Let's be honest: No one quite does food like New York City. With five different boroughs, all full of delicious food options, choosing just one can be tough. But why choose only one, when there are so many food tours to be had?

One could easily spend an entire weekend eating their way through the city, and these food tours are here to do just that. Each one combines a little bit of history and culture with the food that has helped shaped generations to create something altogether unique and classic-New-York City. If food is the reason one is visiting New York, these are the food tours that should be on the list.

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7 Brooklyn: The Original Brooklyn Pizza Tour

When it comes to pizza, specifically, Brooklyn is cooking it up the way it's meant to be. The Original Brooklyn Pizza Tour takes guests on a five-hour trip around the borough's most notable pizza joints. The bus leaves from Manhattan and makes its way to Brooklyn, where stops are made at places like Grimaldi's and L&B Spumoni Gardens. As an added bonus, tour-takers will have the chance to see filming locations from iconic movies such as Goodfellas and Saturday Night Fever.

  • Tickets: $80 for adults, $70 for kids age 11 and under

6 Harlem: Taste Harlem

Those looking for a side of history with their good eats should consider taking the Taste Harlem tour. This two-hour walking tour takes guests on a unique route through Harlem, with a knowledgeable guide educating them on the history of the area in between six delicious stops. Tour-takers will be rewarded with Caribbean and African dishes, as well as a taste of Harlem's traditional soul food. It's one of the rare tours that combine culture and cuisine to create a unique experience altogether.

  • Tickets: $78 for adults, $55 for children ages 6-11

5 Greenwich: Nice Guy Tours

Greenwich Village may have gained some fame from Friends but, in reality, it's one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the Lower East Side. This tour lasts three hours and consists of stops for the city's best falafel, bagels, pizza, and even cupcakes. The tour also includes notable Hollywood stops such as the apartment from Friends and historical stops such as the former home of Washington Irving. This is a great option for those who aren't familiar with the city, as they'll gain a sense of food knowledge and actual knowledge of the quieter part of Manhattan.

  • Tickets: $65/person

4 Chelsea & The High Line: Foods Of NY Tours

No trip to New York City is complete without a stop by the High Line, and Chelsea is a great neighborhood to spend some time in. The only thing that could make it better is a food tour, which is exactly what visitors will find from Foods of NY Tours. Guests on this tour have the chance to try an authentic NYC hot dog, Brooklyn-based ice cream, and will have a thorough tour of both Chelsea and Gansevoort Markets.

  • Tours: $58 for adults, $35 for children ages 3 to 12

3 Chinatown & Little Italy: Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting

It goes without saying that Chinatown and Little Italy are home to some of the most iconic food stops in all of the city, and Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting is the best way to experience them both in one day. Along the way, samples of cannoli and charcuterie are to be had at Little Italy, while dim sum is on the menu for Chinatown. Tour guides are well-versed in the history of both neighborhoods, making this an engaging experience.

  • Tickets: $60 for adults, $45 for children under the age of 12

2 Queens: Athens Next Door Greek Food Tour In Astoria

Everyone loves Greek food and those who don't have been turned into fans thanks to this tour through Queens. Tours start with an intimate group of only six people and last three hours, featuring formal sit-down tastings at beloved Greek restaurants. Guests will have the chance to try authentic, traditional Greek foods such as baklava, calamari, feta, olive varieties, and more on this tour, leaving no one with an empty stomach.

  • Tickets: $119/person

1 Manhattan: Hell's Kitchen Food Tour And Central Park Tour

There's perhaps no other neighborhood in the city with a reputation for food like Hell's Kitchen. If there's anywhere a person will find a meal to satisfy their cravings, it's here. This tour takes guests on a wild ride through both the history and flavors of this Manhattan neighborhood, complete with a diverse range of food tastings from around the world. The tour ends with a tour of Central Park (optional), giving visitors a complete tour of the best parts of New York City.

  • Tickets: $125/person, $100 without the tour of Central Park

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