Famous for its Chicago-style hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, jazz music, loyal sports fans, and 1920s gangsters, Chicago is ever a bustling metropolis overflowing with fun, food, and culture, promising locals and visitors alike an entertaining day out or break away from reality. And as the clutches of COVID-19 loosen, slowly but surely, Chicago is gaining the attention of intrepid, fun-seeking travelers once more.

One sure-fire, lasting result of the pandemic, however, is that beloved pooches have gotten used to mom and dad staying home with them. Even as the world slowly returns to normal, doggos and doggy parents are finding the separation anxiety much too unbearable. But here's the truth: there's no need to suffer the heartbreak of leaving one's pupper at home, especially if a fabulous city vacation to Chicago is on the cards.

As a dog-loving city, Chicago and its restaurants are the perfect choice for pets and their owners, with many of them offering a five-star pup service and canine menus to four-legged customers. Out of the many dos and don'ts when in Chicago, bringing Fido is definitely the biggest "do." So, leash up, pack some treats and head to any of the following dog-friendly eateries in Chicago.

9 PB&J

Short for Pizza, Beer & Jukebox, PB&J is one of Chicago's top pup-friendly establishments, offering an adorable (and tasty) dog menu and a welcoming space where pets are invited. People worry not, for they do cater well to humans too - their delicious cocktails, pizzas, and pies are all highly-rated by two-legged furless customers.

Just as one thought it couldn't get any cuter, every Wednesday from 5 pm to 7 pm, PB&J hosts Doggie Date Night, when hopeful singles can bring their pets along to break the ice, and meet plenty of other likeminded canine fanatics. During this entertaining weekly event, they serve up doggy dishes for pups and parents, including half-priced dog menu items and half-priced beer for humans. And if that wasn't enough of a draw for the dog-obsessed, they even host a puppy pool party on occasions, which in all honesty, sounds exactly like heaven.

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8 Formento's

Fancy some fine dining with Fido? Situated in Fulton Market District in Chicago’s famous West Loop, Formento’s is an exquisite Italian restaurant with a traditional bistro vibe mixed with modern Euro-charm that features the light flavors of Italy. Inspired by the owner's grandmother, Nonna Formento, guests and their furry friends can savor the restaurant's lengthy menu full of Italian cuisine with roots embedded in traditional family recipes, as well as many modern dishes thrown into the mix. And the Formento's beautiful patio is where those delights are chowed down upon; where pupperinos and parents can enjoy a unique formal dining experience together like no other in Chicago.

7 Broken English

Ask a local, and they'll say that one of the best things to do in Chicago is to eat one's way through the city - and of course, one can do exactly that with Fido. Boasting locations in three of Chicago's most vibrant neighborhoods - The Loop, Lincoln Park, and Old Town - Broken English is one of the places to add to a food adventure tour of the city. This amazing restaurant captures the flavor and flair of Mexico's street food culture and arts scene, serving up sensational street-style tacos, drinks, lively music, and colorful artwork created by local artists.

Parents and their perros can delight in sitting outdoors on the patio, and tucking into some of the best Mexican food in town, including distinguished tacos full of fried chicken, vegetables, shrimp, and more, as well as no lack of Mexican cocktails and margarita pitchers to help cool off on a warm summer's day.

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6 Lou's Backyard

This pup-loving joint in central Chicago was previously called Saint Lou’s Assembly, but now goes by the name Lou's Backyard since undergoing an upgrade that emphasizes outdoor dining. Boasting a picturesque patio perfect for pups and pup parents to wine and dine on, it's another one of Chicago's best places for people and pets to retreat to in search of respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The menu may be small but truly makes up for it with how mouth-watering each dish is; think indulgent American-style comfort foods, but irresistibly high quality. It's all about patty melts, chunky fries, onion rings, sumptuous desserts, and even sweet treats for puppers - the "puppy chow" is their delectable doggy delicacy, featuring Chex, peanut butter, and delish dog-friendly chocolate.

5 Bandit

Bandit is for pet owners on the hunt for a pup-friendly casual eat-and-drink establishment, combining the character of a local neighborhood bar with the class of an upmarket restaurant. Think glamour meets grit - that's the idea, and they do it just right. Perfectly situated in the popular West Loop neighborhood, Bandit's outdoor area is ideal for hungry guests of all leg numbers and offers tasty comfort food like classic Chicago hot dogs and burgers, and even bottomless brunch cocktails. And dogs eat just as well as humans too: Bandit's "pup picks" menu features fantastic tasties for furry friends, such as burger patties, chicken, skirt steak, and "woof cream" for dessert.

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4 Barrio

Nestled in River North near the West Loop, Barrio and its large dog-friendly patio is another superb Mexican cuisine choice for pup parents. Here, it's bottomless brunches and tequila galore, where they welcome guests on all fours right through the front door. A tempting menu for dogs is also available, just like at many other restaurants on this list.

However, what makes Barrio's so special in terms of dog dedication is that a fraction of the funds generated from the doggy menu gets donated to PAWS Chicago, so dog-loving customers can dine whilst knowing part of the proceeds is going to help other man's best friends in need. Plus, the pet menu is pretty impressive - they have chicken breast, burger patty, and skirt steak, all grilled with extra virgin olive oil and followed by a portion of - yes, you guessed it - "woof cream" for dessert.

3 Nonnina

At the quintessential Italian Nonnina restaurant, dogs are welcomed with their parents to enjoy people and pup-watching whilst dining in style on the outdoor patio. There'll be no begging puppy dog eyes here either, for dogs will be far too busy tucking into their own meal from the puppy menu, which consists of the fanciest doggy delicacies like beef burgers with bacon rice, chicken breast with chicken sausage rice, beef meatball with tomato sauce and bacon rice, grilled hotdog with bacon rice, and "canu di puccino" for dessert: a canine-friendly creation of whipped cream, kibble crumble, and peanut butter.

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2 Roots Handmade Pizza

Roots Pizza has four locations, thus people in Chicago are never too far away from one of them at any given time. Each branch is as dog-friendly as the next, with lots of comfortable outdoor seating and water bowls for pooches. Uniquely, Roots is an ideal choice for fussy eaters, because along with the usual menu of sumptuous pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pies, and entrees, it offers guests the ability to customize their order.

They have an entire "build-your-own" section of the menu, allowing diners to create their own salad, pizza, or pie, which isn't just fun and creative, but also great for those with particular food allergies, dislikes, or intolerances. Additionally, the nostalgic, childish, and indulgent dessert menu makes Roots worth visiting alone - even without ordering anything savory.

1 Big Star

Last but not least, Big Star's branches in Wicker Park and Wrigleyville are laid-back and casual, yet stylish and modern spots for tacos, quesadillas, and nachos. When other joints close after hours, this place stays open, with bourbon, beer, and refreshing margaritas flowing well into the night. The atmosphere is just as much part of the experience as the flavorful food and beverages, and best of all, everyone here loves dogs - who're invited to relax and enjoy a fresh drink and some food on the cozy patio with other fellow puppers and people.

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