For many people, it doesn't get much better than planning a trip to Europe. You could literally pick any city or town and you would be pretty much guaranteed to have a wonderful time with good food, new sights, and old-fashioned charm and beauty.

While it makes sense to book a vacation if you have a very specific destination in mind and a time that you want to go (a special birthday or anniversary, for instance), it's also fun to find last-minute deals. This could lead you to a destination that you never thought of traveling before... or give you the chance to make your dream of going to a certain city a reality. And in this case, there are some cities in Europe that have never been more affordable to travel to thanks to these deals.


Keep reading to find out the best flight deals to Europe (for anyone planning a last-minute vacation).

Head To Charming London For $525.25 USD

Book this deal through and United, and you'll be spending $525.25 to go to London. The trip leaves from Newark on Thursday, February 27th and you'll get back home on Thursday, March 5th. It's almost unheard of to be able to fly to a European city for hundreds of dollars, not thousands, so this would be an epic deal to take advantage of.

What should you get up to while you're in London? You'll want to find a fabulous hotel, like The Mad Hatter Hotel, which is located in the South Bank area of the city. The exterior is charming and the restaurant even offers both a "Full English Breakfast" and a vegetarian version of it featuring spinach and vegetarian sausage.

Lonely Planet has a few restaurant recommendations, and Padella definitely stands out as it features a lot of pasta on its menu. You'll find this place in Borough Market. The menu includes Gnocci with nutmeg butter, an appetizer of sourdough bread with olive oil, and salted caramel ice cream plus a pear and almond tart for dessert. You can order to your heart (and stomach's) content as you'll have saved so much money on your plane tickets.

Go To Beautiful Madrid For $649.75 USD

Also through United Airlines, this deal allows travelers to head from Newark to Madrid, Spain for only $649.75. Travelers will leave and come back on the same dates mentioned above.

Now that you've got some cheap plane tickets, what about finding a hotel? Silken Torre Garden would be a good one as some Trip Advisor reviews love this location. It's close to a metro station which is great. While you're in Madrid, take in some art: The Culture Trip suggests the National Archaeological Museum and the Prado.

You'll also want to try some local food in Madrid. El miniBAR serves up tapas, from eggplant and bacon to fried calamari to sirloin steak and goat cheese. A Reddit post suggests going to Docamar to have Patatas Bravas, a famous dish of fried potatoes in a tomato sauce that has some spice to it.

Romantic Paris Is Calling Your Name For Only $380 USD

You can also grab a flight from Newark and go to romantic Paris for only $380. This deal is offered by and Are we dreaming?! This is an incredible deal.

When you go to Paris, it would be fun to stay in a boutique hotel, such as Hotel Cambon, which offers up better deals than some others. Trip Advisor says that this hotel is located on Cambon Street which is super famous because it's where Chanel's headquarters are. You can also stroll over to the Louvre, so it's definitely a prime location.

Go for a walk and find some cafes on nearby streets, like Maison Pradier, which has beautiful macarons. A reviewer on Yelp praised the passion fruit flavor and another mentioned the smoked salmon sandwich.

You'll also want to try some steak frites as this is a popular dish in Paris. Trip Savvy recommends Le Relais de Venise l'Entrecôte. And since no vacation in Paris can exist without trying some pastries, head over to Le Grenier a Pain Abbesses. You can try baguettes (even a baguette with olives inside of it), chocolate tarts, and eclairs.

Time for a last-minute trip to Europe? That sounds lovely... and these three flight deals leaving from Newark and arriving in London, Madrid, or Paris are amazing. For much cheaper than you would normally pay, you can buy a round-trip ticket to one of these beautiful European cities, and you'll have money left over for a cool hotel and some delicious local food.