There is no shortage of shows in Las Vegas, while the shows may not have the same family-friendly reputation as Broadway there is something for everyone. Las Vegas has everything from adult-only shows to family-friendly shows. If in NYC, then be sure to plan on attending some of their world-famous Broadway shows with some of the best talents on earth.

Las Vegas has a massive reputation, but is it worth the hype? First-timers have different thoughts on that question, but it is still a destination that can be great for families. There are plenty of shows in Vegas good for kids and families. It is very much possible to have a great time in Sin City with children. Most of the shows are good for kids aged 5 and over, but there are also some that are suitable for kids as young as 2 or 3 years of age.



This brightly colored show is one that will keep the kids entertained. It is an old fashion styled Las Vegas family show with extravagant costumes and attractive girls. It was created by Hanoch Rosenn - the creator of WOW and includes 30 of the most talented acrobats, singers, and comedians. It even includes an eye-catching act with a motorcycle act known as the Globe of Death. Be rocked with laughter with the comedian's hilarious one-liners together with unbelievable acrobatics. It is a show that both young and old can enjoy.

  • Show Times: Almost daily at 7:00 pm, Saturday-Sunday extra show at 9:00 pm
  • Age limit: 5+
  • Location: Bally's Hotel and Casino

Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater

The Comedy Pet Theater doesn't have an age limit so one can bring the whole family to this show. This is a show that is going to have the whole family on the edge of their seats. While there are the basic tricks that most dogs know like "fetch", "stay" "rollover", and "sit" have you ever wondered what a dog can do if it is professionally trained by Gregory Popovich?This is a show where the stars are the cute doggies. Watch them as they pretend to be firemen rescuing each other from the flames, or as they play doctors and patients. But that's just the start, see them skip rope, push strollers, and much more. There are also some other pets on the stage like trained geese and doves. This is a family experience that won't offend anyone.
  • Show Times: Daily except for Sunday & Monday at 4:00 pm
  • Age limit: None
  • Location: V Theater - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
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V-The Ultimate Variety

Come and see many of the act that has been featured on America's Got Talent and I Can Do That! This is an affordable show and one that is family-friendly. The show features acrobats, jugglers, gymnasts, and plenty of talent.
  • Location: V Theater - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
  • Show Times: Nightly, at 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm
  • Age limit: None

The Big Little Variety

This is one of Vegas's newest shows and includes everything - magicians, jugglers, acrobatics, comedians, and more. Performances include bewildering sword swallowing and the illusionist Penny Wiggins leading a parade of cast member performers her illusions together with her witty comments.Watch as the acrobats seemingly defy gravity and the performers keep the whole family riveted.
  • Location: Alexis Park Resort
  • Show Times: Friday-Sunday at 4:30 pm
  • Age limit: None
There are many more family-friendly shows and this Las Vegas Entertainment Guide lists more of them. Book the family-friendly shows on and let one's family vacation begin. Related: This Vegas Airport Is The Closest To The Strip, And Here Are Some Other First-Timer Tips

Shows Geared Toward Older Audiences & Clubs

At the other extreme of Vegas entertainment is the adult shows that Vegas is famously infamous for, here are a few of them.

X Burlesque: Unique Entertainment As A Member of The Audience Becomes Part Of The Show

Thunder From Down Under: This Show Of Hunky Australian Men Is Largely Geared Towards a Female Audience

Cheetahs: Where The 90's Movie Showgirls Was Filmed And A Place 'Of What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas'

Sapphire: One of the Largest 18+ Clubs - It Is The Embodiment of The Sin City Image Vegas is Known For

Las Vegas caters for all (or at least many) walks of life and has everything from cute doggy shows to more mature themes, and everything in between.

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