The world has become smaller over the last few decades as international communication has become easier, and is available in more countries than ever. However, this same world that's gotten smaller has also opened up to the many people who enjoy traveling and want to experience the vastly different locations, cultures, and people that call this planet their home. Today, more than ever before, careers are available for those who wish to travel. Traveling doesn't have to be something you plan once a year when you get your annual vacation days from your employer. Traveling can be something you experience every day.

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10 10. Flight Attendant

When most people are asked to think of a career which would not only allow but also require them to travel, they think of a flight attendant. You could stick to regional flights, where you stay relatively close to home and attend flights that will allow you to be home a few nights a week. However, if you'd love to visit other countries, you can also apply for a role as a flight attendant on international flights. Some airlines offer more international flights than domestic so the company you choose should be able to offer you the type of travel you are looking for. Also, many flight attendants can fly free through the airline they work for when not working, so you can easily take a vacation anywhere that airline travels.

9 9. Cruise Ship Career

Similar to working as a flight attendant, those who work on a cruise ship will travel to any of the locations the cruise ship is scheduled to visit. While you would most likely have to be onboard the ship or helping those who have signed up for shore excursions at most ports, most of those who work on a cruise ship can be scheduled for a day off when the ship will dock. This way, you can go ashore and participate in the excursions or just experience that location the way the locals do. Cruise ships hire entertainment personnel such as casino dealers and bartenders, but also retail employees for the many shops on board, or even cooks and waitstaff for each of the restaurants.

8 8. TEFL Teacher

A TEFL teacher focuses on Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Of course, many countries already speak English as the primary language, but more of them do not. China is a popular destination for many English teachers as are many other Asian countries. However, with a little research, you will probably find someone hiring a TEFL teacher in any country you'd want to travel to.

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You'd need a passport and visa, as well as a TEFL certification for most positions. Most positions you find will also require a contract to teach for either a semester or a full year. This means that after your contract is up, you can sign a contract with a new school or agency in another city or country, allowing you to travel.

7 7. Traveling Nurse

Most traveling nurses have a specialty that is important and highly sought after, but not always needed at every hospital. For example, some nurses that have focused experience with contagious diseases and the prevention of spreading may need to travel to a part of the country or the world that is facing an epidemic. While this not only allows you to travel and experience other cultures, it also puts you right where you are needed as a nurse with your experience. If you are already a nurse, whether you have specialized training or not, there are many countries that are suffering a shortage of nurses.

6 6. Travel Agent

When it became popular for travels to book their flights and accommodations online instead of going through a travel agent, most travel agents didn't see a lot of work. However, things are changing. Busy parents won't be able to sit at the computer and decide whether they want to go to Disneyland or Disney World, and which hotel to stay in, and all the activities they want to do with their kids. Most parents only want to enjoy the vacation and not stress about planning it. That's where a travel agent comes in. Travel agents also need to be well-traveled themselves, able to share personal stories of different cruises, cities, hotels, etc.

5 5. Tour Guide

Have you always wanted to visit Paris? Why not find a position with a tour guide company in Paris that will teach you about the history and culture you will be conveying to other travelers. Then, you can share all that you love about the city of Paris with others who came to visit as well. You can choose to be a tour guide in many different cities, from London to Barcelona, Rome to New York City. After being a tour guide in one location for a while, feel free to move on to another city that you'd love to experience.

4 4. Truck Driver

Truck driving is typically an American job, as much of the country's commerce and agriculture revolves around it. A truck driver can be local, meaning they stay within their city and cities close to it, or regional. Regional truck drivers can travel to a city in one day, stay overnight, and then travel back the next.

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These types of truck drivers don't travel very far from home. Over-the-road, or OTR, truckers can be on the east coast one week, the west the next, and then in Canada after that. This allows the driver to see much of North America and get paid for every mile. It is becoming more common for couples to drive across the country whether only one person is a driver or they both are and they share the responsibility.

3 3. Au Pair

An au pair is very common in Europe which makes it the perfect job for someone who would love to experience the European continent and also love children. Parents can hire an au pair to help care for the children physically with meals, baths, exercise, etc. An au pair may also be asked to provide transportation for the children, help with homework, and other tasks. In exchange for all this help with the children, the au pair will be provided room and board, and some families will also offer a stipend on top of those expenses. When the family travels, the au pair will usually accompany them to help with the children.

2 2. Digital Nomad

The term "digital nomad" is very new, and as you can imagine from the name, revolves around the ever-increasingly technology-filled world we live in. Those who work as freelancers remotely, such as writers and editors or even marketing managers, work digitally and are free to roam the world. Other digital nomads include travel photographers, consultants, and others who can do their work from anywhere they have an internet connection. Millennials are quickly grabbing hold of this lifestyle and while these aren't typical careers you'd expect someone to jump into after college, it is leading to a very culturally-aware generation.

1 1. Peace Corps Or Red Cross Volunteer

While volunteering for the Peace Corps or the Red Cross, you will often find yourself somewhere in the world where your services are desperately needed, and you know you will have room and board, food, and travel expenses paid for. Volunteers for international agencies such as these can experience many different environments, cultures, languages, and more simply by volunteering their efforts for a certain length of time.

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