They say that some of the best adventures are made near water. Therefore, it is no wonder that many tourists let off a little steam in some of the world’s best hot springs. There are thousands of hot springs around the world, and many of them charge handsomely for the privilege of spending time in their waters. Italy is known for being home to some of the best natural hot springs and these happen to be free. Nothing is more wonderful than the idea of enjoying luxury without spending a dime.

Summarized here are the most beautiful natural pools of Italy, buckle up and discover everything below.

10 Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia, Tuscany

The most famous hot spring in Italy flows in Southern Tuscany, the Cascate del Mulino. It was titled as one of the top 10 hot springs globally and was already famous since the Roman Empire days. Despite being a popular destination, visitors still get to soak in these warm waters peacefully. The best time to visit is during early winter mornings if a more private experience is desired. The steam maintains a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius despite the changes in seasons.

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9 Bagni San Filippo, Castiglione d’Orcia, Tuscany

The warm waters of Bagni San Filippo are another hidden gem in the forest of Tuscany. Since the hot spring is situated inside a forest, it requires a small hike. Visitors will be welcomed by an impressive winter wonderland - but it isn't snow. The rocks surrounding the spring are both white and glacial; that is to say they look just like snow and frozen ice cascades! There are many bathing options in this area.

8 Piscine Carletti, Viterbo, Lazio

Just an hour from Rome is the Piscine Carletti in Viterbo situated in the middle of a baseball field. If Cascate del Mulino gives its visitors picturesque views, Piscine Carletti provides secluded and warmer waters. There might be some difficulties in locating this destination so visitors should ask help from the tourist office in town. The place is also a perfect spot for picnics, there are also bars and restaurants nearby.

7 Terme di Vulcano, Eolie Islands, Sicily

Terme di Vulcano is located at the foot of a volcano in the Eolie Islands. This destination is known as Italy's largest island. It features the sight of smoking pits surrounding the hot springs making the scenery more dramatic, especially at night. Visitors need not worry about the threat of an eruption since it is almost non-existent. A unique feature of this hot spring is the warm, relaxing mud which feels wonderful on the skin.

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6 Fumarole, Ischia

Located on the island of Ischia in Naples are the free baths of Fumarole. This destination is known for the volcanic phenomenon in the subsoil which generates various sources of thermal steam. The sands of Fumarole are warm and are even said to help cure rheumatic pains. However, visitors must be mindful that in some areas, the sands can be extra hot because the steam rising from the faults of the volcano ranges from 46 to 100 degrees.

5 Thermae of Sorgeto, Ischia

If visitors are looking for a marginally cooler spring, the free baths of Sorgeto in the county of Folio are highly recommended. The level of warmth from the water depends on the high or low tide. In some places, the water heats up to 90 degrees. Since this area is located in Ischia, visitors can also wrap themselves with mud packs and various spa treatments from the “free thermal baths” of the springs. If tourists decide on staying longer, there is an eco holiday home which serves organic food.

4 Hot Springs of Cerchiara, Calabria

Located in Grotta delle Ninfe, where the mythical nymph Calypso hid, is a natural pool underneath a cave. The cave is made of limestone rock formations that reflect on the water surface. The waters of Thermae Cerchiara are said to combat skin diseases and rheumatism. This is due to the temperature of the thermal pool which is around 30 degrees Celcius. For side trips, tourists must visit the organic farm near the Province of Cosenza.

3 Polle of Crimiso, Sicily

Polle of Crimiso is the ancient name of river Caldo near Trapani in Ponte Bagni. The source of heat of the waters is the underground magma and a temperature of 46 to 47 degrees Celcius. Like many other hot springs, the radioactive sodium-sulfur is also said to treat rheumatic, respiratory, and skin diseases. The spring is surrounded by waterfalls, trees, and other natural vegetation. There are also affordable organic farms and eco-hotels near Castellammare.

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2 Hot Springs of Fodongianus, Sardinia

Situated on the area of the river Tirso are the Baths of Fordongianus which visitors will find transports them back to the Roman era. Tickets range from € 2 to € 5; the reason behind the fee is that the hot springs maintain a staffed upkeep of the area. The waters are heated from 54-56 degrees.

1 Terme del Bullicame, Viterbo, Lazio

Terme del Bullicame is about 2.5 km away from the province of Viterbo, also perfect for Roman holidays. The ancient thermal water is very rich in minerals and has a temperature of about 58 degrees Celsius. The spring serves as a natural antioxidant to the skin due to its properties. It also can assist with dermatological and other musculoskeletal diseases. The area consists of two pools, one which produces cold water. Terme de Bullicame is known mostly as a local destination, so visitors may wish to respect this and understand the typical amenities and atmosphere of a tourist destination will not be found at this site.

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