There is no denying the fact that The Smoky Mountains are a beautiful attraction that draws in a plethora of visitors, especially during the fall. But why sell your small-town Tennessee getaway short?

Not only does the entire state seem to come alive with bright red, orange, and yellow hues during the autumn months, but there are also ample festivities, events, and other fascinating TN fall attractions to check out. So, why not venture out to see all the autumn beauty and join in on all the fall fun that The Volunteer State offers?

Here are ten Tennessee fall trips that aren't in the Smoky Mountains that are bound to ignite just about any traveler's autumnal spirit.

10 The City Of Chattanooga

For travelers looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the city of Chattanooga is a wonderful fall-time destination in Tennessee.

Not only is this city brimming with incredible fall foliage, but Chattanooga is also chalked full of autumn activities, festivals, and events.

A few notable things to check out this fall include the 3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival/Downtown Riverfront, ChattaBOOga, Sidewalk Stages, and the Chattanooga Market, which hosts a variety of autumn-themed events.

This exciting city also has a wealth of outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and more.

9 Tennessee River Valley

The Tennessee River Valley is a great place to check out if you want to get up-close-and-personal with autumn and the overall beauty of this state.

Just a humble expansive watershed off of the Tennessee River, this free-flowing waterway is genuinely an incredible sight to see.

With impressive bridges and some of the prettiest colors in the state around this time of year, this watershed is the perfect spot for hikers, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to set up camp or simply appreciate the changing of seasons.

8 Harpeth River State Park

For outdoorsy types and nature lovers, the Harpeth River State Park is definitely worth a visit this fall.

With an abundance of water activities along 40 miles of river, historic trails, archeological sites, stunning fall foliage, and more, this nature preserve is a serene and relaxing treat in autumn.

Here park goers can enjoy hiking, climbing, and fishing. Regularly scheduled events are also another treat this park offers. So if you are in the area, check out some of the exciting and fall-themed park happenings.

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7 The Cherohala Skyway

Alternatively, for those who enjoy long scenic drives, a trip down the 43-mile National Scenic Byway, also known as the Cherohala Skyway, is an autumn must.

Known for its incredibly gorgeous and unobstructed views, forested mountainside ridges, and nature trails, more than a few people make their way down this highway every year.

But in the fall, this skyway offers travelers a chance to marvel at the changing leaves from Tellico Plains, TN, all the way down to Robbinsville, NC.

Travelers can drive on through or make camp/find quaint lodgings beyond the byway—if they want to maximize their time in this picturesque location.

6 Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

Located near Memphis, TN, the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park in Shelby County is a fan favorite when it comes to TN State Parks.

In addition to all the recreational fun that awaits park goers here, this lively public playground borders the Mississippi and its two lakes (Polar Tree Lake and Lake Piersol).

When taken all together, this stunning backdrop in fall is really all you need in order to create some incredible Instagram photos and reels.

This state park also has 49 campsites available for anyone looking to spend a few days in this gorgeous outdoor space.

5 Memphis Botanic Garden

The Memphis Botanic Garden is yet another TN attraction that is lovely all year round.

But be that as it may, the foliage and scenic garden grounds are next-level during the autumn months.

From mid-October till late November, garden goers can marvel at a variety of trees and their dazzlingly colored leaves. With approximately 96 acres of gardens, trails, and serene spaces, visitors can soak up stunning surroundings with ease.

This is the perfect option for families, friends, and couples.

As an added bonus, this wonderful green space is also where various events, seasonal festivals, and concerts are held—so don't forget to check out their events calendar before you go.

4 Fall Creek Falls State Park

One of the more expansive TN state parks that fall travelers can visit is the Fall Creek Falls State Park.

A magnificent recreational area in Spencer, TN, Fall Creek Falls State Park offers guests ample lodging, including campsites, cabin rentals, and more than a few lodges ranging from rustic to romantic to lavish.

Besides all these excellent in-park accommodations, this state park has stunning views of cascades, gorges, and waterfalls, plus other water features, lush forested land, and some of the prettiest fall foliage in the state.

3 Big South Fork River & Recreational Area

Big South Fork is a 125,000-acre expanse that stretches across the Cumberland Plateau, which is a renowned nature conservation area with a sea of trees and flora.

Here, visitors can enjoy the standard fall time outdoorsy activities, including camping, hiking, birdwatching, and adventuring (whitewater paddling, horseback riding, and rock climbing).

Big South Fork is truly one of the most scenic spots in the area with its gorges, sandstone bluffs, historical sites, and more.

Overall, this is a fall traveler must-see for anyone heading to Northeastern Tennessee.

2 Reelfoot Lake State Park

In the Northwest corner of Tennessee, explorers and autumn lovers will find Reelfoot Lake State Park.

Revered as one of the most delightful places for fall outdoor activities, this nature sanctuary is an excellent choice for lake goers and anyone who loves fishing or wildlife viewing.

Here, park guests can enjoy "fall color" pontoon cruises on the 15,000-acre Reelfoot Lake, kayaking, camping, and adventuring in the seemingly endless surrounding natural landscape, or simply taking in the downright beautiful display of fall foliage in this pristine setting.

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1 Radnor Lake

Finally, Radnor Lake is another popular autumn attraction near good ole Nashville. This well-maintained nature area is full of hiking trails, forested land, and picturesque landscapes surrounding one awe-inspiring body of water—Radnor Lake.

In October, this lovely location is rumored to be a real feast for the eyes, especially for visitors and travelers who are looking for some stunningly fall-infused natural beauty.

So if you happened to be in the Nashville area this fall and are rounding out a weekend-or-longer itinerary, make sure to add this hot spot to the list.