There's a lot to do during a weekend in Austin and trying tex mex food is at the top of the list. When on vacation, eating some chips and guac with a margarita on the side has to be a daily occurrence, and thankfully, Texas is a good place to enjoy these treats.

We all love Chipotle and are impressed with their current safety precautions but we also want to venture out of our fast food comfort zone. And if there's a great happy hour where we can enjoy some cheaper cocktails, we're going to be in heaven. Keep reading to find out about tex mex restaurants in Austin that have yummy food and the best happy hour deals. These are going on our list for sure.


Matt’s "Famous" El Rancho Has Nachos At Happy Hour (Enough Said)

What we think of as Mexican food isn't always authentic, but there are still a lot of restaurants in Austin serving up delicious tex-mex food. Matt's El Ranco is a great tex-mex restaurant in Austin. According to Thrillist, back in 1952, a couple named Janie and Matt Martinez opened this restaurant in downtown Austin. In 1986, the restaurant relocated to South Lamar, where it is now.

According to Total Happy Hour, this place has a great happy hour. On Fridays from three to six p.m., customers can order margaritas and beers for $1 cheaper than the menu price. There's good food here too: you can order quesadillas, cheese nachos, and bean nachos for only $3.95. Yes, we can come here and order nachos for under $4 USD. This is such a good deal.

You can find the same deals at the beginning of the week, from Monday to Wednesday three to six p.m. After happy hour, we could stick around for dinner and order Flautas with pecan smoked brisket and refried beans and rice on the side. Or we could order the No. 1 Dinner which has rice, iced tea, refried beans, chile con queso or a pork tamale, a beef enchilada, and a beef taco (which is a great deal at $13.00).

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Casa Chapala's Got Avocado Margaritas And An Awesome Buffet

Casa Chapala is one of Austin's greatest tex-mex restaurants. It has been around since 1987 and has a great happy hour that offers customers the chance to try tequila from three to seven p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. The happy hour is also all day long on Monday and Tuesday. Customers can order an Avocado Margarita, along with some unique margarita flavors such as Prickly Pear, Banana, and Peach. Main dishes include burritos, enchiladas, and mushroom tacos for vegetarians.

At lunchtime, customers can order the buffet for $12.95 which, according to, is perfect tex-mex food. Offerings include pork carnitas, burrito verde (cheese on top of pork in a tomatillo sauce and inside a flour tortilla), and al pastor tortillas.

According to a review on Trip Advisor, the happy hour has great tex-mex food. One woman posted that both the tacos and nachos were good: she wrote, "We strictly did happy hour. The nachos were delicious and my husband enjoyed 2 chicken chipotle open tacos on freshly homemade type hot tortillas, prepared on-site."

When we're in Austin, Texas and we want some delicious tex-mex food, we shouldn't miss these two restaurants. They not only offer favorites like chips and queso, burritos, tacos, and nachos but they have awesome happy hour deals, too.

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