Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are endless reasons to travel to the city, including a festive atmosphere beyond Carnival, visiting one of the seven wonders of the modern world and lying on its fabulous beaches. What can make a trip to Rio de Janeiro even better? Choose the perfect hotel. There are plenty of hotels with ocean views or overlooking the fantastic landscape, including the sugarloaf and the Christ. Here is a list of hotels with panoramic views of the Marvelous city. RELATED: Underrated Destinations In South America Worthy Of Attention

10 One of the Coolest Areas in Rio de Janeiro

Praia Ipanema Hotel is nested in one of the fanciest areas of Rio de Janeiro, and it overlooks the long stretch of Ipanema beach. The icing on the cake is seeing the Christ Redeemer statue from the room. Yet, the most popular area of the hotel is the rooftop with an infinite pool, a top-notch restaurant, and a panoramic view that includes the beaches and the Morro Dois Irmãos. For tourists who are not staying at the hotel, it is possible to book a day pass and access the hotel's amenities.

9 The Perfect Hotel To Go Beyond The Obvious

Nested between Leblon and São Conrado, the Morro do Vidigal is home to one of the most popular bars in Rio de Janeiro. The Mirante do Arvrão is famous among locals, tourists, and national celebrities who often go there to admire the panoramic view and attend the parties. Luckily, the place also has a hotel. The Morante do Arvrão hotel has eight rooms and they all have an exclusive view of Rio de Janeiro from a hilltop, perfect for watching the sunrise.

8 A Hotel That Offers The Both Of Both Worlds: Nature and Parties

The Vila Santa Teresa is nested in the heart of the Atlantic forest. The place is perfect for people who don't want to choose between nature and party, as they can have both. The artistic neighborhood of Santa Teresa is home to countless bars and artists. The hotel has a terrace with a jaw-dropping view, while some rooms also face the garden and the city. The hotel is also open for brunches on Sundays and its restaurant has dishes inspired by the traditional Brazilian cuisine that can be served on the terrace.

7 Hang Around With Celebrities

Staying at Fasano Rio de Janeiro means there are chances you'll bump into a celebrity, as the hotel has become a favorite among artists and wealthy influencers. Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Madonna, and Lady Gaga are some of the stars who stayed there — and it is easy to understand why. The Fasano Hotel features a terrace with an infinite pool facing the Ipanema beach, the most famous hotel view of Rio de Janeiro. The place is also strategically located and it is only a few steps away from the most popular bars and restaurants. RELATED: Destination South America: The Best Places To Visit For First-Timers

6 A Hotel That Feels Like Home

Chez Georges is another hotel located in the colorful neighborhood of Santa Teresa. The modernist house was built in the 1970s and it is not like any other hotel. The place has a flawless interior design where guests will find luxury in every corner, but the hosts manage to make them feel at home. On top of that, Chez Georges overlooks the sugar loaf, the Santa Teresa neighborhood, and Guanabara Bay. It is a perfect option for travelers who want to connect with nature and feel connected to Rio de Janeiro.

5 This Hotel Has A Different Angle In Each Room

There isn't such a thing as a tedious view at La Suite by Dussol, where each room has a balcony with different angles of Ri ode Janeiro. The rooms overlook the ocean, the Tijuca forest, the Christ, or the islands. They also serve a floating breakfast in an infinite swimming pool, making it even more perfect. As there are only seven rooms available, there is always a risk of no rooms available. Yet, tourists can still have the chance to enjoy the hotel facilities by booking a day pass that includes a welcome drink, lunch, and access to the swimming pools. RELATED: Buenos Aires: What To Do In The 'Paris of South America'

4 Guests Will Feel They Are The Only Ones Here

Joatinga beach - or just Joá for locals - is often overlooked by tourists who prefer to stay at Copacabana, Leblon, or Ipanema. The access to the beach relies on the tides, but places such as Le Chateaux Joá make it worth it. The hotel was inaugurated a few years ago and the decoration includes antique art pieces. There are only five rooms available, so guests will often feel they are the only ones in the hotel. The place has a privileged view of the hills and also some beaches.

3 This Exclusive Hotel Is A Hidden Gem

A quick look in the Santa Teresa neighborhood will prove it is one of Rio's best areas to stay. There are plenty of quiet boutique hotels offering close contact with nature and just a few steps from the great nightlife in the region. The Hotel Casa Marques is one of those hidden gems of the city and it's perfect for people looking for a quiet place that offers privacy. Yet, guests will be spoiled with this view during the full moon.

2 A Hotel For People Looking For A Great Location And Panoramic Views

Botafogo is another region that offers great hotels and Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro is one of the best choices for people who want to start the day looking at the sugarloaf, the Christ or the Botafogo beach. Of course, the hotel also has a rooftop with a swimming pool with another great angle of Rio de Janeiro. The best thing about the neighborhood is that it is well-connected to the city and not far from the main touristic sightseeing. It is great for first-time visitors.

1 This Hotel Exudes History

The Copacabana Hotel was arguably the most lavish place in Rio the Janeiro back in the day. The place was inaugurated in the 1920s, hosted fancy Carnaval balls, and weddings, and welcomed international stars and politicians. It was also featured in the movie Flying Down to Rio. Time has passed, but Copacabana Hotel still exudes glamour and it is one of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro. The building is placed in front of the Copacabana beach, and guests can enjoy amenities that include a semi-Olympic swimming pool and a tennis court. NEXT: Top 10 Most Attractive Beaches In Brazil