Portland, Oregon is known as a bit of a quirky city - parodied in Portlandia, and while nowhere could be quite that off-beat in real life, this city is definitely proud of being a little bit weird! It’s also incredibly proud of its food scene, especially when it comes to street food, food trucks, and microbreweries. Portland boasts over 600 food trucks throughout the city, open from breakfast through to late night snacks. The city is also a mecca for slightly unusual food - twists on classic fare that matches the overall unconventional vibe of this amazing city… and that includes amazing donuts! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we can point you in the direction of the best sweet fried treats in the city.  


Delicious Donuts  

The name really says it all with this place - and the classic donuts truly are delicious, they topped the listing for the Oregonian’s ‘Best Donuts Of 2018’ list! Made fresh daily, these sweet treats are unpretentious and wonderfully made, with classic flavors like the glazed, maple log, and chocolate dipped on offer. The closest thing you’ll find to a ‘wacky’ flavor at Delicious Donuts is those topped with crushed Oreo cookies. The story of the shop is just as sweet and wholesome as the treats themselves, too: owners Boun Saribout and Penny Nguyen are high school sweethearts and parents of three who make every customer feel like they are part of the family. Delicious Donuts is truly built on love!

Doe Donuts

Of course, if you are looking for something different, rather than the classic fried treat, head over to the vegan, locally sourced, artisanal treats at Doe Donuts. (Vegan, locally sourced, and artisanal being the holy trinity of the Portland food scene, of course.) As well as some classic, year-round flavors, Doe Donuts has a rotating menu of seasonal combinations, including Butterbeer, Burnt Pineapple Buttermilk Bar, Almond Chai Bearclaw and Cherry Limeade. These donuts look as stunning as they taste, too, with creative toppings like edible flowers and gold pearls - no clumsily dipped icing to be seen here! Enjoy some cruelty-free and truly Instagrammable treats with these, and feel even better when you hear that Doe Donuts also donates to various charitable organizations throughout the year.

What list of Portland’s donuts would be complete without Voodoo - a donut shop so famous for its crazy combinations that there’s even a Voodoo Donut Maple Bacon Ale microbrew from Rogue brewery! Although some locals will tell you that only tourists hit Voodoo now, it’s still worth swinging by for one of their hilariously named doughnuts topped with everything from cereal to candy. Blue Star is the other big name in Portland donuts, with amazing flavor combinations and a few boozy options, too. However, if you head off the beaten trail, Portland has so many other amazing donut shops to offer - in between the savory food truck snacks, of course!