Ireland, the Emerald Isle's capital Dublin enchants one with captivating history, a legacy of art, mesmerizing coastal surroundings, Irish pubs marking loads of craic, picturesque landscapes, and a delectable range of food. Here is a small itinerary for having this on your bucket list.

best Things to do in Dublin

The largest church in Ireland, St. Patrick's Cathedral boasts to be the most popular amongst tourists. Hailing back to 1191, it exudes marvelous architecture and retains its glory from the medieval period. A compelling cultural experience, this place has been a part of Ireland's history for more than 800 years.


Another must-visit landmark for first-timers is The Temple Bar. Also known as the resting place of Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver's Travels. The cathedral is notably known for baptistry where St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland baptized the natives. The church has a ticketing system where the regular adult tickets cost around €8 for adults which includes the tour.

One of the most iconic bars in Dublin, this bar is flocked by tourists from all over the world.  Its red exterior marks its eccentricity and its location in the heart of the city makes it up to nightlife. Strong Irish whisky and hallelujah, loads of fun. When travelers have had their fill here, consider taking in some artwork at Francis Bacons Studio!

The Dublin-born painter, Francis Bacon is deemed to have one of the most acclaimed and expensive artworks in the world. The studio is at Hugh Lane which has 7000 objects from the artist's original studio. Having chaotic energy, the studio features figurative paintings depicting unrestrained tone and his erratic lifestyle. The entrance is free to this gallery and the opening hours are generally from 9.45 am to 6 pm.

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Dublin is also notoriously known for alcohol over food, although the award-winning food blogger, Ketty Quigley paved "Delicious Dublin Tours' ' which evolves the local's as well as tourists' tastes of the city's rich culinary experience. A €60 tour comprises Dublin's top foodie locations which have marked its popularity even in National Geographic Traveller.

When a full meal has been had, take in some authentic Irish tunes at Whelan's

Music holds the heart of Dublin's culture and the pub, Whelan's has witnessed performances from amazing music artists. It comprises three bar areas and two stages, a complete rage for music lovers.

More than 800 years old, the marvelous facade of Dublin Castle still stands high in its glory. Turning time back, the castle reflects the history and spans an area of 11 acres, and is a great place to start the day. There are guided tours of the Castle's rooms, gardens, Garda and the Revenue Museum, the Chapel Royal, the Chester Beatty Library and so much more.

Small Budget, Great Feast: Where To find Dublin's best food

Dublin makes way for the classics as well as the contemporary style of cuisine.  Here are the restaurants one should not miss in case of affordable budget and a delectable treat.

Lucky Tortoise is a hotspot for dim sums and a good range of meals at budget-friendly prices, especially its potstickers, also known as okonomiyaki makes this restaurant an affordable deal. One of the best places to eat in Dublin, the €15 lunch deal on weekdays and €28, all-inclusive menu make one visit definitely.

Quirky sandwiches with a funky ambiance of the cafe, Pepper Pot overlooks the amazing Georgian Powerscourt Townhouse. Be it fresh loaves, bagels, Danish pastries, or bacon and roast pear sandwiches, Pepper Pot spells sandwich perfection.

Wondering to find the best burger in Dublin, both the well-known Bunsen Burger and the newcomer, Dash Burger is famous for its burger treats. Burgers, Fries, or Chicken tenders, create the perfect fast food joint with its meals starting at €8.95 solely.

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best Places To Stay in dublin

The Hendrick Smithfield

Situated in Dublin and 600 m away from the National Museum of Ireland, The Hendrick Smithfield hotel is in the prime location of the city at an affordable price. Accommodation with a bar, private parking, and terrace, its neighborhood is bustling with life.

Having a modern retro aesthetic, The Dean is somewhere between an expensive and grubby option of accommodation. With a lively rooftop bar, color pop furnishings, and bars in the surrounding streets, this place can be a great option for staying. Although, the rooms are on the smaller side that is worthy of the budget spent too.

Offering budget en suite accommodation and a late-night bar, Generator Dublin hotel also features DJs, live bands, quizzes, movie nights, and live sports. Offering easy access to Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, and Guinness Storehouse, this place is great in terms of being budget-friendly as well. The venue is located 0.2 km away from Smithfield Square and also near Old Jameson Distillery. The distance to the airport is nearly 8.9kms.

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