Traveling is not just about what one sees upon arrival. It is also about the experience a person gets when traveling. The best way to get this experience is by making the journey part of the trip. It can however be difficult for someone to find the right things to do in an area that they can enjoy.

For someone visiting Atlanta, there are many things they can do that can allow them to experience the place and have fun. Not everything, of course, needs to come with a fee. There are many free, and entertaining things to do.

10 Tour Arabia Mountain

Arabia is a popular mountain in the region that is worth visiting. Visiting the mountain is for free and will leave a visitor with great memories of Atlanta. An interesting fact about the mountain is that it is a national heritage area. Additionally, there is Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. With Arabia being nearby, it offers a chance to explore Atlanta's nature away from all the urban areas. Covering over 2,000 acres, there are lakes, hiking trails, and farmlands to enjoy.

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9 Trail Along Atlanta Beltline

This is the perfect way to explore and know more about Atlanta. The Atlanta Beltline is a trail that joins all Atlanta neighborhoods. It is also a chance for a visitor to see different parts of Atlanta and interact with residents. One can decide to cycle around the park, enjoy fresh air, have great views of the city and see the history of the area.

8 Tour Of The Federal Reserve Museum

The Federal Reserve Museum is another place a visitor can tour in Atlanta. With access being free with a guide on weekdays, it is a good option when visiting the city. One gets a chance to learn more about the government and its Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve Museum has been around for so many years and has so much to offer in regard to money and reserve systems.

7 Tour The Martin Lurther King Jr. National Historic Park

This is a historic park that honors Martin Lurther King Jr, who was an American Civil Rights Movement leader and was founded in 1980. There are several attractions in the park such as King’s boyhood home, and learning more about Ebenezer Church where the King and his father, the pastor, attended. Other things in the park include exhibits relating to civil rights. The outdoors also has attractive things to see such as a Civil Rights Walk of Fame, and taking time to experience this history is a good way of understanding Atlanta.

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6 Visit Centennial Olympic park

It is a park located in downtown Atlanta and was developed to honor the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. The park is huge as it covers 21 acres of land. There are many attractions in the Centennial Olympic park such as the fountain of rings. The fountain of rings is an interesting experience as it uses computerized water jets and lighting to create a fountain show. Other things to see here include a collection of flags in honor of countries that have hosted the games in the past. There are also events that take place in the park once in a while one can enjoy.

5 Explore Atlanta Contemporary

It is among the leading contemporary art complexes in the region and it is worth the visit. The Atlanta Contemporary was opened in 1973 and has provided so much to the people. It is a nonprofit organization and is meant to showcase contemporary artwork. Since the place is free, one will enjoy seeing all the exhibitions of the best art in the region here. For those who are artists, there is also a free studio space and a chance to collaborate with other artists. Parking is free here, as well.

4 Fernbank Science Center

This is a public science center museum and it is open to all the public including free parking. The park is open from Monday to Saturday. It is a museum that was opened in 1967 for research and academic-related exhibitions. For tourists who enjoy education centers is the best free place to visit when in Atlanta. It has several exhibitions relating to space flight, dinosaurs, and microbiology.

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3 The Atlanta Farmers Market

This is the largest urban farmer’s market in the globe and it is open 24 hours. Shopping here is a real treat for visitors to Atlanta. The market serves a wide region including Atlanta and its neighbors. It is well known for fresh produce as well. One can get a chance to visit a retail or garden center. The main fun behind visiting this market is experiencing the lifestyle in Atlanta and understanding how local people live and interact with them.

2 Tour The Governor’s Mansion

The governor’s mansion is yet another public and free place one can visit in Atlanta. It is home to the Georgia Governor and it is open for visits. For guests who are interested in the administration part of Georgia then this is a great opportunity. The tours are between Tuesdays and Thursdays every morning. It is a unique mansion with several rooms, objects, arts, and portraits to explore.

1 Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a popular area that is very much visited in Atlanta. It is a good place for families or couples. The park is huge, giving visitors an easy and calm moment to explore various places. It is good for unwinding through walks, cycling, or jogging. The park covers 180 acres. It has a lake called Lake Clara Meer which offers a serene environment. It is full of trees and flowers for someone who wants to take a break from the city activities.

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