It's a Friday night in the beautiful city of Chicago and you and your friends are at a loss for what to do. You are bored with the normal options you generally suggest and instead, you want something new and exciting. You want something which will push your mental capacity to its limits.

The something you should consider is an escape room because it will provide you with the different sort of adventure your group was searching for. There are several options at varying prices, but it is the perfect event for larger groups of people. Keep reading to learn about ten escape rooms in Chicago which will test your intelligence!

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This escape room has a total of six games located between two separate locations. The games include The Railcar, Operation G. R. A. N. I. E., The Dollhouse, Duck and Cover Classroom, Detective vs. Dillinger, and Roaring Dan's Pirate Dungeon. Each game is allotted 60 minutes and can accommodate up to ten people.

It is $34 per person per game, which is a relatively fair price for this type of event. There are several reviews of families bringing younger children who said their games are perfect for the whole family.


This escape room offers four options and allows for 60 minutes of exhilarating fun. You can compete on a team of two to six players and it is recommended your children are at least 15-years-old, as they garner the most entertainment from the experience.

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They have multiple options to reach their location including taxi, subway, and Divvy bike. The cost is $35 per person to play and the rooms to choose from are The Bunker, The Bank and The Prison.


This escape room is an hour long adventure like the rest but is priced lower at $28 per person. You can play with up to seven of your friends and the escape rooms are a bit scarier than most. The four rooms included are Voodoo Spirits, Infection, The Mob, and Prison.

The games differ in their mood and difficulty, allowing people of all intellectual levels to play. Children under ten are not permitted, no matter the circumstance, and children below eighteen are required to have a waiver signed by parents before they are allowed to participate.


This escape room has a total of five games for you to play. The games you can choose are Prison BreakGold Rush, Mission Mars, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, and The Heist. They are priced at $35.99 per person, except for their premium game, which is priced at $39.99.

They allow all ages to participate, but let you know children under 13 tend not to have the capability to contribute. They also accommodate large parties and corporate events and have a team dedicated to perfecting the experience for you.


This unique escape room experience incorporates costumes for you and your friends to wear, including orange prison jumpsuits or lab coats depending upon the game's story. They have four options which include Prison Break, Psycho, A. I. Rebellion, and Portal.

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They say children are allowed but the content included is not acceptable for any child under the age of eight. Their games are priced by the number of players, which ranges from $99 to $130, which ends up costing around $30 per person.


This incredible escape room only offers two experiences, but they have perfected them to be the best they can be. The rooms included are Escape the Safe House and Save the White House.

They provide different difficulty levels depending on your skill level. They have specific times for families with children eight and up, tailoring it for the entire family to enjoy. Their rooms are priced at $35 a person and they also offer corporate or team building events as well.


They have three missions and each one can accommodate a different grouping of people. The group sizes range from eight to fifteen and require a large amount of communication to complete them.

The rooms available to be played are The Treasure, The Pyramid, and The Castle. The charge is $28 per person, but they also have private room rates as well. They allow all ages to participate in the fun and offer plenty of hints if you happen to get stuck along the way.


This venue offers six escape rooms and a traditional or scavenger story depending upon what you prefer. The games included are Professor Moriarty's Game Room, The President's Bunker, Sherlocke Holmes' Library, Dr. Watson's Infirmary, Escape the Colosseum, and On the Run.

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It is priced at $32 per player and are designed for children 12 and up. They do offer specialty competition rooms depending upon the location and you can view the recent stats of other competitors on their website to see what times you need to beat.


This escape room allows up to eight people to play at a time. They only offer two rooms and it is reasonably priced at $28 per person. The games they offer are Tesla and Secret Room of Leonardo da Vinci. 

The game room Tesla involves you escaping from a mad genius' lab where he gave the world special powers over radio waves, x-rays, currents, and lasers. The other game involves breaking out of Leonardo da Vinci's secret room by solving his ingenious puzzles.


This is a newer venue and currently only offers a single game to play, but they have two games which will be ready to be played soon. The game available to play is Casino Heist and the two up and coming games are Recording Studio and Robbery in Monaco.

The price is around $33 per person depending upon the number of people you bring to play. The rooms accommodate up to six people and are best if played with older children, or just adults, as it involves a medium skill level.