion-sickness inducing Star Tours is always a hot spot for FASTPASS use. Having a three-year-old rebel on board and getting to slam your ship into a random Gungan is never really a bad time. The ride is tons of fun and you’ll often get a completely different experience when riding it multiple times, which makes repeat rides a necessity. Always having a long wait time makes Star Tours an excellent FASTPASS candidate.

8 Matterhorn Bobsleds

The Matterhorn is another fan favorite Disneyland ride, being a fast ride that has you attempting to escape being caught by the Yeti. This ride is always one that has a line, so FASTPASSES are a must for the Matterhorn. However, we stan the left side only ladies.

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Seriously, it is so much better on the left. Usually, the attendants don't care if you request a side, so request the left side each time and your life will change. Getting a bit more tips and tricks than you bargained for in this list, huh?

7 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has you flying around the… Big Thunder Mountain Railroad… as fast as possible! This is another one of those rides that always requires a FASTPASS due to its high demand. Make sure to use this one after your Tomorrowland ventures though. Running around back and forth is never a fun time. In fact, use your Big Thunder Mountain Railroad pass right before heading over to the next ride.

6 Haunted Mansion

The aptly-named “For Some Reason This Ride Always Has A 40 Minute Wait Haunted Mansion” is a great pick for a FASTPASS use. While this ride moves people through quickly, it always retains a huge line, usually rivaling Space Mountain (couldn’t tell you any reason why though). In the Christmas season… just forget about it. This makes it a great pick for your FASTPASSES. Maybe use it after you've been outside for a bit, as it is a nice, air-conditioned break. You’re going to need it.

5 Splash Mountain

That one ride that has been synonymous with Disney for years, Splash Mountain! This ride is tons of fun, with its main hook being getting you soaking wet and everyone getting mad about being wet when that is literally what the ride is centered on. This one is never easy to get on, even in the winter it still has long lines. In the summer, you’ll usually see this queue for this ride exceeding two hours. Grab this FASTPASS when you can, because they'll be gone before the afternoon hits.

4 Indiana Jones Adventure

This fast-paced adventure of a ride is a fan-favorite! Also, the line doesn’t have phone service for 90% of its duration. So, yeah, get a FASTPASS. There’s never a bad time to ride this one, and you can usually get one or two fast passes at your leisure for this one.

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Stopping by the Jungle Cruise is a great way to kill some time until your FASTPASS is ready to activate for Indiana Jones. You can also stop and meet Moana. What a wonderful location this ride is situated in!

3 Fantasmic!

The only FASTPASS available for a show in Disneyland, we have Fantasmic! Mickey and the Magical Map deserves one too, but alas, it is yet to happen… If you’ve never seen Fantasmic!, it’s certainly a good one to grab some FASTPASSES for. The show is tons of fun and features a large cast of fan-favorite characters. It's no World of Color, but it's a good one. However, don't waste your time if you’ve seen it before, as you can see the show just fine without the need for a FASTPASS. If you’re a fan or it is your first time, go for it, get a good seat for the show. Otherwise, meh. The fireworks will be on soon anyway.

2 Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is Toy Story Midway Mania but just not as good. Now with that being said, FASTPASSES certainly aren’t a necessity for this ride. Usually, you can find a quick 10 or 15-minute wait for this ride throughout the day sporadically. If you’re a huge fan and just can’t wait to sit in a very small seat in a very dark room for a few minutes though, maybe grab a FASTPASS.

1 Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

The only ride in all of Toontown that requires a FASTPASS. That said, that entire area of that park is missable if you don’t have kids (or happen to be a huge fan of it). The ride is fun, but you certainly shouldn’t use your FASTPASSES on it unless you have incredibly fond memories, or you do have kids and want to get them through the line as quickly as possible. Otherwise, stick to the rest of the rides on this list.

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