While the rest of the world celebrates Halloween come October, in Louisiana, it's spooky season all year round. The city's most celebrated haunts are open all year and, beyond that, there are some places in the city that are purely rooted in a history of voodoo and attract attention no matter what the month or season. In fact, New Orleans has a lot of pride in its haunted locations - along with its history of witchcraft and vampirism.

Louisiana has a tortured history, to begin with, which has only helped to cement the idea that it's haunted by the spirits of people long past. In New Orleans, the belief is even stronger, combined with the customs and lifestyles of many who live there. One simple walk around New Orleans will reveal places such as vampire and occult shops. Naturally, it piques interest in all who visit and for that, there are guided tours to help explain the long and rich history of the occult and New Orleans.


4-In-1 Ghost, Voodoo, Vampire, And Witchcraft Tour

Starting at $25 per person, this tour will take visitors on a condensed, but a fact-filled, tour through all of the most prominent spots with the quickest routes in mind. The Big Easy tour brings to life all the things many don't know about New Orleans, from folklore to dark history. Stories include the Lalaurie House, the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, and Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. This tour includes a central meeting place with an experienced and well-versed guide, as well as stops at high paranormal activity spots. The duration of the tour is two hours and it promises to give guests 'spine-chilling stories' about the city's historic locations.

Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, Vampire, And Sinister Tour (21+)

This tour, which is adults-only, starts at $22 per person and includes the history of all the aforementioned occult-related things: Ghosts, voodoo, vampires, and all things sinister. This tour will include information about the most wicked of New Orleans' history, as well as the darker lore than many don't know prior to this tour. Over the duration of two hours, guests will learn about the city's paranormal history and will join an experienced tour guide along an unforgettable stroll through the most haunted.

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French Quarter Vampire Walking Tour

The belief in vampires is serious in New Orleans and if nothing else, this tour sets out to prove that. Called 'Journey into Darkness,' this tour combines both fiction and reality to create a truly unique experience. The vampires of New Orleans make anything in Hollywood look tame, however, guests will have the chance to visit the movie site of Interview with a Vampire as well as hearing the history of the original vampire author, Bram Stoker. Guests will also have the chance to visit the sites of real-life vampire-type killings, with information taken from real police records. This tour has also been rated as number one by the Travel Channel and many others, making it one that shouldn't be missed.

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Ghost, Hauntings, Vampire, And Voodoo Walking Tour By NOLA Ghost Raiders

This tour spans a half a mile through the French Quarter with a local storytelling expert. Also known as Crescent City, an experienced tour guide will tell guests about the darkest lore associated with New Orleans, spanning through murders, mysteries, voodoo, and vampires. The tour includes a walk past the famed Madame Lalaurie's House as well as a local favorite site of the infamous New Orlean's Axeman. Guests will also learn about villains in New Orlean's history and their roots in Creole society. This tour starts at $13 per person and lasts two hours.

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5-In-1 Ghost And Mystery Tour Of The French Quarter By Haunted History Tours

Starting at $25, those who go on this tour can get a taste for all things occult in New Orleans. Over the span of only two hours, guests will make their way through lesser-known, secret alleys and courtyards, many of which guests wouldn't know existed without the guidance of an experienced local. Guests will learn the ins and outs of the French Quarter all while hearing the dark history of ghosts, vampires, the city's roots in voodoo, as well as learning about the unexplained mysteries of New Orleans. This is another tour that has been recommended by the Travel Channel and many others for its informative and eerie atmosphere. An experienced guide will also tell guests about the vampire-style killings of the city as well as including trips to local hotspots, many of which have been seen on TV.

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