Miami is the place to go when travelers want to party and enjoy the nightlife. With that, Miami has a unique foodie scene, especially when it comes to Cuban cuisine, alongside other delicious eats. Despite the sparkling beaches, vibrant city, and yummy food, travelers heading to Miami will realize that this Florida city isn't cheap. Miami is a fun destination with expensive accommodations, resorts, restaurants, and costly activities.

Despite its reputation as being an expensive place to visit, travelers can still save a couple of bucks with enough planning and ingenuity. In fact, there's a ton of free things tourists can enjoy when visiting the Magic City.

Travelers heading to Miami can save some money by checking out these free activities, which are perfect for all ages and travel personalities!

7 Appreciate Local Artists At Miami's Freedom Tower

  • Location:  600 Biscayne Boulevard, Second Floor

On Thursday evenings (4 to 8 pm) and Sundays, the Miami Dade College's Museum of Art and Design offers free admission to the Freedom Tower (otherwise, tickets start at $12 per adult). Also known as MOAD, visitors can awe at the works and designs of local artists who hail from various backgrounds and walks of life.

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6 Walk Along The Miami Beach Boardwalk

  • Location:  South Beach to Indian Beach Park

Also known as the South Beach Boardwalk, the Miami Beach Boardwalk is a must-see for Florida tourists. Starting at South Beach, visitors can walk 40 blocks north, checking out local neighborhoods while soaking in stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists can also catch a free ride on Miami beach's trolley service, which is easily accessible from the entire stretch of the boardwalk!

5 Relax At The Miami Beach Botanical Garden

  • Location : 2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach

General admission is free for this 4-acre botanical garden, where visitors can feel at peace with plants from all corners of the globe. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden also houses a Japanese garden, koi pond, a palm garden, and various other exhibits for visitors to stop and sniff some literal flowers! From delicate orchids to billowing palm trees, tourists can enjoy the Miami Beach Botanical Garden without breaking the bank. Lucky visitors can also witness some wildlife brewing around the gardens in the form of cardinals, egrets, or koi fish.

After visiting the gardens, visitors should also visit the Holocaust Memorial close by. With free admission, travelers can sit in peace while paying their respects at this beautiful memorial, decorated with a stunning hand sculpture and numerous walkways.

4 Watch A Movie Underneath The Miami Sky

  • Location:  500 17th Street, Miami Beach

When in Miami, ditch the movie theatres; Visitors can catch an outdoor movie at Soundscape Park, just beside the New World Center. Each week, a cinema curated by the American Black Film Festival is played on the 7,000-foot projection screens at Soundscape Park! This free event is perfect for visitors traveling with family and friends.

3 Marvel The Architecture And Art At The Wolfsonian-Florida International University

  • Location : 1001 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Initially built in 1927, the architecture at Wolfsonian-Florida International University is anything but plain. Formerly built for the Washington Storage Company, the building transformed into an academic institution with a marvelous design that reflects the culture at Miami Beach. Additionally, the university is home to artful artifacts and exhibits, which can be seen for a small fee of $12 (unless visitors are Florida residents or students). However, free admission is offered to the public every Friday from 6 to 9 pm.

2 Explore Little Havana

  • Location:  Calle Ocho, Southwest 8th Street

Little Havana is a slice of Cuba right in the heart of Miami! Tourists can walk around the neighborhood to encounter some of Miami's iconic landmarks and gems. For example, visitors can greet the Havana Rooster in front of the Visitors Center, then head to Domino Park to watch locals play dominoes and cheese. Tourists can also walk through the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame before making their way to the Cuban Memorial Boulevard Park and checking out the monuments. Exploring Little Havana is a great way to learn more about Cuban history and the fight for independence.

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1 Appreciate Some Kooky Sculptures Around Miami

  • Location:  Around Miami!

Art is not only restricted to an indoor gallery. In Miami, tourists can find artistic monuments and sculptures sprawled across the city. In addition, kookier works of art can be found in the city, such as the Giant Head Statue at the Maurice A Ferré Park, the Noguchi Slide at Bayfront Park, The Kiss on Brickell Key Drive, Nena At the Echo Brickell, or the Betsy Orb on Miami Beach. The art doesn't stop there, though! Tourists can continue admiring local graffiti art in the neighborhood of Wynwood. This Florida neighborhood is home to countless industrial building walls decorated with graffiti art from local artists. Visitors can take a self-guided tour and see some incredible art for free!

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