Visiting the Jersey Shore is just like any other boardwalk dream come true. It's one of New Jersey's most popular summertime destinations and for good reason. Between all of the entertainment, prime east coast beaches, shopping, and, of course, the food, there's nothing not to love about it. For many people, memories of the Jersey Shore go back to their childhood days vacationing with their families. For others, the Jersey Shore rings true as an adult destination, filled with memories of weekend getaways.


However one fondly looks upon the Jersey Shore, one thing can't be disputed: There are some foods that are as iconic as the boardwalk itself. There's something about chowing down on fresh and crispy fries or catching drips of froyo in one's hand while strolling along the beach, and doing so is practically a rite of passage on the Jersey Shore.

Start The Jersey Shore Day Off With These Breakfasts

It's not that anyone would shun a person for only opting for coffee when it comes to a Jersey Shore vacation, but it certainly deserves some strange looks. With so many great options for delicious breakfast meals, it would make anyone wonder how coffee - and coffee alone - could be a suitable substitute. In the case of Rook Coffee, however, we just might be willing to bend the rules a bit. This coffee shop has 11 locations throughout Jersey with many on the beachside, and it's the number one spot to get that much-needed caffeine buzz. It's also a hit with the locals and has a reputation for being some of the best coffee in the state.

Feeling something a bit more filling but not yet ready to sit down and enjoy a full meal? No worries, Broad Street Doughnut Co. should be the first stop of the day. As advertised, they're home to the 'finest hot and fresh doughnuts in New Jersey,' and that's being modest. Their doughnuts are always made to order, and with delectable options such as Banana Peanut Butta Spesh, Feelin' Fruity, andFunfetti Triple Layahh, there's a sugar rush just waiting to happen. Additional menu options such as Girl Scout Cookie specials, Crumbun Bites, Churro Cheesecake Triangles, and the Route 66 Cruller, it's pretty hard to say no to starting the morning off sweet.

For those looking to sit down and enjoy a slower start to their day, Shut Up And Eat! has been voted the Asbury Park Readers' Best from the years 2006 to 2020, and they have no intention of slowing down. With a menu that stretches on for two pages (and is jam-packed, at that), there's something for everyone here. From waffles piled high with fruit and sauces to burgers that require more than two hands just to bite, this restaurant is serving it all from humble beginnings. Now, it's one of the most unique restaurants in all of New Jersey and is worth a stop at Tom's River just to gaze upon the glory that is pork roll-stuffed french toast.

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On The Jersey Shore Boardwalk, Try These Foods

When it comes to the Boardwalk foodie experience, the Jersey Shore has it all. One thing it has in abundance is fries - and visitors have a choice of two: Johnny Fries or Curley's Fries. Both of them are vastly different but cater to the foodie themselves, with a choice of skinny, in-house-made fries, or thick-cut crinkle fries.

Johnny's also offers an option for loaded fries, while Curly's offers extraordinary dipping sauce options that make one question if they've ever really had real fries in their life.

Looking to cool down after all of that french fry controversy? We don't blame you; head over to Kohr Brothers for the ultimate Jersey Shore sweet treat. This frozen custard is the stuff of dreams and yes, there's usually a line during the summertime to attest to that fact. This soft serve has been doled out since 1919 which is a testament to its delicious recipe, many of which include popular flavors as well as some surprises. One thing is for sure - this is the perfect way to top off a hot summer's day on the Jersey Shore.

For those who are still craving something frozen and delicious, check out these honorable mentions:

  • Bob's Fresh Lemonade
  • TLC's Polish Water Ice

For a non-frozen sweet option, a visit to either Fralinger’s or Shirver’s - both opened at the same time, both equally as delicious - is another must. For those feeling crazy, a visit to both is not out of the question! For fudge and saltwater taffy, these two shops are the ultimate in boardwalk treats.

At this point, something savory might be necessary to cut through all of that sugar. Luckily, the Jersey Shore boardwalk is home to plenty of options for that, as well. Any number of stands and small restaurants are frying up the most delicious quick-eats, such as:

  • Fried shrimp
  • Jersey hot dogs 
  • Tornado potato

All three of these are musts for newcomers to the Jersey Shore, and while fried shrimp are usually found at any boardwalk stand, the best hot dogs are at Max's Hot Dogs and Maui's Dog House. And for a tornado potato? Just follow the people holding a giant spiral-sliced potato on a skewer!

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