Every country believes that its own cuisine is the best. We may never have a winner for that subjective argument, but it is clear that certain international cuisines are so diverse and are packed with so much flavor that most foodies won’t be able to resist them!

If you consider yourself a little obsessed with food, then there are a few countries that you need to add to your bucket list. Your taste buds will thank you! Check them out below.

Italy: Mecca For Foodies

It should be no surprise that Italy makes the cut when it comes to the world’s best foodie destinations. Italian specialties like pizza and pasta are now staples around the world and, with all their saucy, cheesy goodness, are often thought of as the ultimate comfort dishes.


Of course, the pizza and pasta that you will find in Italy are on another level. Naples in the country’s south is famous for its wood-fired paper-thin pizzas, while many regions have their own types of pasta and sauces that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

But the best thing about Italian cuisine? It is so much more than just pizza and pasta. While these bread-based meals are typical of the southern regions, along with delicious street foods like arancini balls, the regions of central and northern Italy serve up completely different foods. Think creamy risotto, hearty polenta, and slow-cooked Osso Bucco. Yum!

Singapore: The Blending Of Cuisines From Around The World

Foodies are often the most satisfied in countries where they can sample a wide range of foods. With broad tastes, they appreciate cuisines that are bursting with a variety of flavors and influences from many different cultures. That’s why Singapore should be on your bucket list if you consider yourself a foodie.

Singaporean cuisine is influenced by culinary traditions from China, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, the Malay people, and even a few western cultures. The result is an incredibly diverse assortment of dishes fluctuating from the super spicy and pungent to the mild.

The most famous Singaporean dish would have to be chili crab, but there are plenty of other scrumptious dishes that don’t receive as much international attention. The next time you’re in Singapore, be sure to sample grilled satay meats and the beloved street food sambal stingray.

Turkey: Where East Meets West

Half European and half Asian, Turkey is one of the most intriguing countries on the planet. In terms of geography, food, and culture, this is where east meets west. Thanks to the geographical positioning of the country and its rich history, Turkish cuisine has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years.

Some Turkish dishes are already extremely popular on the world stage. Think the syrupy dessert baklava, made with crushed nuts and filo pastry. But there are also several lesser-known dishes in this land of grilled meats and creamy dips that any traveler would fall in love with.

One of our favorite things about Turkish cuisine is meze. This refers to the wide range of cold appetizers that are sometimes eaten instead of a single meal. Always served with bread, meze dishes usually consist of salads, dips, and bean dishes that are always delicious.

India: A Foodie Wonderland

No true foodie can resist the temptations of Indian food. Although you certainly don’t have to travel to India to enjoy the wonders of Indian food, there’s nothing like eating authentic Indian dishes in the motherland.

Most people associate Indian dishes with curries, but it is so much more than that. In addition to delectable curries, Indian cuisine boasts several diverse dishes that are bursting with color and flavor. One of the best Indian dishes to try is the super flavorful tunde de kabab, a minced meat kebab that is seasoned with more than 100 spices.

India is also a top destination to come if you’re a vegan or vegetarian foodie thanks to the wide variety of Indian veggie dishes. There are currently five states within the country where at least half the population is vegetarian.

South Africa: Some Of The Best Street Food On The Planet

Despite its tumultuous history, South Africa is a land of diversity. The rainbow nation has 11 official languages, among them Zulu, Swati, Afrikaans, and English. You can bet that the cuisine is equally diverse, enjoying flavors from several cultures and ethnic traditions.

As well as the Indigenous cultures of South Africa, the cuisine is also influenced by Dutch, French, and Malaysian culinary practices. Put all of these influences together and you have some of the best street food in the world.

If you only try one South African street food dish, let it be bunny chow, the curry served in hollowed-out bread. There is also the thick sausage-like boerewors and the salty dried beef known as biltong.