Toronto truly is a foodie’s dream. Its diverse population brings an array of cultures to the culinary scene. Toronto is also known for its innovative and modern take on food with accommodating menus for vegans, vegetarians, and other dietary restrictions. With restaurants from world-renowned chefs such as David Chang’s Momofuku, as well as chains that made their way from the US like the Cheesecake Factory, you will never find yourself without a new restaurant to try.

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For everyone out there looking for some good eats in the six who think they’ve tasted it all, take a look at these hidden gems that are sure to impress.

10 The Fifth

The Fifth, Grill and Terrace is a high-end restaurant, serving seasonal and award-winning food. Their current Autumn menu features fall flavors and ingredients like apples, cauliflower, and cinnamon. This restaurant is on the rooftop of a pub, giving it’s guests an amazing view of the CN Tower and Downtown Toronto.

To access the restaurant, you have to enter through an alley and take a private elevator to the top floor. This element of mystery adds excitement to the experience and reinforces the luxury feel that The Fifth strives for.

9 Foxley Bistro

Tapas restaurants have become wildly trendy, putting Foxley Bistro on the map. Despite being a small space and quietly hidden away in a strip of other businesses, Foxley has had a lot of success. Their unique take on tapas is Asian-fusion and offers a variety of plates at different price ranges.

With some of their plates as little as 7$ and ranging up to higher 20s, you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits your budget. Foxley makes for a great first-date spot, cozy and perfect for sharing!

8 Good Fortune

This basement space below La Carnita Uptown is a hidden cocktail and snack bar. This fun take on a cocktail lounge has a good mix of intimate booths and high-chair, bar seating. The decor gives very exotic, Cuban vibes with palm leaf wallpaper but keeps it fun with fairy lights and the right amount of neon.

With a small but classic snack menu of burgers and fries, it hits all the right notes for late-night, especially when paired with one of their unique cocktails. Good Fortune is a modern take on the speakeasy concept.

7 Figures

This comic book-themed restaurant and cocktail lounge can be hard to spot. The exterior is made to look like a comic book store, making it a restaurant in disguise. The interior is just as creative and features many classic comic book characters in their artwork and decor. You can find this spot in Yorkville, Toronto, only a 5-minute walk from the closest subway stop.

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Their drinks pay homage to your favorite superheroes and villains. With lots of vegan and vegetarian options, including Vegan sundaes, their menu has something for everyone.

6 Rosemary and Thyme

This family-friendly brunch spot inside of a small strip mall in North York, Toronto offers home-style cooking with a warm and familiar setting. This simple restaurant focuses on perfecting a classic breakfast, offering everything from eggs benedict to omelets and everything in between.

Their lunch menu is pretty traditional, but still just as delicious, with an array of clubs, sandwiches, and salads. Rosemary and Thyme serves up home-cooked meals to warm up your soul and is sure to put a smile on the kids’ faces on a Sunday morning.

5 The Cloak

Speaking of speakeasies, The Cloak Bar in Toronto follows a more traditional setting. Speakeasies were secret bars, meant to be hidden during the time of prohibition so that the population could still drink alcohol even though it was illegal. This bar definitely gives the 1920s feel with its decor, timeless drinks, and impressive menu.

Don’t forget their Scotch Sundays for a price drop on your favorite scotch. The 1920s was known to be a period of prosperity, success, and parties. The Cloak Bar captures the true essence of the roaring 20s and brings it into the 21st century.

4 Mr. Tasty Fries

Mr. Tasty fries is a food truck, bringing you meals on wheels! Don’t be fooled by its small blue package, it definitely delivers in flavor, especially with it’s most popular item on the menu: poutine. With reasonably low prices and good quality food, it’s no surprise this truck has been in business for over 30 years!

You can find this truck in front of Nathan Phillips Square, probably with a lineup. Hot dogs, burgers, fries, and other finger food make this food truck to perfect place to snack while walking around North York.

3 Aoyama

Aoyama is a Japanese run sushi restaurant, offering extremely fresh products that are authentic and prepared with care. The prices may be higher than the take-out sushi we all go for normally, but the quality is well worth the dollar sign. They even offer complimentary Matcha after your meal! The Beef Tataki has rave reviews, as well as their Sashimi platters.

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This small establishment in North York is definitely easy to miss if you’re driving by, but don’t underestimate the flow of clients, they usually have a full house!

2 Odd Seoul

Odd Seoul is a very small restaurant and bar in Ossington, Toronto. While the outside looks a little rough and almost abandoned (you might even miss it on your first walk-by!), the inside is sure to shock you with a young and modern feel.

What makes Odd Seoul different is the food. Unlike most bar food, this trendy spot serves up small Korean-fusion inspired plates that are great for sharing. The kitchen is open as late as the bar is, offering you delicious food to snack on for the cocktails hit.

1 Speducci Mercatto

This Italian butcher shop/café offers a variety of services. Hidden in an industrial area at Keele and Lawrence Ave. W, this shop provides you with the ultimate Italian experience. Despite being a butcher shop, they serve fresh Italian food to order, including a make-your-own charcuterie board, paninis, pizzas and more.

You can buy prepackaged meals that they prepare themselves, as well as high-quality meats. Their line of homemade Ragu’s make for an easy weekday dinner that could be ready in minutes. Speducci Mercatto is sure to satiate all your Italian cravings.

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