Traveling is fun but also can be very expensive. Hotels, food, and those new outfits that you just had to buy can really add up (but you're going to a different climate, so it feels totally necessary). And that's not even counting the airfare.

The truth is that booking flights can take the biggest chunk out of your travel budget, and it can often feel like there's simply no way around that. Thankfully, there are some websites that offer some incredible savings on plane tickets, and we're here to tell you about the best one.


If you're traveling from the U.S., you can find the best flight deals using The site sometimes uses other websites to find you the best deals and you're so close to going on vacation.

Fly To Aruba From New York For $334 USD

Thanks to, you can snag this flight deal and fly to Aruba from New York City for $334 USD total. You will fly with United Airlines, leaving on Saturday, February 22nd and returning on Spirit Airlines the following Saturday. The flight there is $159 and the flight back is $175, adding up to $334.

Going on a lovely beach vacation for this price? It's pretty wild to imagine, and since it might be snowing pretty hard where you live, this sounds better and better.

During your trip, stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba, where it will only take two minutes to stroll over to Palm Beach. Head over to Barefoot Restaurant which has a lot of seafood to choose from and will have you dining right on the beautiful beach.

Grab A Flight From Newark To Croatia For $825.80 USD

Want to fly to Europe for less than $1,000? Yes, it's actually possible. This is an amazing deal and will make going to Croatia seem like a dream that can actually come true. You'll change planes in Frankfurt, leaving on Thursday, February 13th, and come home on Thursday, February 20th, changing places in Munich.

You'll fly into Zagreb, Croatia which would be a great city to stay in. It's the capital and, according to Lonely Planet, there's a big "cafe culture" here which is good news for travelers who love to stroll around and grab a delicious caffeinated beverage.

You'll also find a good deal at the Palace Hotel, as has a good deal right now with rooms for only $88 a night. That is just as exciting as the flight deal, right?

Since coffee is a big thing here, it's helpful to know which cafes to go to before you even leave. Tourists can check out Meet Mia, which has pastries and cakes along with awesome coffee. Also try Roots Juice & Cocktail Bar, which is cool because it sells juice and healthy dishes and then at four in the afternoon, starts serving cocktails. You can enjoy smoothie bowls, toast with hummus, and more.

Head To Kingston, Jamacia From Newark For $539 USD

It's officially wintertime and it feels like sunshine is just never going to happen again. So the fact that there's this flight deal on from Newark to Kingston, Jamaica is really good news. And the fact that it's so cheap is even better.

This deal from has you flying with Spirit Airlines on Thursday, February 13 for $277 and coming home on American Airlines the following Thursday for $263. This is what the site calls "a hacker fare" where you're supposed to make sure that you own several windows on your browser and sign up for everything fast in order to snag the fare. So take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves (or take a few fortifying sips of coffee) and get ready to save a ton of money.

Book some hotel rooms at Courtyard by Marriott Kingston, Jamaica as it's affordable and everything looks perfect, from the food to the view from the outdoor area pictured here. This is a particularly convenient hotel as there is a pool on the roof, you can eat all three meals each day here if you'd rather not leave the hotel, and there's also a gym. You can also eat lunch at the Rooftop Pool Bar.

When it's time to travel and you don't want your plane tickets to break the bank, check out these three awesome flight deals from They offer you the chance to go on vacation to three interesting places, and with the money that you're saving, you can book a nice hotel, enjoy restaurants of your choosing, and have a relaxing time. And once you do this once and it results in an epic getaway, you'll always want to scour the Internet for the best flight deals.