Disney World in Florida is home to a variety of characters, coasters, shows, and — let's not forget — boat rides.

Though water attractions might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Disney World, they are indeed a staple. In fact, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom all have at least a couple boat rides of their own. While some are leisurely and best for wasting time, others pack on the thrill and are worth riding over and over again.

We're here to rank all the water-based rides at Disney World and see which ones come out on top. Get ready to splash your way to the finish line; Here are the best Disney World boat rides.

10 Liberty Square Riverboat

The Liberty Square Riverboat, located at the Magic Kingdom, takes guests on a scenic cruise of the Rivers of America via a steam-powered paddle wheeler. The 17-minute journey has guests passing by American frontier sites as well as interesting angles of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion.

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Though the ride isn’t one you absolutely can’t miss, it’s a great attraction for guests looking to slow things down.

9 Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

This boat ride, located inside the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot, has guests chasing after Donald Duck who has run off before his concert with the other two members of the Three Caballeros. The boats first float by a Mayan pyramid and soon enter a series of tunnels filled with pinatas, skeletons, balloons, and animations.

Though the ride isn’t very popular, it is easy to get right on and over-all enjoyable. Plus, when you get off, there are tons of tacos to be eaten nearby.

8 Na’vi River Journey

This Avatar-themed boat ride located in Animal Kingdom takes guest on a leisurely cruise through Pandora’s bioluminescent forests.

The scenery is glowing, and the animatronics and special effects are entrancing.

The singing Na’vi at the end is one of the most intricate robots Disney has ever built. Her fluid movements and realistic features, when compared to older animatronics, show riders just how far Disney’s technology has come.

7 Living With The Land

Living with the Land is a dark ride combined with a greenhouse tour located in Epcot. A narrator educates riders on agriculture and its expanding technology as they float by various scenes and plants.

Though the ride is more informative than entertaining, it’s still incredibly relaxing and more interesting than most of the rides in Disney Worlds. It lasts nearly 20 minutes long and being that it is located next to Soarin’, it's the perfect attraction for balancing out the thrill.

6 It’s A Small World

It’s A Small World is arguably one of the most iconic rides in all of the Magic Kingdom and Disney World for that matter. It features over 300 audio-animatronic dolls that sing and dance in costumes from across the globe.

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Yes, the song never seems to end and does get stuck in your head. That being said, it is a classic — and the theming is beautiful and sweet.

5 Jungle Cruise

If you like cheesy jokes and jungle animals, this one is for you.

The Jungle Cruise, located in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, takes guests on an exotic journey through the rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. A live Disney Cast Member narrates the tour, combining the humorous script with their own witty remarks.

The ride lasts around 7 minutes long, and thanks to the covered boats, it is the perfect attraction to chill out on for a bit during hot Florida afternoons.

The Jungle Cruise ride is actually turning into a film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. It is set to release in July 2020.

4 Frozen Ever After

Located in Norway in Epcot, Frozen Ever After takes guests on a boat ride stocked with scenes based on Elsa and Anna’s 2013 film. It replaced the former Maelstrom attraction, and though some guests miss the original, others don’t mind waiting a long time to see their favorite characters.

The animatronics are beautifully crafted, the scenery is stunning, the colors are bright, and the songs are everywhere.

The ride may be short, but the artistic attention to detail makes it stand out among Disney’s best boat attractions.

3 Pirates of the Caribbean

Before there were movies, there were rides.

The swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean attraction takes guests on an exciting journey through Caribbean waters. The Magic Kingdom ride lasts around eight and a half minutes and features a cast of animatronics, fiery sets, buckets of gold, and one exciting drop.

The boat ride was updated after the films came out to include Captain Jack Sparrow. Even before this though, the classic “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” song was bouncing off the walls of the attraction. It’s really hard not to sing along.

2 Kali River Rapids

Animal Kingdom’s river rapids ride has up to 12 riders boarding a giant circular raft. It then rushes guests through an expedition on the Chakranadi River in Asia.

Yes, you will get wet.

One portion of the ride features flaming pieces of wood, and after passing through, the raft plummets down a 30ft drop that causes a giant wave to crash over the raft.

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The attraction lasts around 5 minutes, and thanks to the thrill, you’re likely to become friends with your fellow travelers.

1 Splash Mountain

Topping off the list is the Magic Kingdom’s iconic log flume ride based on Song of the South. The boat ride lasts nearly 12 full minutes and combines indoor dark ride elements with outdoor thrills. Don’t be fooled by the zippy animatronics and fun song; There is a final 50-ft drop headed your way.

Splash Mountain is the best of the water rides in Disney World for being both leisurely and exciting. There are few rides like it, and it is definitely worth a re-ride.

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