Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than its incredible nightlife. Amazing hiking trails are also part of this marvelous city. Approximately 30 minutes away from Vegas is the famous Red Rock Canyon featuring a 13-mile scenic drive and lots of hiking trails.

Red Rock Canyon is a hikers’ paradise punctuated with tens of hiking trails. The trails come in all forms. Short, long, difficult, or simple.

Tourists should consider any of these 10 Red Rock Canyon trails for an incredible hiking experience.

10 Lost Creek And Children’s Discovery Trail

Red Rock adventures are not limited to grownups. Children can also have a good time, thanks to the Lost Creek and Children’s Discovery Trail. It is a short and relatively easy trail that doesn’t need any prowess to maneuver. All that vacationers need is a pair of hiking boots, a bottle of water, and some snacks to reenergize while at it. The trail has a total of nine posts which gives children a chance to stop and rest their tinny legs for a minute or two.

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9 Keystone Thrusts Trail

Geological formations rule this part of the world, and this trail is no different. Keystone Thrust is a geological formation whose historical significance is worth the walk. Right from the White Rock parking area is a 2.2 miles trip punctuated with incredible views of the larger Las Vegas from a remote setting. This trail is moderately difficult to navigate with the elevation gain not exceeding the 400 feet mark.

8 First Creek Canyon Trail

The difficulty ratings of a given trail are not determined solely by the distance traveled or time taken. It is all about the elevation gain. The First Creek Canyon Trail is a 3.3-mile walk that takes approximately one and half hours to complete. With an elevation of 115 meters, this trail is considered to be moderately difficult. It is a pet-friendly destination where vacationers are allowed to bring out their favorite pets for a stroll in the mountains.

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7 Guardian Angel Pass

The Guardian Angel Pass is not for the faint-hearted. It is a preserve for people who are willing to push their bodies to the limit. Guardian Angel is rated as a challenging trail for one simple reason, the lots of climbing to be done. While other Red Rock trails are fairly flat, Guardian Angel is more about moving up and down rocks in the quest for a better view of the Vegas township.

6 Petroglyph Wall

The Petroglyph Wall trail is meant for people willing to go off script for some time. Hiking shouldn’t be limited to physical activity alone. It can also be a learning experience and no place does it better than the Petroglyph Wall. The wall offers vacationers a chance to learn a thing or two about Vegas’ ancient history. Stretching approximately 0.25 miles long, this trail is short enough for the whole family to explore effortlessly.

5 Wilson’s Pimple Loop

The best way to explore the Red Rock area without feeling exhausted is by walking with the masses. Although it’s a bit longer, the traffic at Wilson’s Pimple Loop is impressive. This trail is fairly flat and has for a long time been used as a running track. The trail is fairly easy with plenty of fun activities to explore at the peak.

4 Fossil Ridge Loop

Unlike most Red Rock hiking trails, the Fossil Ridge Loop is not limited to the rocks alone. It is also the perfect opportunity to interact with wildlife. The trail cuts across the Canyon Conservancy on its way to the huge rocks. Grass-feeding animals like the gazelle are common here. The area around the loop is a beehive of activities. With parties, horse riding, and rock-climbing competitions, there is no way vacationers are missing this spectacular trail.

3 Pine Creek Canyon Trail

The trail at Pine Creek stretches 3.4 miles long with lots of fun activities to try. Best described as a fairly easy trail, walking through this creek will take approximately one and half hours. Pine Creek can be quite challenging at the start and the end. The larger middle stretch is fairly flat with children enjoying it the most. However, the scenic views at the tail end of the trail are worth the struggle.

2 North Oak Creek Trail

North Oak Creek Trail is a good way to interact with nature. The 4.7 miles long trail cuts through some thick bushes and tall grass before making its way to the top of the Red Rock Canyon. Once at the top, vacationers are treated to a priceless view of Las Vegas and its environs. Best still, it is the perfect place to catch a horse and feel the ride.

1 Calico Tanks Trail

Ranked among the best trails in the region, the Calico Tanks trail is a good way to end the Red Rock Canyon experience. This trail is best suited for vacationers who envy a date with history. Also, it is a preserve for those willing to push their physic a bit further. With an elevation gain of 406 feet, vacationers should be prepared for quite some climbing.