One of the best things about going to a hotel is the fact that almost all of them offer at least a couple of things to their guests for free. In most cases, hotels pretty much offer the same free things.

Typically, one who goes to a hotel can expect to get some kind of free breakfast, as well as free coffee with the coffee maker that is in their room. According to, there are also some other really cool amenities that people need to ask for the next time they find themselves in a hotel, such as phone chargers and curling irons.


But on the other hand, there are some hotels that actually offer some very surprising free amenities that one might not expect. Here are the ones that offer the best free amenities to their guests.

Guests Who Got An Upgrade Received Complimentary Bikes At Kimpton Hotel Monaco

There are many reasons why people like staying at Kimpton hotels, and some of them are the free amenities that the place offers. According to, at least one of the locations offers guests who got an upgrade the chance to get some awesome and fun exercise in, since they allow some of them to ride bikes around the area.

Not only is this a great way for people to get some exercise in while they are traveling, but it is also a nice and fun way to go sight-seeing. Another thing people might want to know before they book spot there is that they may have complimentary access to a yoga mat if they are into doing yoga.

People Who Go To Rancho Valencia Can Test Drive A Cool Car

Rancho Valencia is a hotel, but it also counts as a resort as well. There are a lot of cool reasons to go there, and one of them is the fact that guests can have the chance to get behind the wheel of a really nice car during their stay.

According to, people who go there can have the opportunity to spend a few hours driving a Porsche, which is not something everyone always gets the chance to do. Travelers who are into that kind of thing really need to check this place out, since the test drive does not cost anything extra.

While test driving a Porsche is probably a lot of fun, that is not the only reason why this place is great. There is also a very nice fitness center, as well as a spa. In addition, the food at this place seems to be really good, which is not the case with every resort or hotel.

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Guests At The Benjamin Can Choose Between Different Types Of Pillows, One Of Which Can Keep Them From Snoring

The Benjamin is a pretty great place, and one of the things that makes it so great is the fact that it can help those who snore achieve a night (or more) of great sleep since they offer a pillow that can help the user stop snoring. That alone is pretty amazing, but there is one thing that makes it even better.

According to, there is actually a menu there for more than just food. Those who choose to stay at this hotel can choose from a list of different types of pillows that they want to use during their stay.

Some Of The People Who Stay At Le Méridien Get Free Access To Yerba Buena Center For The Arts

Seeing different works of art in various parts of the world is something that everyone should do at least once, and that is why some people love staying at Le Méridien. There are numerous things that make this hotel such an amazing one to go to, but one of the best free amenities that people can get when they go there is complimentary access to Yerba Buena Center For The Arts.

Another thing guests can do while they are at this place is rent bikes. But in order for the bikes to be free to use, guests must be a member of a program the hotel offers. Otherwise, they will have to pay for that, according to

Guests Who Stay At Pod 51 Can Get Free Tours In New York

There are a lot of really great hotels that are located in New York, but many of them are very expensive, which can keep some travelers from visiting them. Fortunately, there is a relatively budget-friendly hotel there called Pod 51.

While this place does not seem to offer a lot of free things, what it does offer is pretty great. According to, those who stay at this place get the chance to enjoy some free tours of the city, and they are approximately three hours long.

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