The White Mountains of New Hampshire offers outdoor enthusiasts both budding and seasoned some of the most noteworthy hikes in the USA's entirety. From easy family-friendly saunters, to more demanding and rugged mountain paths with energetic elevations and daring descents, the Granite State's over 4,000 miles of hiking trails are perfect for those in need of terrain that's as diverse as it is stunning.

Serving up scenic landscapes full of lush forests, towering waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and some of the most jaw-dropping mountainous vistas in the country, these spectacular New Hampshire ventures may just be some of New England's absolute best - so pack a bag, put on some hiking boots, and more importantly, bring a camera.

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11 Middle And North Sugarloaf Trails

Utterly breathtaking in both in winter and summer, the Middle and North Sugarloaf Trails are for hikers who want glorious views of the White Mountains and the Presidential Range without exerting trekking or too much elevation. Thus, this six and a half-mile simple route is great for families with kids and pets, as well as those easing their way into the sport of hiking. There is a short, steep crawl to the top, but once arrived at the wide summit, the Middle Sugarloaf trail delivers exceptional panoramas that make the trek worth every step.

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10 Arethusa Falls, Hart’s Location

Explore this superb one and a half mile-long section of New Hampshire trail to be rewarded with the tallest waterfall in the state. Witnessing such a gift does of course entail at least a pinch of effort, navigating through the likes of luscious greenery and beautiful paths, but it's entirely doable - even for families with little ones and newbie hikers donning their boots for the first time.

9 Flume Gorge Trail, Lincoln

As one of the state's most iconic attractions, the Flume Gorge is the fantastic feature of this piece-of-cake two mile-long stroll over undulating hills and through picturesque pined woods. Hikers who trek this unreal route at the base of Mount Liberty will also be met by some show-stopping natural highlights, such as glorious waterfalls, skyscraper-tall cliffs, and boardwalks at the cliffs' edges - which are certainly not for the faint of heart.

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8  Franconia Ridge Loop, Lincoln

This nine-mile round route isn't one of the easiest, but those that challenge it are granted some of the region's most otherworldly scenes. This exerting trek involves traversing Franconia Ridge from Little Haystack Mountain, followed by heading to Mount Lafayette, which sounds gasp-inducing in itself though oh-so rewarding in reality. Throw in majestic vistas of the legendary White Mountains, and it's no wonder this particular hike is one of New England's most famous, and naturally, most popular.

7 Rollins Trail, Mount Kearsarge

Starting off at Rollins State Park on an old carriage road with an energizing 300-foot vertical ascent across half a mile, this eventful 1-mile loop featuring stupefying scenery of glistening lakes, pretty villages, and picturesque pastures heads onto Mount Kearsarge - with even more photogenic panoramas. The well-loved route is brilliant for both walkers and runners alike, and even better - it's also fun for Fido.

6 Tuckerman Ravine, Mount Washington

This famed 8.4-mile round-trip is one of New Hampshire's most fruitful, but, it is indeed challenging, and much better suited for hikers who've practiced easier treks first. However, those up for the test can be blown away by Tuckerman Ravine's insane, rugged landscape that wouldn't look out of place on another planet.

Hikeable throughout the seasons - with food, water, and supplies available at the visitors' center in summer - much of the Ravine Trail that sends adventurers to the top of Mount Washington is above the treeline, affording phenomenal and uninterrupted views (along with weather that can change at the drop of a hat, which warrants bringing multiple spare layers and a raincoat).

5 Mount Willard Trail, Bretton Woods

Hikers can take in 3.2-miles' worth of magical views on this round trip, which showcases scenes of the captivating Crawford Notch. This sensational stroll begins at an elevated neighborhood - home of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Center and the Saco River source - and takes trekkers to a expansive end point giving way to heart-stopping vistas of the historic Willey Slide alongside the unwavering Webster Cliffs.

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4 Lincoln Woods Trail, Lincoln

This leisurely 2.9-mile mostly wooded trail affords all the bragging rights of hiking in the Whites but without enduring any tiresome peaks. Boasting views of gorgeous waterfalls, the Pemigewasset River, and the illustrious White Mountains, this beginner and family-friendly jaunt - departing from the visitors' center off the Kancamagus Highway and resting on an old railroad bed - is welcomingly flat. Famous, popular, and fun for all ages and experience levels, visitors can make this hike as easy or as difficult as they like with a wealth of side trails giving ample opportunity for further and more strenuous adventure.

3 Crawford Path, Mount Washington

Over two centuries ago, the Crawford Path was officialized and is now the USA's oldest and longest continuously maintained hiking trail, offering hikers an adventurous experience that caught and held the attention of its historic founders.

Walkers are granted the true White Mountains adventure along this 8.2-mile rugged path full of steep ascents and descents, wide-open landscapes, bold mountain peaks peppered with boulders, and stimulating climbs along the way to Mount Washington. Taxing and testing, but intensely gratifying, a few thing remain the same throughout this worthwhile traipse - photography-worthy prospects, scenery that words are not sufficient to describe, and superior bragging rights upon completion.

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2 Champney Falls Trail, Mount Chocorua

Wanderers along this 8.5-mile trail in the Whites near Albany are brought to the top of an incredibly unique peak with its unusual yet impressive cone-shaped summit. One can spot this bizarre-looking mountain crown from many miles away, which identifies this amazing hike's location on the horizon. Once the tip of the peak has been reached, the uninterrupted, sweeping panoramas of the region make the trip worth every second.

1 White Dot Trail, Mount Monadnock

This National Natural Landmark located near Jaffrey is renowned as one of the planet's most-climbed mountains, the reason for which is as clear as day: tantalizing trails boasting bountiful beauty which cannot be accurately recounted - only experienced.

Suitable for all experience levels, a popular hike here entails a trip to the top via the famous White Dot Trail and descending back down along the White Cross Trail, which all in all is around 4.2 miles. Top tip: on a clear day atop the summit, look out towards Boston 100 miles away and soak up the highlands' thousands of acres of unbeatable cinematic views. Then, check the backpack, and if the camera has been forgotten, proceed to punch oneself in the kidney as a fitting punishment for committing such an atrocious crime against tourism.

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