Diving is an excursion that is both peaceful and thrilling at the same time. It invites you into a world that not many people get to experience. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be itching to try out more exciting locations that just your local dive spot. 

Divers have a bevy of opportunities to explore the sea's great unknown. There are elite diving spots positioned throughout the globe, making it difficult to narrow it down to just one. To help you make the dive, here are the best 10 destinations to go diving in 2019.

10 10. Roatan Honduras

Roatán is an island in the Caribbean. Needless to say, its waters form a crystal clear blue pool that divers will want to explore. It's the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras with blossoming sealife beneath the trenches. It has a vital conservation team that works to keep the coral reefs and its inhabitants safe and unpolluted. Diving here, you will be sure to see some of the most colorful reefs in the Atlantic ocean, schools of blended fish, and even some sharks.

9 9. Manta Ray Night Dive

If you ever travel to Kailua Kona, Hawaii, the Manta Ray Night Dive should be added to your itinerary. You have to have your Open Water Diver certification, but then you're free to visit Hawaii's massive manta rays up close and personal. With the help of underwater lights, plankton will swarm the area bringing in hungry manta rays of Kona. It's a unique sight to the rays are friendly enough that you can swim right next to them.

8 8. Devil's Den 

The roof of a subterranean river collapsed, creating this gorgeous karst window. The bedrock forms around the deep blue pool that almost resembles a cave. Located in Williston, Florida, Devil's Den is one of the more popular diving areas in the state. It can be used as just a swimming hole, but those curious about its enduring depths can dive down and see the fossils of extinct Pleistocene species. Devil's Den is also used to provide SCUBA diving training for those who will need to practice before the big plunge.

7 7. Savusavu

Known as the hidden paradise of Fiji, Savusavu is a prime place for divers to live as the fishes do. You can explore Fiji's flourishing wildlife in its famous clear waters. Once you're done, you can swim to the surface and marvel at Fiji's lush background. There are plenty of other water-based activities here, not the least of which is their popular bubbling hot springs. 

6 6. Great Blue Hole

This unique phenomenon is only found in Belize. A wide hole can be seen outlined from the surface, with a coral reef wall clearly defining the circle. The reef itself is outlined in warm baby blue water, but as you reach the edges, you'll notice a significant change.

The focal point of this diving spot in a menacing blue as the water changes from salt to fresh water. As you dive down, you will be greeted with the Great Blue Hole's eccentric wildlife, which, yes, does include a decent amount of sharks. As you dive down further, you can explore the giant stalactite which you can only find in this stunning diving location in Belize.

5 5. Thistlegorm

The Thistlegorm, or Blue Thistle, can be found in the depths of the Egyptian Red Sea. The British sunk in 1941 from an unprecedented airstrike attack. The ship was carrying military cargo which can still be seen by diver's who visit the shallow grave of this shipwreck. Be careful, though; the currents can get pretty strong at various locations along the ship.

4 4. The Yongala

This diving spectacle in Australia is full of life. Vibrant fish, manta rays, tiger sharks, and even sea turtles make The Yongala their home. The Yongala is a decimated ship that sunk off the coast of Queensland. A cyclone pulled the ship under, killing 122 people in 1911. Its early technology meant that the people on board couldn't be warned about the approaching weather. The ship is now protected by the Historic Shipwrecks Act, although divers are welcome to look at the fallen structure. 

3 3. Barracuda Point

2 2. The Riviera Maya

Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula offers some of the best diving experiences in the world. With the Riviera Maya's extensive cave system, there are limitless options to indulge in. Some of the more intricate caves require professional, certified divers, but there are plenty of spots for recreational divers to navigate. This area is well-respected by divers who call their deep Cenotes, or, in layman's terms, sinkholes, some of the best diving areas in the world. Whale sharks, nesting turtles, and sailfish are just a few of the underwater wildlife that divers will be introduced to at Riviera Maya.

1 1. Silfra Gap

Believe it or not, diving is an extremely popular pastime for locals in Iceland. The Silfra Fissure is one of the more popular spots owing to its incredibly clear waters. They aquatic creates are relatively limited in this region of Iceland, but there are plenty of underwater regions to explore.

If you're looking for a little more thrill, Arnarnesstrýtur and Strýtan are passionately diverse diving zones in Iceland. This is one of the few places where you can marvel at the incredible hydrothermal chimney system. It works to pump out heat from the local volcanoes, which in turn dish out refreshingly clean mineral water. You won't find a clearer diving venture quite like the sights available in Iceland.