When traveling overseas, it can be nice to have some things in mind that you want to buy or try while submerged in a new culture. One of the things many hobbyists look for is some phenomenal cigars that they will never forget. There is some crossover between those that are sold in the states and overseas, but at the end of the day, it is the experience that matters.

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We have uncovered the greatest cigars you should look for during your European travels. The aromas and tastes of these are like nothing you have ever tried before. Keep reading to learn about the ten best cigars to buy when traveling to Europe.

10 10. Ramon Allones Hermitage

This cigar can be found in Russia and is a very robust cigar that some may not enjoy. It originally comes from Cuba and costs the equivalent of around $20 for a single cigar. It has an earthy taste with a hint of pepper spice and it has a finish of a mild sweetness that drives customers wild.

It's the perfect way to kick off your Russian vacation as you peruse the streets with this cigar in hand. It will be so good that you'll surely find yourself buying a few more to take back home with you.

9 9. Hamlet Miniatures

These can be found almost everywhere in Europe and while they are a lower quality cigar, they are very popular amongst those who don't smoke all that often. They are very mild and smooth which makes it the perfect way to introduce yourself to cigars.

You don't even need a cutter for this pack so you can just pull one out and light it up on the go. You are bound to have an enjoyable experience while puffing on this beauty as you see the sights around Europe.

8 8. Toscano Extra Vecchio (Italian)

This is an Italian cigar that is made using Italian Kentucky tobacco and costs the equivalent of around $20 for a pack of 5. It is an aromatic cigar with hints of herbs and spices that will drive your senses wild.

This is the perfect cigar for anyone looking for something that rests right in the middle. You can take this pack on the go as you travel across the Italian countryside and see all that this great country has to offer for tourists.

7 7.  Henri Wintermans Half Corona Dutch Cigars

This cigar is well known for its pleasant aroma and its low price of around $13 for an entire pack. It has a mild flavor with a smooth draw that will relax you as no other cigar has done before. This company knows what they are doing as they have been in business since the 1900s and have perfected their craft of creating epic cigars.

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They bring in different tobaccos from all over the world to find the best to use in their brands. This is one cigar that won't leave you disappointed as you puff on the perfect blend that they've created.

6 6. Quai D'Orsay No. 54

This was a regional edition that was only released in France, and it is the perfect cigar for any vacationing hobbyist to try. It might be a bit harder to find, but when you do, your purchase will be totally worth it. It is on the market for the equivalent of around $16 and it drifts between a mild and medium smoke.

You will savor each and every puff as the aromas entice you to buy a few more for the road. Other types can be bought all over the world, but this is the only one that is exclusive to France.

5 5. Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro

This was a brand that was first released in Europe at a private event back in 2018 and slowly released the rest in European countries before sending it internationally. This makes it the perfect cigar to buy during your vacation in Europe as you taste the cigar in the place where it all began.

It has hints of nuts and coffee that cigar enthusiasts rave about to all of their friends. You don't want to miss out on the smoke of a lifetime by passing up on this cigar if you find it in a shop during your travels.

4 4. Montecristo Joyita

This is a more popular brand over in Europe that bottles a full taste in a small cigar. They cost around $9 and are a medium to a robust cigar. They have a tangy and fruity flavor that will excite your senses and make your entire trip more memorable.

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This cigar is not for everyone, but those who do manage to take the chance don't regret their experience. The draw can be a bit tight, although it makes up for it with its array of phenomenal flavors.

3 3. Quorum Toro

This is a great everyday smoke that has an excellent Ecuadorean wrapper. It is about $2 per cigar which makes it great for anyone looking to stay within a budget.

It is medium-bodied that is a bit harsh for first-timers, but the nutty taste does leave a lasting impression. You can fit in with the locals as you sit down at the cigar shop to puff on this cigar and learn about the culture of the area you are staying in Europe.

2 2. Cohiba Piramides Extra

This cigar comes from a company in Switzerland and has a medium to a robust flavor that hobbyists love. It comes in a torpedo shape that has a premium-feeling wrapper that is to die for. The tobacco has a Vuelta Abajo origin that is unlike anything else you have probably tasted in your lifetime.

It has hints of wood and spice that are generally enjoyed with a great European whiskey. You can't go wrong with this purchase as you begin to learn about the culture through this fantastic cigar.

1 1. H Upmann Noellas

These cigars can be hard to find due to their intermittent release but when you do come across them, they are a must. It is an ugly looking cigar, although what's on the inside is what truly matters. It has a strong cinnamon taste that is followed by a creamy wood flavor that is not always for someone who strictly enjoys mild cigars.

It has a smooth burn that will have you coming back for more to bring home with you after your vacation is over. Your trip to Europe will feel complete after taking a few puffs on this amazing cigar.

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