Oahu might be known as the best island for snorkeling in Hawaii, but it's also one of the best places to hit the hiking trails. With its unparalleled beauty, majestic lush rainforests, and striking oceanside cliffs, it's easy to see why so many opt for hiking boots over flip-flops during their vacations.

Some of the best trails are also some of the easiest, while Oahu is also home to some challenging, yet rewarding, treks. From sweeping views of the sea to being fully immersed in Hawaii's natural plant life, here are the best hikes to take on this stunning Hawaiian island.

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8 Koko Crater Trail

The Koko Crater Trail is an easy drive from Waikiki, and the hike itself is rated as an easy to moderate trek. It's one of the shorter trails with a length of just under two miles, making it a great option to fit into an early morning or add to the end of the day. A majority of the way, hikers will walk past fields of beautiful wildflowers, while the Koko Crater Botanical Garden awaits them at the top with panoramic ocean views.

7 Diamond Head Hike

The Diamond Head Hike follows a moderate trail up to the summit of the Diamond Head State Monument. Over the course of just under one mile, hikers will gain a total elevation of 560 feet, which might be somewhat strenuous for those who are not avid hikers. However, the views at the top more than make up for the effort it takes to reach its height. The summit gives way to nearly 360-degree views over both the surrounding hillsides and the ocean.

6 Waimea Falls Park

One of Hawaii's biggest draws is its waterfalls, which always provide visitors with a sense of tranquility and calm. Waimea Falls Park is an easy one for those who are new to hiking in Hawaii, and it follows a paved road to a short dirt path leading to the falls. Along the way, hikers will walk through a lush botanical garden before finding themselves greeted by a cascade of water.

5 Ehukai Pillbox Hike

This trail is rated as difficult because while it's not very long, it is an arduous task to reach the summit point. The trail spans for about a mile and a half with steep inclines a good part of the way, making it far more challenging than it seems. By the end, hikers will have a phenomenal view of Seven Mile Miracle as well as the North Shore of Oahu and have the chance to stand or sit on one of the hike's famed pillboxes (hence the name).

4 Ka'iwa Ridge Trail

Also known as the Lanikai Pillbox Hike, this trail is rated as intermediate and is a good alternative to the northern pillbox hike. This trail features a steady grade rather than steep inclines and goes on for about a mile in total. At the end, hikers will have unbelievable views over Lanikai Beach, and hikers have the option to push even further at the end to hike the ridgeline. In total, the whole hike should only take about an hour and a half round-trip.

3 Manoa Falls Trail

This incredibly easy hike (which is more like a leisurely walk) offers tremendous beauty for those who choose to walk it. Any inclines along the hike are not very challenging, and the trail is under two miles in total. It's also a 15-minute drive from Honolulu, which makes it a great option if the itinerary is especially busy. Those taking this hike will feel as though they're winding their way through a dense, lush rainforest - because they are! It showcases the beauty of Oahu's greenery in the best way.

2 Makapuu Point & Lighthouse Trail

No trip to Oahu would be complete without hiking around the Makapuu Lighthouse, and the trail is not overly difficult, even for novice hikers. The entrance to the trail can be found right off the highway and is just over ten minutes from Honolulu, making it easy to fit into a trip. On the trail, hikers will have views 600 feet above sea level, as well as panoramic views over the coast and the lighthouse. It's also the perfect place to spend some time whale-watching!

1 Pu'u Piei Trail

For those seeking a true challenge, the Pu'u Piei Trail is one to add to the list. This trail weaves through the dense brush for roughly two and a half miles but it's the steep inclines that add to its difficulty level. It usually takes about two hours round-trip to complete this hike, and the views from the top of the cliffside, through the treeline, are absolutely stunning.

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