Seattle is a world-class city and is internationally recognized as the birthplace of Starbucks and its environmentally green spaces, hence the nickname "Emerald City." Every year, tourists flock to Seattle to roam Pike Market Place, observe the city from the Space Needle, or appreciate avant-garde art at Chihuly Art and Glass. Visitors will love Seattle for its west coast charm; however, the city can get expensive, especially for budget travelers!

Travelers keen on visiting Seattle without breaking the bank will be happy to know that Emerald City still offers affordable attractions for visitors to enjoy. In fact, there are several attractions and activities around the city that are free and suitable for various travel personalities.

Visitors heading to Emerald City can save some money with these completely free activities while making their Seattle vacation a blast!

9 Visit Museums on Free During Free Museum Day!

Seattle is home to some fantastic museums, especially more unique exhibits like the Seattle Selfie Museum or the Pinball Museum. Travelers may find several museums in the city worth paying for; however, Seattle also offers Free Museum Day, which falls on the first Thursday of every month! On this day, several museums in the city provide free admission to visitors, usually in the evenings from 5 to 8 pm. During Free Museum Day, travelers should definitely visit the fantastic exhibits at the Burke Museum, The Seattle Art Museum, and the Museum of History and Industry.

8 Or, Visit Museums Which Are Always Free!

Budget travelers heading to Emerald City will love to check out some fascinating exhibits in a melange of museums that offer free admission! Visitors don't have to shell out money to enter the Frye Art Museum, the Klondike Gold Rush Museum, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, the Center for Wooden Boats, the Northwest Railway Museum, or the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center.

7 Go Whale Watching On Alki Beach

The west coast is known for whale watching tours, which can offer tourists a magnificent and intimate view of the beautiful whales inhabiting the local waters. Travelers who aren't too keen on paying for a whale-watching tour may still be able to spot these majestic creatures. With a good pair of binoculars, tourists may be lucky enough to spot some whales on the shores of Alki Beach! This West Seattle beach is also a popular place for seal watching.

6 Explore The University of Washington Campus

Travelers don't need to go back to school to tour the University of Washington, admiring the massive campus and incredible architecture. Visitors can simply grab a campus mark and start exploring, checking out places like the Suzzallo Library or relaxing under a blooming Yoshino cherry tree at the Quad. Tourists can also pay a visit to the Washington Park Arboretum, which is open to the public, free of charge!

5 Admire Art At The Olympic Sculpture Park

Belltown's Olympic Sculpture Park is an extension of the Seattle Art Museum and is a nine-acre outdoor sculpture park, overlooking Elliot Bay. Visitors can take a leisurely walk around the park while spotting artsy monuments, like the Sculpture Tree, Incredible Bench, and or the Drinking Fountain.

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4 Try Tidepooling At Golden Gardens Park

Wildlife watching at a local park or beach is always a fascinating (and free) way to learn about a destination. That's why tourists in Seattle should make their way to Golden Gardens Park to try their hands at tide-pooling. During low tides, visitors can see some local creatures swimming around the park's tide pools! Little creatures like starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers and Moon Snails can be found in these pools. Lucky travelers may also find a stash of Moon Snail egg sacs, which look like garbage. Park staff say to avoid touching them or throwing them in the garbage!

3 Visit The Fish Ladder At Lake Washington's Ship Canal

The Canal is home to Ballard Locks, which have served Seattle for almost a century, helping the city navigate incoming water traffic. Their purpose sounds plain, but they help pump $1.2 billion into Seattle's economy every year! The Lock is also home to the fish ladder, where visitors can watch Pacific salmon swim through the ladder from mid-June to September.

2 Awe At The Gum Wall

The Gum Wall exists outside the Unexpected Company Theatre, an alleyway of brick covered in endless wads of gum. Reportedly, there are 250,000 pieces of gum on the wall! While visiting Seattle's iconic Pike Market Place, tourists can awe (or revolt) at the sight of The Gum Wall in Post Alley. Tourists uninterested in visiting The Gum Wall can also take a picture with Rachel The Piggy Bank, a giant bronze pig that raises money for social services around Pike Market Place!

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1 Play At An Interactive Playground!

This family-friendly park, known as Artists At Play, was designed for all ages, situated between the Museum of Pop Culture and the Seattle Center Armory. Specifically, young travelers will enjoy a day at the playground with numerous outdoor structures, from the 30-foot climbing tower to the sound swings and play mounds. This free attraction is popular with Seattle city-goers. It is an interactive way to enjoy a fun playground designed by local artists.

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