What could be better than getting away from New York City's everyday hustle and bustle to an incredibly beautiful remote region, in this case, Catskill? Situated just about a two-hour drive from the city, the Catskills area is brimming with gorgeous waterfalls, picture-perfect mountains, stunning lakes, and spectacular trails for all levels of hikers. The most impressive way of exploring the Catskill is hiking on its trails, something guaranteeing a magnificent experience for outdoor adventurers of all interests. The only thing to do is to get prepared for an experience of true wilderness and weather. Here are the ten hiking trails through the Catskills, perfect for any skill level.

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10 Vernooy Kill Falls

Located near Kerhonkson in Ulster County, this is a three-and-a-half-mile trail that allows travelers to experience the small beautiful waterfalls and pools around on an easy yet rocky hike. Fishing is one of the activities to enjoy when hiking this trail. But most visitors prefer sitting on the rocks while having a picnic lunch and enjoying the incredible views of the nearby waterfalls. The trail got its name from the Vernoy family, who built a 200-year-old mill, whose ruins are still there to explore. The best time to hike this trail is in spring, the early months of fall, and summer.

  • Best time to hike: Summer, late months of fall, and spring
  • Best activities: hiking, rock climbing, picnic

9 Balsam Mountain Trail

Covering 15.1 kilometers, Balsam Mountain Loop Trail is located near Pine Hill in New York and usually takes about six hours to complete. Other than hiking this trail, visitors can engage in snowshoeing and trail running, and they will find other travelers exploring the route. March through October are the best times of the year to hike the trail, and while people consider it challenging, it is doable by hikers of all levels. Travelers with dogs can come with them and explore the route.

  • Best to hike on the trail: March through October
  • Interesting Activities: hiking, snowshoeing, and trail running

8 Catskill Scenic Trail

Located near Bloomville, New York, Catskill Scenic Trail is a 40.1-kilometer trail that takes about seven hours and 52 minutes to complete. Hikers consider it an easy trail and are popular for horseback riding and mountain biking as well. Getting through woods, small towns, and fields is truly scenic, and incredibly fascinating views of the brooks and hills are guaranteed. Because it is not technical, this route is also great for running. The best times of the year to hike this trail are February through November, and dogs are always welcome to the scenic adventure.

  • Best time to hike: February through November
  • Activities: hiking, horseback riding, trail running, and mountain biking.

7 Giant Ledge Hike

This route passes five ledges, each offering incredible views of Catskills. It is an easy trail, and hikers of all levels can explore it. Covering 3.2 miles, visitors can extend this hike up to six miles to enjoy spectacular views from Panther Mountain Summit. Sometimes the trail can be steep, so one should get there prepared well as there are some rocky sections. When combined with Panther Mountain, the trail takes about three hours and 53 minutes to complete. It is also popular for birdwatching and camping. Being a popular route, travelers will find crowds hiking the trail. It is open to exploring year-round, and dogs are welcome.

  • Activities: hiking, camping, and birdwatching
  • Best time to visit: any time of the year

6 Hunter Mountain Via Becker Hollow Trail

Located near Hunter, New York, this trail covers 7.6 kilometers and is considered challenging but completely doable. Taking about three hours and 43 minutes to complete, the trail is best for hiking, birding, and snowshoeing. It is best explored from March through October and welcomes dogs to the incredibly scenic adventure, allowing visitors to experience the best of the Catskills. Getting to the mountaintop can be tough, but the breathtaking views from the summit are worth the struggle.

  • Best time to visit: March through October
  • Activities: hiking, birding, and snowshoeing

5 Kanape Brook And Ashokan High Point Mountain

The Ashokan High point Trail is known to many casual hikers and travelers into overnight camping. The route features a unique mixture of spectacular views and geology, enchantress, and remoteness, making this route incredibly pleasant for all levels of hikers. The mountain is busy year-round, especially the two trail sections taking visitors to the mountain's peak. Travelers will pass through brooks and streams linked to one another. From the Ashokan High Mountain’s summit, the views are spectacular.

  • Best time to visit: April through October
  • Favorite activities: hiking, birding, backpacking, and camping

4 Blackhead Mountain

Found near Purling in New York, the Blackhead Mountain Loop Trail is a 7.6-route, averagely challenging, and taking about three hours to complete. People are always in this place exploring the trail because the route is popular. Other activities doable on this trail are snowshoeing and wildlife viewing. Travelers are allowed to come with their dogs, and the best times to visit are March through November. The Blackhead Mountain trail is one of the highest-rated in the Catskills, and though challenging, the views from the summit are worth the effort.

  • Best time to visit: March through November
  • Favorite activities: hiking, snowshoeing

3 Mary’s Glen and Ashley Falls

This is a 6-mile hike and is a perfect trail for families with small kids looking for an easy yet incredible hike. The parking for this route's Trailhead is situated about a mile from North-South Lake Campground, which is the Catskills' biggest and most visited campground. Mary's Glen showcases some of New York's best terrain. On the trail, visitors will experience beautiful forests, incredibly stunning waterfalls, beautiful foliage, and wildlife. The rocky overlocks on this trail guarantee panoramic views that stretch hundreds of miles. Hiking on this route offers a fascinating experience not to forget!

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2 Onteora Lake Yellow Trail Loop

This trail is perfect for hikers looking for easy-to-moderate routes and travelers who would love to bring their dogs on a leash. It is an easy route, taking about three hours to complete, and covers about 12 kilometers. The route is also a popular spot for camping, trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing, and birding, and visitors can enjoy solitude during the day when it's calm. The best to hike the trail is from March through October.

  • Best time to visit: March through October
  • Favorite activities: hiking, mountain biking, birding, trail running, and camping

1 Crystal Lake Loop

Located near Roscoe, New York, the Crystal Lake Loop is a 2.3-km trail taking about 26 minutes to complete. The route is popular for hiking and camping, but some solitude can be experienced when it's calmer. Travelers can visit and hike this trail year-round and can bring their dogs on the hike, but they must be on a leash. Camping is allowed in the designated areas only and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no facilities for camping in the area, so those looking to camp there must come prepared.

  • Best time to visit: Year-round
  • Favorite activities: Hiking, camping