Glamping is the luxurious, updated version of traditional camping, and it's something that many people prefer over the ruggedness of tents. At the Grand Canyon, this is an option that not many people realize, and it's one that's entirely deserving of the hype. Sleeping under the stars is a great way to experience this iconic Arizona landmark, and it's the perfect compromise between traditional camping and a new, more glamorous camping style.

Thankfully, there are plenty of top-notch glampsites in the Grand Canyon that are perfect candidates for the Great Outdoorsman (or woman!).

8 Under Canvas Grand Canyon

As far as original glamping in the Grand Canyon goes, Under Canvas has garnered a reputation for being the best of the best. This glampsite offers an authentically Southwest-themed stay that includes 160 acres to enjoy, along with charging ports, fully-outfitted glam tents, a zen garden, and showers equipped with rainfall shower heads to further bring the outdoors inside. With prices starting at $199/night, it's well worth the cost to take in the stars from this luxurious glamp tent.

7 Arizona Luxury Expeditions

When it comes to glampsites in the Grand Canyon that have had a long-standing reputation, Arizona Luxury Expeditions is topping the list, as well. For more than a decade, these glampsites have enticed many visitors with their comfortable amenities. Inside this oversized tent is a bed that's suitable for two people, plus a small dining area where guests can enjoy a la carte or American-style breakfast. Through Arizona Luxury Expeditions, guests can customize their experience via tours and guides, which is a great option to have when visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time.

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6 Wander Camp Grand Canyon

Located in Valle, Wander Camp is a great option for those seeking simple, yet comfortable, accommodations near the Grand Canyon. These tents are simple and offer that ethereal breeze-swept tent life that so many people yearn for when visiting this remote Arizona landscape. With comfortable beds, 200 square feet or more of indoor space to spread out, a plush-down comforter, USB fans, and solar-powered lanterns, this glamping experience is perfect for those who romanticize traditional camping (without the bugs and uncomfortable sleeping bags...).

5 Clear Sky Resort

This incredible resort has a reputation for being the very first skydome resort in the U.S., which makes it a unique accommodation with or without the Grand Canyon as its backdrop. The resort itself is located conveniently 20 minutes south of the South Rim, which makes it easily accessible for those who wish to spend a day hiking. When it comes to luxury, this skydome resort is offering it with amenities such as bathrobes, slippers, decks with hammocks, and skylights that include telescopes for nighttime viewing. The resort itself is also impressive, with 1,000 square feet of space, 26-foot-high ceilings, and an exclusive lounge for after-hours socializing.

4 Rustic Glamping

At this Navajo-owned glampsite, guests will be greeted with a canvas bell tent that fits up to four people. For $100/night, this is yet another great, simple option for those who want an upgrade from traditional camping. The tents are located only 15 minutes from the South Rim, which makes them easy to reach and for the price, it's an unbeatable location. These tents come equipped with everything a camper could need in regard to essentials, with the added benefit of learning about the history of the Navajo tribe for an additional fee (this also includes delicious traditional cooking!).

3 Grand Canyon Western Ranch

A closer option to the Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon Western Ranch, which has a unique glamping tent on the property but also offers a range of cabin-style accommodations. These cabins are great for those who don't mind a bit of rustic charm, but still appreciate the modern amenities of things such as fireplaces or wood-burning stoves and en suite bathrooms. As the name implies, this lodging features a distinctly Western theme, which adds a level of charm that traditional tents don't have.

2 Grand Canyon RV Glamping

Also, not far from the Grand Canyon is this unique RV park. While an RV wouldn't technically be considered glamping, it is still an upgraded version of traditional camping. Rather than pitching a tent, guests have a choice of 24 RVs that they can spend the night (or several) in while exploring the nearby canyon. This is a great option for those who can't imagine camping without air conditioning, a flat-screen TV equipped with cable, a kitchen and dining area, and private bathrooms.

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1 The Canyon Motel & RV Park

Located in Williams, Arizona, this motel is also a very upgraded option in comparison to traditional tent camping. While guests have the option to book a motel room, they also have the option to rent one of its many RVs or tent sites. The variety is what draws so many to its accommodations, as there's something for everyone depending on the level of 'rustic' they're seeking. With each site equipped with the essentials, the Canyon Motel & RV Park makes for a comfortable stay offering simple luxuries.