For horse lovers who love to travel, nothing is more magical than when those two passions are combined. Several companies now offer specialized horseback riding tours to a variety of locations around the world, and one of the most popular is Globetrotting. Based in Australia, these riding experts take their tours to all corners of the globe and cater to people of every country.

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Whether you’re a beginner rider looking for an introduction to equine culture, an advanced rider who wants experience on a real cattle drive, or somewhere in between, there is a riding tour out there for you. You just have to find the right one.

Check out these 10 amazing horseback riding tours!

10 British Columbia, Canada

What could be better than seeing the beautiful sights of Canada on horseback? Globetrotting’s British Columbia Tour takes off from a family-owned lodge in the mountains just north of Vancouver. Lasting for seven nights, this tour boasts a breathtaking alpine settling and activities that take place out of the saddle as well, such as kayaking up the river, searching for grizzly bears, and fly fishing.

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The ride gets progressively more challenging as the week goes on. You’ll get some amazing photo opportunities on this ride as you pass clear lakes and glaciers.

9 The Kimberly Ride, Australia

The Kimberly Ride will take you through the vast state of Western Australia, where you’ll get to explore the Cockburn Range and the Caroline Valley. Leave the creature comforts at home and get ready to camp under the stars, as the first four nights of this tour are spent in a portable Australian sleeping unit known as a swag.

On this unique tour, you’ll get a chance to sample some real Australian “bush tucker” while splashing around in billabongs and lounging by the campsite. Perfect for beginner riders and advanced riders, the Kimberly Ride will allow you to enjoy the red Australian outback from the comfort of your saddle.

8 Wilderness Expedition, Iceland

If you’ve got a few riding skills under your belt, then you might want to give the Globetrotting Wilderness Expedition tour a try. Ideal for intermediate riders, this tour runs for seven nights and takes you through the wondrous Icelandic landscape and also includes Icelandic horses. Standing shorter than 14 hands, these gorgeous horses have their own unique gait called the tölt.

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Along the way, this tour offers some of the most spectacular scenery known to man, including volcanoes, hot springs, and free herds of horses running across rugged landscapes.

7 Big Horn Cattle Drive, USA

Fancy being a cowboy for a few days? Held in Bighorn National Park which straddles the border between Wyoming and Montana, this Globetrotting tour is an authentic cattle drive experience. If you’re looking for luxury, this may not be your tour, since you’ll get no showers, only a bush toilet, tipis to sleep in, possibly problematic weather, and long hours in the saddle. But that’s what a real cattle drive is all about.

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What you will get on this ride is delicious western cooking and hands-on training from real wranglers about how to rope a steer and hold a herd.

6 Khovsgol And Arhangay Rides, Mongolia

The Khovsgol And Arhangay Rides offered by Globetrotting only come along once in a lifetime. On these tours, you’ll get to explore the Mongolian steppes and get to know a country where horses are a significant part of the nomadic culture—a tradition that goes back before the days of Genghis Khan.

Both the 13-day Arhangay Ride and the 19-day Khovsgol Ride take place during the local Naadam Festival, which showcases the best of Mongolian culture. Whether you’re a beginner rider or an advanced rider, these rides are a must for any horse-lover.

5 The Sahara Ride, Morocco

For stronger riders, the Sahara Ride is the perfect opportunity to gallop across the biggest desert in the world. Each participant of the tour will be given a chance to canter across the sand and sleep beside a campfire, all under the watch of an experienced guide.

Most people who visit Morocco opt to ride camels through the desert, but the Barb mounts provided by this tour offer the chance for a balanced and swift ride. This is a must for anyone who can handle camping over glamping and craves the sights and sounds of the desert.

4 Sierras Chicas, Argentina

While on the Sierras Chicas Globetrotting tour in Argentina, you’ll feel like part of the family within the week. With the chance to ride a range of horses, from polo ponies to the Criollo breed, you’ll certainly have a unique experience exploring the stud farm in the mountain ranges to the northwest of the city of Cordoba.

Included on this tour are picnic rides, morning and afternoon rides, and the chance to see local Dominican churches and rural schools. You’ll also have the chance to swim in the pool and enjoy local Argentinian fare.

3 Black Mountain Explorer, Wales

Ideal for beginners and nervous riders, the Black Mountain Explorer in Wales will give you a chance to fall in love with being in the saddle. Not only will you get to ride your very own Welsh Cob horse for a week, but you’ll also be able to catch, groom, and tack them.

This ride is all about flexibility, so you’ll be able to ride for as long or as little as you want through the glorious Welsh countryside. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to dine in Welsh Alehouses and browse through charming local villages.

2 Dressage Ride, Spain

The Globetrotting Dressage Ride in Spain might be what you’re looking for if you’re craving a horse experience that’s a little different from a standard trail ride. Staying in the famous village of Carmona in Andalusia, you will be completely immersed in Spanish horse culture.

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The trained teachers will be there to help you with dressage on your Andalusian horse, and you’ll also get a chance to watch a show starring the famous Andalusian stallions. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, this tour will expose you to the way of life as an equestrian in Carmona.

1 Castle And Estate Ride, Ireland

If you appreciate green countryside and medieval castles, then the Castle and Estate Ride is for you. On this tour, you’ll get to stroll through open pastures, magical forests and a historic estate in Ireland. What’s great about this one is that non-riders are welcome to come with you, and there’s plenty for them to do. When you’re not riding, you can enjoy kayaking, fishing, walking, and even hot-air ballooning.

This ride is a little more luxurious than some of the others, featuring an on-site spa and horse and carriage rides.

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