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Palm Springs is one of the most remarkable desert oasis resort towns in the American West. The area is home to over 100 golf courses (most of which are open to the public) and is a favored snowbird destination. Palm Springs is also a great location to explore the many other attractions of the region - like Joshua Tree National Park, Slab City (the "last free place on earth" - and really worth seeing), and the disaster that's the Salton Sea and Salton City.

One can also explore Palm Springs itself. There are a bunch of tours one can take to explore this remarkable oasis of the desert. These self-driving tours feature auditor tracks and original photos and are a great way to really get to know the town. All of these tours are self-driving and one will need one's own car.


Rancho Mirage Architectural & Celebrity Tour

The Rancho Mirage Architectural and Celebrity self-driving tour explores the place where many of the stars and celebrities would go, so they could fly under the radar and not be bothered. Unlike many celebrity homes, Rancho Mirage has fewer tall walls.

Here the stars and the rich & famous were at ease and didn't bother to put up the customary huge walls for privacy. This means that today their mid-century designed homes are readily on display.

  • Duration: 75 Minutes to 2 Hours
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Stops: 12 Stops

This is a tour where visitors will see the architectural beauty of Rancho Mirage up close and will be able to explore the most important buildings in Rancho Mirage. Buildings include the Kenaston Residence, Groucho Marx’s home, and the iconic Wave House. Learn how Rancho Mirage went from a desert farmyard to a celebrity playground.

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Celebrity Homes Tour - 10 Best

On the Celebrity Homes Tour - 10 Best, visit much of the town's architectural marvels and some of the most snazzy celebrity homes. These include the homes of Leonardo DiCaprio, several U.S. presidents, Elvis Presley, and Frank and the Rat Pack.

See where celebrities of both today and yesterday lived and enjoyed Palm Springs. In total (as the name suggests) one will see the 10 best celebrity homes in the city - the tour is well suited to those wanting to see the most important star's home in the least amount of time.

  • Duration: 90 Minutes to 2 Hours
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Stops: 10 Stops

See Leonard DiCapri's legendary bachelor pad, where Elvis once hung out, and much more.

Modern Homes & Buildings 101

Go a bit more in-depth with their Modern Homes & Buildings 101 self-guided tour and see the modern architecture that makes up the heart of Palm Springs. See the golden age of Palm Springs and explore the town's architectural modernism


  • Duration: 90 Minutes to 2 Hours
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Stops: 15 Stops

Learn about Palm Springs in a way one would not normally have seen or heard about. Explore the most iconic buildings on Palm Canyon Drive, see quirky Tiki architecture, and more.

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Modernism Top 10 Tour

The Modernism Top 10 Tour explores some of the best of Palm Springs’ modern architectural attractions. See some of the buildings that appear on Instagram feeds and learn about Palm Springs's unique style. Learn about the local legends and hear fascinating stories.

  • Duration: 1 to 1.5 Hours
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Stops: 10 Stops

Delve into the architectural beauty of Palm Springs up close and see the central core of the city together with its more historic neighborhoods.

Modernism Mega Tour

Their Modernism Mega Tour goes into depth into Palm Springs' architecture and modernism. It is a combination of the Top 10 Tour and the Modern Homes & Buildings 101 Tour. It has around twice the number of stops as the other regular tours and takes between 2 and 3 hours.

  • Combines: Top 10 Tour and the Modern Homes & Buildings 101 Tour
  • Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • Cost: $79.99
  • Stops: 21 Stops

On the tour, discover the most important and famous buildings in Palm Springs, like Edris House and Kaufmann House. Rumors have it that one of the buildings may even be cursed. One will discover how that Palm Springs wasn't always the celebrity playground that one sees today.

The tour includes detailed directions, narration from an expert guide, original photographs of iconic buildings, and more.