Taiwan has many top-rated attractions, from the National Palace Museum to Kenting National Park. However, travelers seeking a fun-filled vacation should visit Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s port city. This southern Taiwanese city has beautiful landmarks, vibrant night markets, and endless shopping spree options. Whether traveling with family, friends, or solo, Kaohsiung offers a little something for every visitor. Explore these offerings by booking a couple of nights at these superb hotels in the city!

10 Citysuites Kaohsiung Pier2

For many travelers, time is money. Thus, they may also believe that while traveling, location is key. That’s why staying at the Citysuites Kaohsiung Pier2 makes for a convenient stay! This popular hotel is located near the Yangchengpu Metro Station, alongside other areas of interest like the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the Pier-2 Art Center, and the Cihou Lighthouse.

9 Kung Shang Design Hotel

Just like the city of Kaohsiung, the Kung Shang Design Hotel combines art and history in its architecture. Enjoy an affordable stay at this sophisticated hotel while at the center of Kaohsiung city, close to tourist attractions like Dream Mall, Pier of Love, Love River, and the Liuhe Tourist Night Market for some tasty Taiwanese food.

8 Hotel Midtown Richardson Kaohsiung Boai

Many travelers seeking budget-friendly hotels may think they need to sacrifice some comfort. However, when visiting Kaohsiung, penny-pinching tourists should stay at the Hotel Midtown Richardson Kaohsiung Boai to be proven wrong. Located at the city’s downtown core, this hotel provides 4-star service for a budget while offering perks like air-conditioned rooms, in-house restaurants, and a convenient location by the local metro station.

7 Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel

Marriott remains one of the most recognized hotel brands in the world, often linked to sophisticated vacation stays. Now, travelers can enjoy the perks of Marriott at the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, located in the Gushan District. This spacious hotel sits near the city’s Medical University, the Hakka Cultural Museum, and the Heart of Love River.

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6 M Hotel

Kids and adults alike will love the cute decor at M Hotel! Appealing to travelers visiting Kaohsiung with young children and family tourists, the M Hotel comes equipped with soundproof rooms and family-sized stays. Moreover, this hotel also offers bike rentals, making it a great way to explore the city!

5 Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station

Visitors can expect a no-frills, comfy stay at Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station. Located nearby the CartonKing Kaohsiung Station, this hotel can be used as a central point for travelers visiting Kaohsiung due to its proximity to other attractions, including the city center, Dome of Light, the Liuehe Taiwan Night Market, and much more!

4 Chateau De Chine Hotel Kaohsiung

The Chateau De Chine Hotel Kaohsiung combines luxury with chic decor and architecture. Visitors will quickly spot the hotel’s exterior, which emanates a colorful glow due to its vibrant glass light fixtures inspired by Japanese designer Tadashi Yamane. This award-winning posh hotel sits in the Yan Chang Pu district of Kaohsiung and the famous Great Harbor Bridge, making it easy for travelers to take the shuttle to various attractions.

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3 Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park

Located in the city’s Xinxing District, stay at Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Central Park for a traveler-friendly experience. From its cheery decor to its on-site restaurant, visitors can feel at home while staying at Hotel Indigo. While staying at this friendly hotel, explore the Xinxing District neighborhood while visiting other local attractions nearby, including Central Park.

2 H2O Hotel

Be like water and go with the flow: stay at H2O Hotel! Situated in Kaohsiung’s business district, this stunning luxury hotel features an exterior that emanates a blue glow, similar to the gentle water flow. For a pampering experience at H2O Hotel, enjoy a dip in the glowing waters of the rooftop pool or sip some cocktails at the hotel lounge. This hotel also has a range of unique amenities, including a complimentary shoe polishing service!

1 Grand Hi Lai Hotel

For an opulent experience in Kaohsiung, stay at the Grand Hi Lai Hotel. This classy hotel sits at 186 meters and oozes class, situated within the heart of the city’s business district. This beautiful hotel also has a spacious business center, several on-site restaurants that offer international cuisines, and the Hanshin Department Store (one of the largest in the country)! Moreover, the hotel is easily accessible to the international airport and the train station, making exploring easy.