Local Escape Rooms make for a great excursion when vacationing, finding a new hangout spot and even for first dates. These live, interactive-game companies are like being in a real-life video game, taking fun to the next level. Guests are pressed for time as they use their problem-solving skills to solve riddles and uncover hidden secrets.

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially when there are several to choose from. While some companies consist of one or two rooms, most have multiple rooms, all themed-based and with their own distinct storyline. Many of the story plots are based off some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

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Perhaps that’s why escape rooms everywhere have taken the world by storm. Every city has its number one or top 10 lists, but none compare to Houston, TX. Variety is key when it comes to the abundant game rooms Houston has to offer. Guests can choose from missions ranging from fighting off outlaws, time traveling and first-encounters with aliens. Here are 10 of the best escape rooms in Houston, TX!

10 10. The PANIQ Escape Room: Chainsaw Massacre

Nothing is more Houston-centric like The PanIQ Escape Room Experience. This gaming company offers three missions for guests to choose from, all which feature wanted outlaws, a military bunker and an alternate version of the original Texas Chainsaw film. The escape room’s company name is pronounced 'panic' for a reason and that’s enough to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. Remember to have fun, though! Playing with movie-themes, looking for clues and solving riddles is all part of the game. Many customers, especially first-timers, became super fans of The PanIQ Escape Room Experience, especially the Chainsaw Massacre room. Even with chainsaws lying around, guests still have a great time! See, there’s no reason to panic!

9 9. Escape The Room (Woodlands) Escape Room: The Western Bank Heist Room

Newcomers may be anxious about attending a local escape room but the unexpected is inevitable, and that’s what makes the experience worth-wild. Escape The Room Woodlands Experience is one of the many interactive-gaming companies that will surprise and delight players, making for an unforgettable experience. Choose from a wide variety of missions, such as The Clock Tower, the Western Bank Heist, The Submarine and The Theater.

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The best of the missions is the Western Bank Heist, as guests are taken to the days of the outlaws and sharp-shooters. Players must become a bandit and rob the bank under 60 minutes! Groups of 8 to 10 people are required to participate in the interactive games, which makes the experience all the more exciting. Customers who love a large selection should check out the Escape The Room Woodlands Experience.

8 8. The Escape In Time Escape Room: The Cabin Room

When it comes to having a large selection, escape rooms have it all. They take guests to alternate realities just by stepping foot into one of their rooms. The Escape In Time Experience is also located in Houston’s modern-day Woodland Heights Plaza Shopping center, although, it’s not at all from this time period. Whoever said time travel isn’t possible must’ve not heard of this escape room. Guests have three gaming rooms to choose from, all which have nothing to do with themes of time travel but are interesting, nonetheless. They include The Art Heist, The Sherlock Holmes vs. the Illuminati and lastly The Cabin, which was favored most by guests. This escape room company plays with a number of storylines that’ll keep players entertained every step of the way.

7 7. The Crazy Cat Escape Room: The Deadly Dining Room

Escape rooms love combining themes, such as science fiction with mystery and adventure with crime. Their goal is keeping guests entertained. People who love problem-solving and a good challenge need to check out Houston’s Crazy Cat Escape Room Experience. Players have been framed for murder by the murderer themselves and though life may look bleak for the accused, there was hard evidence left behind.

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The gaming company offers guests the chance to solve the riddles behind The Western Saloon Robbery, The Deadly Dining Room and The Scene of the Crime missions. The second mission, The Deadly Dining Room is full of mysteries to solve, as players are locked in the estate of a recently deceased relative and must race against time to escape before it’s too late! The Crazy Cat Escape Room Experience has much to offer guests, especially a website full of detailed information, making it the best option for first-timers.

6 6. The ExitusVR Escape Room: Escape The Cosmos Room

The Exitus Virtual Reality Escape Room Experience’s website gives guests a detailed rundown of how their escape rooms work as well. This company is great for first-timers and probably one of the coolest experiences any newcomer will have. ExitusVR, as it’s affectionately called, gives guests the option to choose between multiplayer or a single player. In the player’s virtual reality, they will venture into cosmic realms. In the Escape the Cosmos Room, players will work as a team to stop a galaxy from devouring our own. They will be equipped with the ability to fire laser beams at their enemies, fly in zero gravity and even have telekinesis! The ExitusVR Escape Room Experience doesn’t just transport guests to another place, it takes them to an entirely new world where fiction becomes reality. This escape room company is arguably the best Houston, TX has to offer.

5 5. The Escape Hunt Escape Room: Houston, We’ve Had A Problem Room

The Houston, We’ve Had A Problem Escape Room also lets players travel to the great beyond and explore deep space. The room is owned by The Escape Hunt Experience, which offers some of the most unique game room missions in Houston. This particular room takes after some of the greatest space movies, specifically paying homage to the Apollo 13 Lunar Mission of 1970 that’s been deemed in history as “the most successful failure.”

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The moral of the game is to help fellow astronauts return home safely from a failed space mission. The escape room’s storyline sticks closely with the actual 1970 mission to the Moon that landed the astronauts in a potentially dangerous situation. Visitors will be astounded by the detail and craftsmanship that went into modeling the escape room after Apollo 13. Escape rooms aren’t just alternate realities but carry historical significance.

4 4. The Escape Game Escape Room: The Prison Break Room

The Escape Game Experience prides itself on providing gaming rooms with diverse storytelling, including reliving historical events. In the Prison Break Escape Room, players are transported back to the year 1955 the moment they step foot in the room. The ’50s were a time where parole didn’t exist for inmates and jail wardens were murders. Players are wrongly accused of a crime and get held in a ceil that once belonged to an inmate who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Found on The Escape Game Experience’s website, guests can view the promotional videos, if they dare. The clips look straight out of a horror movie! They’ll keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

3 3. The Escape Game Escape Room: The Gold Rush Room

Out of the four missions offered at The Escape Game Experience, the Gold Rush Escape Room appears to be the most thrilling. It falls in line with the company’s statement of “where the hero and adventure meet.” With a vast selection to choose from, the Gold Rush Escape Room is one of the best live games in Houston, TX. As the name indicates, players must find gold, but there’s a twist. A greedy gambler by the name of Clyde Hamilton has stashed his piece of the gold somewhere but has gone missing, possibly taken by a band of outlaws. Players must find the stash first before the bad guys do. Those who are into crazy fun and adventure will become fast fans of this escape room. Its level of difficulty was rated a 7/10, which means more gold for players! A gaming room that’s fun and easy makes for a great experience to share with loved ones.

2 2. The Lock Houston Escape Room: Escape The Oval Office Room

Creating memorable moments with the family and friends is what escape rooms are all about. They love exciting guests while also making them think. The Lock Houston Experience is a multi-room escape room that gives guests exactly that. With so many missions to choose from - like successfully completing a casino vault heist, outwitting a rogue A.I, finding treasure at a billion-dollar pencil company and everyone’s favorite, retrieving a historical artifact from the Oval Office at the time of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency -guests will find that The Lock Houston Experience is nothing short of ordinary. It makes guests relive all their favorite movies! There’s nothing like this escape room company in Houston, TX!

1 1. The Escape Hunt Escape Room: Theft of The Lone Star Room

The Escape Hunt Experience may not have as many rooms or diverse storylines as The Lock Houston, but it offers other activities for guests. Their most popular are the theme-park role-playing exercises that help aid participants on the missions. It’s most promising offer, however, is the chance to complete the mission of the Theft of The Lone Star. Players must act as detectives in this game-of-thieves as they race against time to find the 1836 Texas Lone Star that was stolen from the museum exhibit of the first president of the Texas Republic, Sam Houston. Despite most escape rooms requiring a group of 8 to 10 people, this room allows for only 2 to 6 participants. Nonetheless, guests still get to have loads of fun, no matter the party size.

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