Prince Edward Island is the perfect weekend getaway in Canada where people can enjoy the mesmerizing coastline of sandy beaches and the charming rolling green patchwork of farms. Today, Prince Edward Island attracts many tourists every year who come to the region to witness its natural beauty, stunning protected beaches, and laid-back vibe.

From the iconic Prince Edward Island National Park that features the most beautiful beaches, marvelous Charlottetown, and the unique Anne of Green Cables, to the splendid Confederation Centre of the Arts, the beautiful lighthouses on Points East, and the lovely Basin Head Provincial Park, people never run out of things to do in Prince Edward Island. However, the region is mainly known for its delicious and tasty food, where the fun begins.


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This Is What To Know About A Fantastic Food Tour In Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is referred to as Canada's Food Island, and there are many valid reasons to call it by that name. For instance, locals in Prince Edward are so passionate about their food culture and unique restaurants that they cook the most delicious and freshest seafood and world-famous potatoes.

Food is a way of life in Prince Edward Island because the region continuously hosts celebrations, festivals, and unique food tours and experiences. For example, the Fall Flavours Festival in Prince Edward Island runs through September and features savory eats, celebrity chefs, guests, hosts, and beautiful venues. People can enjoy intimate adventures during the event and also crowd-gathering fun activities.

  • Recommended: It is a must to attend Prince Edward Island's International Shellfish Festival, a Fall Flavours Festival signature event. This festival is hosted during mid-September, and any shell lover must visit it when spending a vacation in Prince Edward Island. People will have the chance to taste the yummiest mussels, oysters, quahogs, and lobsters served during this event. Attendees can enjoy more shellfish at night when the party kicks in with exceptional live entertainment shows.

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This Is An Essential Tour To Take When Visiting Prince Edward Island

In addition to the unique Fall Flavours Festival held in Prince Edward Island, it is also worth attending The Prince Edward Island's Festival of Wines. That's because wine rhymes perfectly with yummy seafood. Additionally, the festival features 250 types of wine from 13 various countries. It takes place for one weekend in May. What is better than tasting delicious cheese, oysters, chocolate, or smoked salmon, with the tastiest local wine of Prince Edward Island?

People who want to enjoy the whole experience and take a step further can enjoy cooking and creating unique dishes at the Culinary Boot Camps in Prince Edward Island. The camps provide lessons to all skill levels and interests. Foodies enjoy this experience with more than 40 boot camps offered every year. For those who want to try other unforgettable experiences, they can sign up for local deep-sea fishing or lobster excursions. This way, they will be eating what they catch. Another option is to go on a hunting tour for oysters with an experienced guide.

  • Cost: A Prince Edward Island Wine Tour costs around CAD 179 per person. It includes luxury motor coach transportation, lunch in a vineyard, grab n' go breakfast, four wineries and barrel maker visits, and a craft vinegar cellar tasting.

This Is Where To Eat When Visiting Prince Edward Island

Foodie communities are home to excellent chefs who start the best restaurants that offer the tastiest food ever. This is the situation in Prince Edward Island that features many excellent restaurants where people can enjoy the yummiest food in the region.

Claddagh Oyster House

This is the top-rated restaurant in the province, and the reason for that is the savory oysters, fresh seafood, and yummy meat dishes that Claddagh Oyster House has to offer its clients. The oysters served by this restaurant are caught from several locations in Prince Edward Island.

Blue Mussel Café

People who are in love with seafood visit Blue Mussel Cafe in Prince Edward Island. The restaurant is known for its tasty crab cakes, chowder, and famous steamed mussels.

Water Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound

This restaurant serves the most delicious lobsters on Prince Edward Island. Water Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound are located in a classic and beautiful blue building on the corner of Water and Prince Streets. For more than two decades, this restaurant has been serving local foodies in Prince Edward Island.

Terre Rouge

When visiting Prince Edward Island to enjoy the area's food experiences, it is essential to try other savory dishes than seafood. Terre Rouge offers tasty Mac and cheese, gnocchi, and ravioli in Charlottetown on the island.

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