Vacations are great and even more so when your accommodation is appealing. Many travel across seas and book their stays at the most beautiful hotels and resorts so they can fully enjoy the perks of their stay while exploring new territories. And although the hotel does not make the sole reason behind the trip, it is fair to say some of these temporary homes bring us to consider making their vacation into staycations. From the beautiful rooms to the picturesque views and highly sophisticated bathrooms--some hotels are simply breathtaking. So much that it redefines the question from simply "where to go" to also include "where to say?"

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If high-end views and breathtaking decor are what you're into then you may want to look into these 10 exquisite hotel bathrooms that will make your vacation even better.

10 Oil Nut Bay

The bathrooms of The Cliff Suites in Oil Nut Bay make for an extraordinary experience. The shower can be found outdoors and is mainly built of local stones. It is a gnarly setup which offers all the relaxation you need. To top it off, you can also get a pretty good view of the amazing Virgin Gorda hilltops via the bathroom's high windows.

9 Dunton Hot Springs

This resort takes your typical idea of a bathroom to the next level. Picture yourself taking a shower outdoors, with freshwater fueled by the Colorado mountains, surrounded by beautiful scenery. That is exactly what the Dunton Hot Springs resort offers.

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This facility distinguishes itself through handbuilt designs that can be found in each of its luxurious cabins. Additionally, there is a private, natural hot spring for its visitors to access freely nearby with an outdoor steam shower. This is the perfect place for nature lovers looking for a unique accommodation that caters to their intrinsic needs.

8 Rock House

The bathrooms at the Rock House can offer you a tropical experience indoors as well as outdoors. After you are finished exploring the exquisite island of Negril in Jamaica, you will be greeted with a similar experience in this hotel bathroom. Here, you will find an outdoor shower carved out of limestone. If you are feeling like a bath instead, you may soak into an oversized tub with an oasis-like effect. The bathroom is modernly sophisticated and charming.

7 Vina Vik

This innovative bathroom can be found during your stay at the Vina Vik retreat located in the Chilean wine county San Vincente. And while you may enjoy the delicious wine, you can also take advantage of the hotel's gorgeous bathrooms. The bathtub is the point of interest here as it was designed to resemble a hammock. We can surely imagine its inner properties must be as relaxing as actually lying in a hammock. Except, you would be taking things to the next level by soaking in a warm and bubbly bath. It would be fair to say that this bathtub just might make you miss a wine tasting session or two.

6 Southern Ocean Lodge

Located across an exquisite island nearing the Great Australian Bight, the Southern Ocean Lodge is yet another location to consider for a staycation. The bathroom of the Southern Ocean Lodge is the epitome of luxury and comfort with its granite bathtubs and relaxing rain showers. Interestingly, do not fear to place your wet toes on the floors as they are heated and will receive you with their warmth. Along with offering such appealing amenities, the views nearing the windows are dazzling and will certainly serve as the perfect backdrop to a relaxing bath.

5 Conservatorium

Built out of a 19th-century postal bank in Amsterdam, the Conservatorium Hotel features a suite certain to keep you locked indoors. In the lavish I Love Amsterdam suite, you may find a deeply seated tub carved out of Jerusalem stone. Moreover, the crisp and clean surfaces are sleek and emphasize the bath's welcoming depth. The decor is innovative and elegant. Most importantly, the bath is big enough to fit multiple people. So, if you were thinking of the best place for a romantic getaway with your lover, you might consider this stop for its extra perks.

4 Four Seasons Bali

Aside from Bali being one of the world's top destinations for travelers, you may consider the Four Seasons Bali for an aesthetically appealing stay. The bathrooms of the aforementioned hotel are top-notch with designs carved out of local stones.

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The tall windows give way to beautiful greenery where you can allow yourself to relax in a bath as you listen to the sounds of the chirping birds. This hotel is definitely staycationing worthy.

3 Ponta Dos Ganchos

This Brazilian hotel is breathtaking, to say the least, and its bathrooms alone attest to this. Located on a private island cushioned against the Emerald Coast, the Ponta Dos Ganchos Hotel reflects a tasteful combination of nature and luxe. Its bathrooms include a whirlpool bathtub for two to enjoy which face picturesque views. Additionally, carefully carved brick walls cover the 350-square-foot beaut--one word: amazing.

2 The Silo Hotel

This exquisite hotel host what indubitably remains one of the most beautiful and luxurious bathrooms there is. Provided the Silo Hotel's fancy exterior usually attract the eyes of many, we can only expect the interior to be just as gorgeous. These Victorian bathrooms offer views of the South African city of Cape Town. Thank its tall windows for the latter. Moreover, you may also find a set of elegant toiletries herein along with tasteful greenery to add to the decor.

1 La Sultana

This gem of a bathroom can be found in the beautiful Morrocan city of Marrakech. The Dromadaire Suite bath of La Sultana Marrakech embodies history with its traditional Moroccan plaster and antique copper doors. The bath is breathless, a marble tub which is regularly treated with a Moroccan soap which keeps the water-resistance right. The North African wall designs of the bathroom will also work as the perfect background to a legendary selfie.

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