Domestic tourism is gaining some footing in America. Arches National Park is part of the features shaping the revolution. Unlike in the past, vacationers are realizing America too can be a good option for an incredible vacation.

Located in Utah, USA, this park is as marvelous as it looks in photos. With over 2,000 arches, there are many different ways to enjoy Arches’ beautiful serenity. From aerial views to game drives, the options are many. However, none of them beats the convenience of exploring the park on foot.

The following Arches National Park trails are worth the effort.

10 Park Avenue Trail

Park Avenue is an all-year-round hiking trail with amazing views of the park. It is among the most straightforward trials in the area. The trail starts at one end of the highway and proceeds deep into the park. The trail also exits on the highway, making it among the safest places to hike in the park. Also, the trail has moderate crowds, meaning it is a good choice for vacationers who don’t like overcrowded places.

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9 Double Arch Trail

Arches National Park has all manner of hiking trails. From the difficult ones to those with minimal elevation, there is virtually something for everyone here. The Double Arch is a 0.6-mile trail with an elevation gain of 95 feet. The view at that elevation is quite amazing. Vacationers willing to push their bodies further can go ahead to scramble around the rocks that form part of the arch.

8 Broken Arch Trail

As its name suggests, this arch has a split at the top. The split isn’t just any other crack. It is a massive one with each side having a strong support base. The trail to the arch is fairly easy with a 1.3-mile stretch that takes less than an hour to complete. The area along the trail is punctuated with impressive rock formations that make the journey to the top more captivating.

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7 Balanced Rock Trail

Arches National Park seems to have adopted a very straightforward way of naming its key trails. The Balanced Rock Trail isn’t any different. It is among the most interesting formations in the area where a huge rock, resembling an egg, balances on top of a slim base. The route to this incredible arch is fairly flat. Being a 0.3-mile round trip, this hike takes approximately 15 minutes, making it suitable for a family setting.

6 Delicate Arch Trail

The Delicate Arch is by far Utah’s most common feature. It is even incorporated in the state’s license plates. This trail has everything the average Arches Park vacationer would want to see. Vacationers who dare go this route are treated to some breathtaking views of the surrounding. The Delicate Arch is not for the faint-hearted. Some parts of the trail can get really rocky and difficult to maneuver. Those that persevere the suffering have a huge reward awaiting them at the end of the three-mile walk.

5 The Windows Arches Trail

Vacationers who make time for the Windows Arches trail have it all. They don’t even need to schedule hikes to other arches. The journey to the Windows Arches is painted with multiple small arches. Over the one-mile stretch, vacationers will have explored enough arches in two hours. Vacationers who don’t have more than a day to spare in Utah are advised to prioritize this trail.

4 Fiery Furnace Trail

Going by the name of this trail, vacationers should be psychologically prepared for a tough one here. Things can get quite heated on this trail. With a 505 feet elevation, there is some serious climbing to be done on this trail. Also, attention is required to detail since there are no existing pathways. Each time, vacationers have to make their own. The satisfaction that comes with conquering this trail is unmatched.

3 Skyline Arch Trail

The Skyline Arch hike feels more like a casual walk than a hike. Stretching only 0.4 miles, this trail can be accessed by all. Even so, it is still impossible for the handicapped to vacation in this place. The best part about this arch is its huge history as told by the tour guides.

2 Sand Dune Arch

Call it short and sweet, that’s the best way to describe the Sand Dune Arch. A unique feature about this arch that every vacationer needs to experience is its blessed shade. The shade comes as a huge reprieve during Utah’s hottest months. The sand-filled trail is best when explored during the cooler months.

1 Mill Creek Trail

The Arches National Park doesn’t have to be all about the arches and arches alone. Sometimes, going off-script is all that the vacationers are left to do. It will be very boring to keep walking in Utah’s scorching sun while there is somewhere to cool off. It is at this point that the Mill Creek trail comes in handy to salvage the entire vacay. Mill Creek is a fairly moderate trail that gives vacationers a chance to soak their fatigue away.