Miami Florida has one of the best and most beautiful beaches in the USA. As a result of this, the place is popular and receives a high number of visitors. Miami has a high number of hotels, hostels, restaurants, and other entertainment joints. However, due to the high demand for the services, prices can be quite high in most places making it difficult for a visitor to enjoy the stay if money is of concern.

However, there are still some areas that offer excellent services on a budget. The biggest problem is finding these areas! Hostels are a good way to save money when doing a trip to Miami. Here is a list of hostels that will save a traveler money in Miami.

10 Rock Hostel

Rock Hostel is a popular hostel in Miami that has been recommended by many people over the years. Rock Hostel is an ideal place for people traveling on a tight budget. The hostel offers several amazing services one will not get anywhere else. At this hostel, there are plenty of freebies.

Rock Hostel is located in a very lively but laid-back location in Miami. It is also close to the beach offering accessibility.

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9 Bikini Hostel

Bikini Hostel lives up to its name. It is a hostel with a café and a bar and provides affordable services in the whole of Miami. This is a hostel that provides night events for free, free breakfast as well as Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Bikini Hostel is a good choice since it is located in an accessible area.

In this hostel, the rooms are spacious, bright, and very clean. With the guest rooms providing comfy beds and all amenities, it is a great deal. Since the hostel offers room for night events, it is a good option for friends traveling together.

8 Freehand Hostel

Freehand hostel is quite popular in Miami and for a good reason. The hostel is housed in an art building that was built in the 1930s. It is a block away from the ocean making it ideal for people who like the beach. With this location, Freehand Hostel offers a good atmosphere.

The interior of this hostel offers a special kind of vibe since it is made up of rustic, eclectic furniture and décor. Freehand Hostel offers very spacious rooms at a good price. One will have a chance to enjoy a bar, swimming pool, and much more.

7 Generator Miami

Generator Miami is a pocket-friendly hostel strategically located in a high-profile neighborhood of Miami. The hostel offers high-quality accommodation and great amenities. It is a huge hostel with more than 300 beds making it ideal for even group accommodation. With the hostel housed in a building built in the 1940s, it features a really attractive feel.

Spending a night at this hostel is great for people interested in the ocean as it is just 30m away. It offers a great chance for cocktails, swimming, and basking in the sun.

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6 Miami Beach International Hostel

It is a hostel found along 1051 Collins Ave. It is one of the most unique hostels one will find in the area. Miami Beach International Hostel has several amenities that make it interesting such as free beverages, free breakfast, club trips, social areas, and high-quality rooms.

It is very well rated on TripAdvisor due to its excellent services.

5 SoBe Hostel And Bar

SoBe is a hostel and a bar. It is an affordable hostel perfect for a traveler who would like to save money while in Miami. SoBe is a very comfortable hostel with modern amenities such as spacious rooms, comfy beds, free Wi-Fi, and a bar.

Additionally, when spending time in the hostel, one will get free drinks during parties, recreation evenings, free supper, and gifts on some occasions. The hostel is located along 235 Washington Ave making it easily accessible.

4 Ocean Blue Hostel

For a visitor touring South Beach of Miami, Ocean Blue Hostel is the best destination to spend time and save money. This is a well-developed hostel with great amenities. One factor that makes this an attractive hostel is the environment it provides. The hostel has very spacious rooms with great furniture.

The hostel is known to provide good energy to its visitors as it has a bar and lounge in the same building making it easy for visitors to enjoy themselves. It is strategically located as well on 928 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach.

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3 Bed&Drinks

Bed&Drinks is a hostel in Miami and offers affordable services. By booking this hostel one gets a complete package of bed and free breakfast. During the happy hour, the hostel also offers free drinks. It is the best hostel for folks looking for a place to party. Additionally, the hostel is well known for making the best cocktails as it has a bar.

For people also looking for a chance to attend the best bar, this is also a hostel to consider as one can easily get VIP access.

2 The Tropics

The Tropics is a hostel located in the serene environment of Miami and offers the best affordable services. The hostel is known to also provide tours and travel services for those interested. In the Tropics Hostel, one will find an Olympic-sized swimming pool. It is also good for families as it has spacious and very private rooms.

The hostel has a unique ambiance due to the furniture, amenities and it contains Art deco styling.

1 Zenmotel MIMO

Zenmotel MIMO hostel is a unique hostel located on the mainland. It is along Little River. However, the hostel is easily accessible from popular areas in Miami such as Wynwood, Little Haiti, and Design District. The hostel has a variety of rooms one can choose from depending on their needs and budget.

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