“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could’ve only been thought up at a flea market. Flea markets can sell everything from wholesale baby wipes to antique chandeliers in one centralized location making them perfect for an array of buyers. Even better is the feel for the local culture at every market. You might find an antique tea set and taxidermy in the Midwest, while vintage subway photos and eccentric art lines the booths on the East. For a variety of goods and flea market experiences, check out the 10 Best Flea Markets in America.

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10 10. Chelsea Flea Market - New York, NY

The city that never sleeps hosts an ongoing weekend flea-market year-round. You can find up to 150 vendors selling everything from furniture, to antiques, to handmade crafts. The market is open from 9AM to 5PM, and the gated off area has encouraged an entry fee. The Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood used to compete as a separate flea but has since merged with Chelsea to maintain their valuable goods on the west side. Don’t expect to just browse around if you visit. Chances are you’ll find something you just have to have.

9 9. Scott Antique Market - Atlanta, GA

More an antique show than a flea market, Scott Antique Market was founded by an antique’s dealer almost 30 years ago. Today, it’s the country’s largest indoor antique market with over 3,000 vendors on the second weekend of every month. The market is split into two different sections; one with higher-end antique items and the other with more affordable goods. Some of the inventory typically includes oil paintings, antique jewelry, silverware, vintage toys, jukeboxes, and more. If you’re looking for a true antique show experience where you can find one-of-a-kind items, don’t miss it.

8 8. Kane Country Flea Market - Kane County, IL

Getting its start over 45 years ago, the Kane Country Flea Market is one of America’s favorites. Not only does it cater to the country’s most seasoned flea market attendees, but it’s also known for having more common items for the everyday shoppers. From specialty vintage items like Scandinavian furniture to the more common accessories and artwork, it’s no wonder this market brought in a record 30,000 visitors. The market is open on Saturdays from 12PM-5PM, and on Sundays from 7AM-4PM. Get there early to beat the crowds, and make sure you have your $5 cover charge.

7 7. Raleigh Flea Market - Raleigh, NC

1,000 vendors span two different buildings and several outdoor lots at this popular flea market. Every year, the market hosts about 2.5 million visitors and is one of the state’s top tourist destinations where buyers can find the largest selection of furniture and jewelry. You’ll find anywhere from 100-300 antique dealers selling items such as iconic retro furniture and Victorian dresses. Bring your pup along for the adventure and they might win “Dog of the Week” on the market’s Facebook Page. The Raleigh Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-6PM.

6 6. Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market - Shipshewana, IN

The Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market started as a home business in 1922. It’s now the largest flea market in the Midwest with over 900 vendors. The flea market is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8AM-4PM between May and September.

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Unique to this flea market is their weekly themes, so you know when to go for the best deals on what you’re looking for. The themes include “Shabby Chic,” “Local Crafts,” “Jewelry & Boutique Clothing,” and “Antiques & Collectibles.” The last week in August brings a special event called “Junk in Your Trunk” where vendors can drive their cars right onto the lot and sell items out of their trunks.

5 5. Rose Bowl Flea Market - Pasadena, CA

The Rose Bowl Flea is one of the most famous flea markets in the country thanks to celebrity sightings, but it’s more than that. The market is hosted in the Rose Bowl Stadium and is known for having quality vintage items for grabs.

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Whether it’s vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry, photographs or furniture, they can all be found among the 2,000+ stalls at the stadium. The market is also known for its arts & crafts, ceramics, and glassware. Make sure to get there early to beat the crowds and take advantage of the unique finds.

4 4. First Monday Trade Days - Canton, TX

Everything’s bigger in Texas - including the flea markets. In fact, it’s the world’s largest flea market spanning over 100 acres. It’s also one of the oldest ongoing flea markets, dating back to the days of the barter system where people traded their unused goods for others’ unused goods.

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This monthly market is hosted the Thursday-Sunday before the first Monday of the month. Admission is free but do yourself a favor and buy the printed guide, because there’s no way you’ll be able to see it all. It also goes without saying that if you’re looking for vintage Western clothing, don’t look any further.

3 3. Rogers Flea Market - Rogers, OH

You’ll find this award-winning market just 30 minutes outside of the city of Pittsburg hosting almost 50,000 visitors every Friday. In addition to the flea market, there’s a monthly Tuesday auction. Auctioned items can be found on the updated Facebook page along with maps, events, and items that can be found throughout the market.

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Common items found include vintage houseware items, cameras and postcards, coins and other collectibles. If you’re a regular, you might even find the vintage automobile of your dreams. And when you’re done shopping, hang around for the live music and local eats.

2 2. Brimfield Antique Show - Brimfield, MA

The Brimfield Antique Show is a six-day event that takes place three times per year; May, July, and September. Over 5,000 dealers take part in the show and over 1 million buyers browse the goods. The market spreads over 20 fields, and most charge a preview fee on opening day. You’ll likely need all six days to get a thorough experience, but you’ll have to book a hotel a few miles outside of Brimfield as there are none in the immediate area. The market is also known for its attraction of foodies with their famous smokehouse BBQ, lobster rolls, and Pilgrim Sandwiches. For the best deals, avoid the season opener in May and opt for July or September.

1 1. Texas Antique Weekend - Fayetteville to Carmine, TX

Somewhere between Houston and Austin, in April and October, you’ll find thousands of vendors showcasing everything from ranch oak furniture to mid-century holiday decor. This market can only be experienced two weekends per year and as big as it is, you’d better make a holiday of it. Make sure to plan ahead and check the show’s website for updated information, maps, vendor lists, restaurants, and lodging. The involved counties offer some of the best thrifting you can get, so mark it in your calendar for the upcoming season.

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