New Orleans is one of the most magical and lore-filled cities in the United States. With a history that encompasses a variety of cultures and stages in the growth of it and the surrounding area. There is so much known about this city on a surface level. Most understand that it's a foodie and music capital with a connection to the history of jazz music and the culinary delights found on every street corner.

For those who want to dive into the history and secrete of New Orleans, there are more than a few options available to them. There are historic structures on every street, and with more historic districts than any other city in the US, travelers will have an incredibly immersive experience.


Historic Sites In New Orleans

New Orleans may be known as a bastion of culture and fun today, but the city also of a long history that has led to New Orleans becoming the city we know today. Once upon a time, New Orleans was just a swamp settlement stumbled into by the French in 1699. The historic architecture and colorful buildings of today are in contrast to the walled military outpost it used to be in 1718.

The French Quarter grew up as a colonial Oasis in the New World, full of a blend of French, Spanish, and African cultures that combined to create the city’s personality. And though the quarter has been through much, it still stands as an icon of the city.

The French Quarter may get most of the shine with Disney-esque attractions, but with 32 historic districts to explore in total, the most in the United States. Travelers will have much history to discover while exploring this wondrous city.

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Preservation Hall

This national landmark celebrates the development of American Music. It is the goal of Preservation to honor and protect Jazz Music while making it accessible to the community. It may not be the most stunning structure in New Orleans, with its less than comfortable bench seats, yet this Jazz hall is an incredible draw for traditional live music and is a great place to experience some live music. It is also incredibly family-friendly.

  • Recommended Because - Preservation Hall is a cultural experience prized around the world.
  • Expert Tip - the Hall is a great place to bring the kids to hear live music.
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Longue Vue House And Gardens

Built-in the early 1940s, this historic home was built with Greek Revival Architecture. Now a historic center, visitors to the house can partake in tours of this property that resembles an English country estate. The best time to explore the property is in the morning. Unfortunately, the tours aren’t until later in the day, but they are still worthwhile.

  • Recommended Because - Built-in 1939, this palatial house museum and gardens is a National Historic Landmark.
  • Expert Tip - The grounds include an interactive Discovery Garden for children of all ages.
  • Tours - Start at 4 pm
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Garden District

The combination of wrought iron fences, vibrant gardens, and verdant antebellum homes line the streets of this stunning district. Bordered by St. Charles Avenue and Magazine Street, Jackson Avenue, and Louisiana Avenue, this corridor of New Orleans is where the original aristocratic class settled. Some of the best spots to check out in this district are the St. Charles Streetcar line and the Lafayette Cemetery. The best way to experience this district is by foot, so travelers will need their walking shoes ready.

  • Recommended Because - A walk through the Garden District is one of the great pleasures of visiting New Orleans.
  • Expert Tip - Some of the most interesting homes are off of St. Charles Avenue, between Jackson and Louisiana.
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Tours Of Historic Sites

For those who enjoy a hands-on history lesson, they should check out these fantastic history-centric tours in New Orleans. There is a tour for everyone in this magical city.

Historic New Orleans Tours

For those purely history-minded travelers, the Historic New Orleans Tours will be perfect for them. Better than any fictional story, the history of this wonderful city will be accurately shown and shared with guests on these tours.

Haunted History Tours

New Orleans, with its hundreds of years of history, has a scary story two wrapped in the mystique of its history; for those who enjoy a tour with a bit more haunting, they should check out the Haunted History Tours. Travelers will have a great time experiencing this bit of spooky and supernatural history while they explore the city.

Hidden History Tours

The Hidden History Tours will take travelers on an exploration of some of the city's darker history. They will learn all about what life was really like for some cities underrepresented throughout history.