This cozy market is home to over 300 businesses and 3,000 employees! A mini-hub for Vancouver tourism and entertainment, Granville Island was commercially developed in the 1970s and is a one-stop center for food, shopping, local culture, and artistic exhibitions.

Originally belonging to the ancestral lands of the First Nation’s Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh people, Granville Island is also home to several Indigenous-owned businesses.

10 Celine’s Fish and Chips

Travelers visiting Vancouver should try some fresh seafood at least once during their trip, and Celine’s Fish and Chips has them covered! This fast-order shop offers savory fish and chips, alongside other delectables like fried oysters, fish burgers, breaded prawns, calamari, and champagne grape bubble tea. For hangry travelers looking for a tasty, deep-fried treat should visit this stall on Granville Island (apparently, the portions are generous)!

9 Granville Island Brewing Co.

Founded in 1984, Granville Island Brewing Company was Canada’s first microbrewery. From their award-winning beers to their seasonal lagers, this brewery handcrafts its beers using natural, seasonal, and local ingredients. Each beer is unique because it’s made in small batches on the Island, producing “one-of-a-kind” beers. Visitors can also tour the facility and learn how this Granville Island original is made.

8 Artisan Sake Maker

Founded in 2007 on the Island, Artisan Sake Maker is considered the first sake producer in Canada. Made in small batches, the sake is entirely made using local and Canadian ingredients! Sake-maker Masa Shiroki artfully makes the Japanese wines with Vancouver’s season in mind, producing a variety of sake that goes well with a variety of food all-season, from hearty stews to exquisite desserts.

7 Hobbs Pickles

They say the best pickles are in New York. But travelers visiting Vancouver can now enjoy Granville Island’s crunchiest, New York-style pickles thanks to Hobbs Pickles. Hobbs makes a wide range of flavors to satisfy any pickle aficionado, such as horseradish, jalapeño, spicy dill, honey mustard, and kosher dill. These pickles are best served alongside a hearty sandwich or creamy cheeses. Who can resist a crunchy, savory, juicy, and sour pickle? Pickles can be a food item and a drink.

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6 Longliner Seafoods

This cozy shop is owned by the Moorehead Family, who were the original tenants of Granville Island. Locals and tourists alike can get their seafood fix here while trying something a bit new—people rave about their candied salmon, which are nuggets of salmon jerky covered in a maple syrup glaze! Other delicious seafood options include lobster meat, smoked mackerel, and Dungeness crab meat (among other delectables).

5 Oyama Sausage Co

Operating since 2001, Oyama Sausage Co. sells over 400 items of artisanal sausages, deli meats, terrines, and pates, which are perfect for charcuterie-loving visitors. This family-owned business has received great reviews, with customers raving about the quality of the meats and the vast assortment of products. Special items include (but are not limited to) duck prosciutto, andouille sausage, elk pepperoni, guanciale, duck truffle pate, and venison sausage.

4 Dussa’s Ham and Cheese

This cozy shop has been operating since the 1950s, and is owned by Artur and Erika Dussa, two German immigrants who settled in Vancouver. Looking to assemble an elegant charcuterie board? Dussa’s sells a variety of international cheeses, smoked sausages, deli meat, and other deli essentials, this stall has you covered! Looking for locally-made ham, Roquefort cheese, and manzanilla olives? Travelers looking to expand their cheese knowledge should visit this deli on Granville Island!

3 The Lobster Man

Since 1977, The Lobster Man has provided customers of Granville Island locally-sourced seafood (within a 100-mile radius!), selling lobsters, crabs, shellfish, clams, fish, oysters, and other seasonal delights like sea urchin and geoducks. Customers have also said great things about their lobster roll—how delicious do fresh Atlantic lobster and miso mayo celery on a soft brioche bun sound? Hungry visitors can also try their crab or shrimp roll, alongside their clam chowders.

2 Your Wildest Foods

Matt McAllister forages the province of BC to find local greens and mushrooms, such as chanterelles, morels, fiddleheads, and sea asparagus. After a long day of foraging, he and his team sell these special delicacies at Granville Island. Mushroom lovers rejoice; Your Wildest Foods is a one-stop-shop for quality mushrooms and other foraged edibles (you can even browse their store online)!

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1 Lee’s Donuts

Since 1979, Lee’s Donuts has been on the Island serving their popular honey dip donuts to hungry customers (though Seth Rogan prefers the jelly-filled ones). Like some purveyors on this list, Lee’s Donuts was one of the original tenants on Granville Island. Today, they serve up a variety of donuts to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth! Visitors can take their pick of yeast, vanilla, or chocolate cake donuts. Try their flavors like mango, honeydew, and cookie monster!

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